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Get Business Now: Play by the Marketing Rules
Topic : Marketing a Business : Marketing for Business
by Charlie Cook.Marketing a business is like any game. If you know the rules you are much more likely to win. All to often small businesses spend their limited time and money on advertising, networking, making calls...
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10 Steps to Better Sales Copy
Topic : Effective Sales Copy : Best Sales Copy
by Brandie King.You've worked so hard getting that much elusive traffic to your site. You've taken out a few ezine ads that have returned a good number of clickthroughs, you're getting some traffic from the major se...
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Chill Out With A Summer Time Marketing Plan
Topic : Summer Marketing Plan : Summer Marketing Ideas
by Bonnie Jo Davis.Is your business experiencing a summer time slump? Traditionally only industries related to travel enjoy a boost in business during the warmer months. The rest of us tend to take vacations, clean u...
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5 Powerful Ways To Reduce Your Learning Curve
Topic : Emarketing For Dummies : Learn Emarketing & Learning Emarketing
by Al Martinovic.It's no secret that to succeed on the internet you have to learn as much as you can about internet marketing and marketing in general. It's an ongoing process. Even the top marketers continually try...
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Perseverance Lead To Walt Disneys Greatest Success!
Topic : Stories of Perseverance : Story of Perseverance
by Stephen Schochet.When you are in business every person you hire gets paid before you do and it may take years, even decades before you see a payoff. That was certainly the case with Walt Disney who spent his whole wo...
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Web Site Marketing Techniques Rated
Topic : Best Marketing Strategies : Best Marketing Strategy
by Sky Maya.There are many ways to market your web site, both online and offline. Which ones are worth it? This article will rate several popular methods on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the absolute most effec...
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Making Direct Mail Work for Small Businesses
Topic : Direct Mail Strategy : Direct Mail Strategies
by Sky Maya.If you own a small business, then you know the value of affordable and effective marketing. Unfortunately, many traditional and online advertising methods are becoming quite expensive. This article w...
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Online Promotion Beats Traditional Seven-One (Part 2)
Topic : Online Marketing Methods : Online Marketing Method
by Judy Cullins.Online Marketing Can Produce 7 times your Profit in Just Five Months Now that you see the limitations of traditional book marketing, such as speaking to groups and press releases, you may be ready t...
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Online Promotion Beats Traditional Seven-One (Part 1)
Topic : Internet Marketing Methods : Internet Marketing Method
by Judy Cullins.While traditional marketing can work for the book author or publisher, the return is dim for the huge effort it takes. You must promote 90% of the time to even get a milligram of attention. While you...
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Sound Like Your Situation?
Topic : Public Relations Problems : PR Problems & PR Problem
by Robert A. Kelly.What a shame! Potentially productive public relations people resting on their oars in a large organization. Just kind of tinkering with tactics and leaving target audience perceptions (and behaviors)...
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Effective & In-effective Ways To Add Banners:
Topic : Effective Banner Ads : Effective Banner Ad : Put Banner Ads
by Martin Lemieux.Do you have your own site? Do you have any banners on your site? Banners are everywhere, the internet is full of them all over the place. So the question is, how do you ad a banner that receives a lo...
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A Revolutionary Fundraising Opportunity -- Life Settlements
Topic : Donate Life Insurance : Donating Life Insurance
by Jolene Fullerton.Amid fundraisers’ growing concerns about the current charitable giving climate, dampened by the erratic stock market and shaky economy, a new fundraising opportunity has emerged – Life Settlements. W...
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What is MLM ?
Topic : What Is MLM : Is MLM Good & Definition of MLM
by Fernando Soave.Multilevel Marketing is one of the fastest growing yet most misunderstood methods of moving products in use today. It has been termed by many as the Wave-of-the Eighties. But, it will go far beyond ...

Marketing The Real You
Topic : Honesty In Advertising : Honest Marketing & Marketing Honesty
by C.J. Hayden.I often wonder how the practice began of pretending to be someone else in order to market your business. You know what I'm talking about -- it's the marketing face, the selling voice, that you often ...
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Understanding The Corporate Buyer
Topic : Selling A Company : Sell Company & Sell Companies
by C.J. Hayden.Selling your services to corporations is an attractive proposition. The contracts are larger than with small businesses and individuals, and often longer-term. There's the possibility of repeat busin...
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Make Your Web Site Work More So You Can Work Less
Topic : Website Marketing Strategies : Website Marketing Strategy
by C.J. Hayden.Do you know how your web site fits into the overall marketing strategy for your business? Do you have a strategy for your web site as a marketing tool? If you're like many entrepreneurs I speak with,...
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Cracking The Billable Hours Ceiling
Topic : Earn Big Money : Earn Extra Cash & Earn Extra Income
by C.J. Hayden.How many of you made as much money as you wanted to last year? Don't be shy; raise your hands. Hmm, I don't see too many hands out there. What would you say is the cause of this gap between your goal...
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Writing Suitable Copy for the Press
Topic : Sales Copy Writing : Sales Copies & Sales Copy
by Carolyn Moncel.Summer is finally here and school is out, but learning for the rest of us continues. Whether you're a seasoned PR professional working for a top agency, a novice just beginning a career, or a mid-lev...
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The Truth About Public Relations
Topic : Effective PR Strategies : PR Strategies & Effective PR
by Robert A. Kelly.The truth is, you CAN attract the support of those external audiences whose behaviors have the most effect on your enterprise. But you must do it by first achieving the positive changes you need in t...
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Increasing Visibility
Topic : Make Yourself Visible : Increase Online Visibility
by Bea Fields.In today's competitive world of business, it takes moxie and pizazz to sell a great product, idea, or service. This list will provide you with ten unusual and creative marketing strategies which will...
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"How To Write Effective Ezine Ads...& Then Some"
Topic : Effective Article Writing : Writing Effective Articles
by Wayne D. Anderson.When writing an ezine ad, there is a big mistake that most people make when writing an ad. That is, they try to sell something in those ads, and there is a good reason why you don't want to do that....
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Successfully Selling Your Professional Services
Topic : Selling Your Services : Selling Services & Selling Service
by Dr. Rachna D. Jain.As a professional service provider you face special challenges promoting yourself to potential clients. You may have certain restrictions on how you market or advertise. You may feel overwhelmed by t...
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Common Marketing Mistakes
Topic : Biggest Marketing Mistakes : Biggest Marketing Mistake
by Susan Carter.Increase your profit potential by identifying – and avoiding – these 11 marketing mistakes. MONSTROUS Marketing Mistake Number 1: Sinking a Fortune Into an Unproven Product Is your busine...
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10 Beer Budget Event Marketing Tips
Topic : Small Event Marketing : Marketing Small Events
by Sharron Senter.Are you planning an event or participating in a trade show any time soon? If so, consider the following 10 low-cost marketing tactics before mailing your payment. Event Marketing Tactic #1 -- Is the ...
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Generating Website Traffic with Sub-domains
Topic : Generate Website Traffic : Get Website Traffic
by Sarah Coles.Sub-domains are websites that are located within a directory of your main site and have their own domain name. Because they use the same resources as the main website, they are normally much cheaper ...
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