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The Man With The "Grasshopper Mind"
Topic : Advertising Headline & Advertising Headlines
by Dean Phillips.The title of this article also happens to be one of the "20 Greatest Headlines Ever Written." Did you know, just changing the headline has been known to dramatically improve the effectiveness of an a...

Internet Marketing Reality Check
Topic : Internet Marketing Tips : Internet Marketing & Marketing Tips
by Jeff Palmer.There are thousands of web sites, books, CD-ROM's, cassette tapes and various other forms of communication devoted to the topic of Internet marketing. The majority of these sites profess to offer "se...
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Send Postcards To Save Money and Cut Through E-mail Clutter
Topic : Email Newsletter Marketing & Email Newsletter Subscribe
by Roger C. Parker.Use your computer to send personalized color postcards in quantities of 1 to 1,000. Print on demand postcards are here. You can quickly, easily, and economically use your computer to prepare and add...
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The Reality of Search Engine Submissions
Topic : Search Engine Submission : Search Engine & Web Submission
by Robin Nobles.Over the last few months, search engine submissions have changed dramatically. Now is the time to analyze the way we're submitting our Web pages and to rethink our submission strategies. Regretfully...
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The Power of Possibilities
Topic : Business Marketing Tips : Business Tips & Marketing Tips
by Lori Osterberg.Did you know the one thing that holds most people back is the simple fact that they think too small? What separates the average business owner from the super successful isn’t her timing or her resour...
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Assumptions – The Hidden Sales Killer
Topic : Tips for Sales : Sales Tips & Sales Skills
by Kelley Robertson.Assumptions can kill a sale. In my sales training workshops, I frequently discuss the importance of not making assumptions about a person before, during, or after the sales process. Participants freq...
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Get More Impact From Your Annual Conference
Topic : Meeting Event Planning : Meeting Planning & Event Planner
by George Torok.How can you get more attention for your conference and your association? Use some of these Power Marketing™ tips and ideas. It won't cost much. It just takes a creative approach. The payoff can be hu...
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The Anatomy of Hype
Topic : Sales and Marketing : Marketing Strategy & Sales Strategy
by Marcia Yudkin.On a copywriting board I frequent, someone expressed bafflement that several respected marketers criticized the tone of a sales page he wrote. "Why did they apologize to their subscribers while linki...
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Posting Articles Online
Topic : Article Marketing Online : Article Marketing & Marketing Article
by Dr. Lynella Grant.Article Marketing Builds Momentum and Traffic When I started submitting articles to ezines and directories I was happy just to get an occasional article written and widely posted online. I assumed th...
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Google, Yahoo!, Pandoras Box And The Lottery
Topic : Internet Search Engines : Search Engine & Search Engines
by Dean Phillips.In the fall of 1990, the musical group Snap had a monster number one hit record called, "I've Got The Power." Nowadays, a search engine and a directory (AKA) Google and Yahoo!--number one and number...
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Build Your Business by Building Relationships
Topic : Business Communication Skill & Business Relationship
by Charlotte Farrior.People do business with people that they know and trust. As a solo entrepreneur, your goals will be to make yourself known to your target market and then elevate the relationship to the trust level. ...
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Removing Obstacles to Sales
Topic : Sales Marketing Tips : Tips on Marketing & Sales Tips
by Charlie Cook.During the summer Olympics I watched the men's and women's hurdles. I'm always impressed by these athletes' ability to run at full speed and leap the hurdles without breaking stride. But each time I...
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Your Business Deserves a Second Chance!
Topic : Business Marketing Tools : Business Marketing & Marketing Tool
by A l Hanzal.When you started your business, you dreamed your customers would love your products and services. They would be excited. You would make money doing what you love. Then reality set in. You put lo...
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The Truth About Overtures Pay-Per-Click Program
Topic : Pay Per Click : Pay Per Click Service & Pay Per Click Software
by Dean Phillips.Before Google's AdWords, Overture was the preeminent pay-per- click program. It's still a monolith in its own right that deserves a closer look. Overture's pay-per-click program actually consists of...
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Online Success Secrets
Topic : Affiliate Search Engine : Affiliate Websites & Affiliate Sites
by Cory Threlfall.Do you see this term often online and end up confused to what it means and the purpose they serve online? It sounded really mysterious to me when I first came across the term which peeked my curiosi...
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SEO: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
Topic : Search Engine Optimization : SEO & SEO Software
by Dean Phillips.I seem to have created quite a stir, on a particular SEO forum recently. In fact, rumor has it, at one point, my article, "Google's Trap, DMOZ's Nap, And Yahoo!'s Crap" was the hottest topic discusse...

Search Engine Keywords - What Do People Search For?
Topic : Overture Keyword Tool : Overture & Overture Tool
by Bryan Brandenburg.Do you ever wonder how people search for things on the Internet? What if you knew exactly what words they typed when using a search engine? If you're marketing a product or service it's extremely ins...
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Internet Nielsen Reports
Topic : Alexa Web Search : Alexa Web & Alexa Traffic
by Bryan Brandenburg.What if you were able to have access to your competitor's web statistics? What if you knew how much traffic they had, the average number of page views, what other sites their visitors went to? What i...
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5 High-Impact Marketing Tips
Topic : Tips for Marketing : Marketing Advice & Marketing Ideas
by Bob Leduc.Here are 5 high-impact marketing tips you can use to boost your sales quickly. All are simple to implement and they involve little or no new expense. 1. Promote Only One Thing at a Time Promote o...
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Pay-Per-Click Fraud Exposed--Part II
Topic : Pay Per Click Management & Pay Per Click Marketing
by Dean Phillips.According to Andy Jones, a member of the Best Practices Search Engine Forums, fraudulent clicks are just another aspect of the business. "Any of us that use AdWords or any other PPC has to pay for a ...

Keeping Your Sub-Affiliates From Quitting
Topic : Internet Affiliate Marketing & Affiliate Marketing
by Jerry Lunsford.One of the biggest if not the leading problem for internet marketers is keeping your affiliates from quitting. The time and effort that has been put forth to get your affiliates can seem like a waste...
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Want More Sales? Write A Barry Bonds Sales Letter
Topic : Improve Sales Performance : Improve Sales & Increasing Sales
by Dean Phillips.I'm not a baseball fan. Never have been. In fact, I hate the sport. However, I am a Barry Bonds fan. Here's why: Barry Bonds possesses the exact same intangibles every great sales letter possesses. H...
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New Generation of Musicians
Topic : Musical Instruments Guitar : Flaming Guitar & Minarik Guitar
by Scott G (The G-Man).Celebrating an endorsement between G-Man Music and the fiery axe-makers known as Minarik Guitars, Scott G (The G-Man) reviews the Minarik Inferno X-treme. From the Telecaster to the Flying V to the I...
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Yahoo!/Overture Site Match: A License To Steal
Topic : Overture Site Match : Overture Search & Overture Service
by Dean Phillips.Unless you've been living in a cave somewhere, I'm sure you've heard by now, Overture now offers the Yahoo! Search Inclusion under its own branded name--Site Match. According to the page info from O...
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Successful Marketing for Home Based Businesses
Topic : Business Marketing Plan : Business Plan & Marketing Plan
by Declan O'Reilly.'A successful marketing strategy is not based on doing what you like but liking what you do...' Are you looking for information to build and grow a home-based business? If so, you are in the right pl...
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