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Recession Proof Careers
Recession Proof Careers [100-1k]
by James Miller.Recession Proof Jobs. In an average lifespan of 60 years, you will most likely go through at least 5 recession. If you are the sort that hates to go through a recession, then looking for a recession proof job should be one of your goals.
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Budget Tips
by Jason McGraw.The latest economic growth report for the United States was not the positive beacon of light that most of us wanted to hear. Actually, the report indicated a slowdown. This is no surprise to most in the financial industry since the sluggish growth ha...
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How To Budget Your Slim Monthly Paycheck
by Bradlley Mckoy.Before the year is over, you always have a list of New Year's resolutions. It could be about an oft-repeated promise to lose weight, quit nicotine addiction, or to budget your paycheck and get out of debt. But even before the first month of the new y...
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Leaning To Live Within A Budget
by Joseph Kenny.Learning to live within a budget can be the first way to alleviate, or avoid serious debt problems. No matter how much, or how little income you have, if you do not work within your means, you can get into serious financial problems.Budgeting is all ...
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Bulletproof Budget Plan for Better Recession Busting
by MJ Jensen.Every day the media is telling everyone we are in a recession. Some experts are even saying to hold on because the United States could face a full blown Depression, the likes of which our country has not seen since the great Depression of the 1930's....
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Control Finances to buffer from recession
by MJ Jensen.This article is a continuation of a two part series on a simple but effective budget plan to fight debt.7. Fun Stuff. This is the items you do for entertainment or relaxing. Could be a night on the town, fast food when running to the next sports prac...
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Budgeting Through the Envelope System
by Kari Hoopes.As a newlywed couple, my husband and I made the same mistake many young couples do when they first get married - we had no budget plan. At first, it didn't seem necessary because our income was modest, and our living expenses were very simple. I was ...
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Find it Difficult to Stay Within Your Budget
by Jack Spence.Today's economic environment makes it very difficult for people to maintain their lifestyle. If you are looking to free up extra dollars each month, then you may want to consider the possibility of getting out of your car lease.Next to the dollars th...
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5 Careers That Stay Strong in a Recession
by Laura Phillips.I believe that here in US we are in one of the worst economic times since the great Depression. Let's face it the previous recessions were not caused by so many factors as this one is. We have the real estate market crises , the credit crisis, manufa...
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Profit With Currency Trading in a Declining Economy or Recession
by Andrew Shiveley.When you are discussing your financial life, it is a good idea to follow the motto of many governmental agencies such as the CIA: "Plan for the best, prepare for the worst."In our present economy today there are many volatile factors that may prove t...
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Economic Recession or not, you Must be Creative to Survive
by Fred Farah.Should we panic and give up our web sites, or just accept that we will get less business, and let it go at that. Doesn't sound like either plan is too brilliant. If you are online in the Internet Marketing arena, perhaps their is an opportunity here....
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How to Use Recession to Your Advantage
by Ali R. Rodriguez.Is the “R” word getting too much publicity, lately? It seems “Recession” is all everyone's talking about, and rightfully so, but it doesn't have to be "frightfully" so. There are a few ways you can deal with it, turn...
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How a Small Business Can Flourish in a Recession
by Peter George.You've probably heard or read some of the nerve-wracking headlines that have been leading the financial news. The gloom and doom includes "Caterpillar, Inc. Joins Other Large Corps Warning of Recession." "Broad Profit Woes Spark Stock Plunge On Reces...
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Will Your Business Survive a Recession?
by Julian Campbell.A Living Budget: Your Key to Business Survival There is often much debate about the economic climate. The future looks as bright as we wish it to be despite what? statistics are telling us. There is no doubt that the government changes often put an a...
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Medical Billing Career: A Recession-Proof Career Choice
by Craig Thornburrow.A medical career can be an exciting and well paying field. Not everyone is cut out for the patient care aspect and not everyone wants to work outside of the home. A medical billing career can put you in the medical field, in a very valuable position,...
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Debt Management-elimination to Debt Recession
by Elaine Owen.This dilemma is common among consumers struggling to eliminate debt in order to regain their financial sanity. A debt management can be an easy answer to solve the current financial strain brought on by a large outstanding debt amount but it may not ...
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Recession or Not? The Answer Lies in the Physics
by Sandra Noble.According to macroeconomics, a recession in the United States economy is defined as two consecutive quarterly declines in GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The GDP is a dollar value that is representative of all the goods and services produced for a give...
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4 Steps to Financially Surviving a Recession
by Justinverrengia.If you live in the United States then it's no secret we are living in a recession as we speak, if you cannot see that then your living in denial and if that's the case go take a long look around you.This article was designed to help you survive this ...
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Americas Two Roads to Recession
by William Cate.The Home Real Estate Perception is ChangingFor middle class Americans, residential real estate has proven to be the only effective conservation hedge against inflation. Mortgage rates are at or below the U.S. inflation rate. Mortgage interest payment...
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Recession Planning
by William Cate.If you are a Government bureaucrat with over tens years at your job, theodds are you have nothing to fear from a Recession. If you work in theprivate sector, you should carefully access your unemployment risks now andtake whatever action best meets y...
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Warning Signs of 2008 Financial Crisis
by Andrew Abraham.Recession Risk? All one has to do is read any newspaper or listen to the TV and hear all the wonderful economic news. Warning Signs of 2008 Financial Crisis
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Alan Greenspan Surprises Attendees With Recession Prediction
by John Alexandrov.Alan Greenspan*, the powerful former Chairman of the Federal Reserve recently made waves at an economic summit in Japan. Mr. Greenspan predicted the US economy will have to absorb at least another $250 Billion dollars in loan losses due to reckless l...
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Managing your Finances During a Recession
by Brent Jacobsen.In early 2008, recession is definitely the buzzword of the day. Before we talk about how to stay afloat during a recession, let's define what a recession is. The simple definition is this: An extended decline in general business activity. However, wh...
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Average Household Income Down! Recession? Depression? Worse?
by Ed Lathrop.Recently, there have been reports on the radio and in the local newspapers on numbers that have come in on the average annual household income. The report states the average annual household income has fallen over a five-year period between the year...
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Recession: are you Prepared?
by S. Michael Windsor.Oil prices have been surging. Housing markets have been dropping. Interest rates keep getting cut by the Fed in order to help curb the negative effects of possible recession. What happens if all of the current economic activity sends the US into an e...
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