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Re-Use The Links You Have When Revising Your Site!
Topic : Expired Domain Names : Website Revision & Website Links
by Martin Lemieux.Many times I've seen a web site undergo a revision and everything is brand new, even brand new links! You've worked so hard to get those great page ranks for all your pages and then you get rid of th...

Do You Ponder the Automatic Responder?
Topic : Email Automatic Responder & Free Autoresponder
by Jason Blackston.* The Automatic Responder is generally referred to as an Autoresponder. What is an Autoresponder? Autoresponder - An automated system that sends out a prewritten email to a person who has requested i...
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What Does An Ex-Basketball Coach Know About Pulling Web Metrics?
Topic : Internet Marketing : Web Metrics & Website Performance
by Jason Blackston.In my previous life..... Actually, my previous JOB life, I was a physical education teacher and the varsity girls basketball coach. This is where I learned about testing, or as my mentors on the inte...

How Multiple Server Hosting impacts your websites uptime
Topic : Multiple Server Hosting : Domain Hosting & Web Hosting
by Godfrey E. Heron.This article describes the technology behind multiple server hosting and how you may utilize it to maximize your site's security and uptime Hosting of web sites has essentially become a commodity. Th...
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The Real Truth About Making Money on the Internet
Topic : Online Business Website & Make Money on the Internet
by Charles Garnett.Are you thinking about starting an online business? Have you already started one and you’re not making the money you’d like to? If you answer yes to either of these questions then there are some tr...
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7 Simple Steps To Web Wealth
Topic : Direct Response Marketing : Web Wealth & Web Marketing
by Sopan Greene, M.A..A lot of people and companies have websites. They also have products and services they want people to know about. Unfortunately, most of these people and companies waste most of their time on things ...
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Dont Treat Your Business Like a Casino
Topic : Internet Marketing Business & Marketing on the Internet
by Sopan Greene, M.A..It's amazing how many people are jumping into the internet marketing business. The good news is that the pie is pretty unlimited so we can all get a nice slice. The bad news is that most of the peopl...
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Build Your Marketing Muscle
Topic : Internet Marketer : Business Skills & Muscle Marketing
by Sopan Greene, M.A..During a saxophone lesson the other day I realized how much regular practice can help a part time internet marketer. My teacher taught me a long time ago to just play for 15 minutes a day to progress...
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Get Your Own Domain Name Or Die Online
Topic : Own Domain Name : Register Domain Name & Domain Register
by Sopan Greene, M.A..Would you buy from someone with an "@yahoo.com" e-mail address? I wouldn't. And the clients I've had the most trouble with use yahoo addresses or other free addresses. I understand that you don't wa...
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The 10 Success Basics For Your Online Business
Topic : Online Business Opportunities & Business Basic
by Sopan Greene.It's always a good time to review what's been working or not working for you in your marketing efforts. Take the time to be honest with yourself about whether or not you're moving forward. There is ...
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The 3 Keys To Business Victories
Topic : Marketing and Advertising : Business Research & Marketing Ads
by Sopan Greene.No matter what business you are in there is a high chance of failure. Why? Because most people don't do the research and keep the right focus needed to succeed. There are only 3 Keys to pay attentio...
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Stop Losing Money On Your Ads
Topic : Internet Marketing Strategy & Successful Advertising
by Sopan Greene.I've been hearing a lot of horror stories lately about people spending a lot of money on advertising that gets them no sales. If you're going through this I have a few tips that may help you out. Fir...
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Sheep Spend and Lose, Leaders Make Money
Topic : Home Business Opportunity & Internet Marketing Tip
by Sopan Greene.Remember that leaders spend more money on learning and growing, but they do their homework and work hard to make money. Sheep follow the herd blindly with their wallets open hoping someone else wil...
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Making Money Online: What You Really Want To Know
Topic : Make Money Online & Internet Marketing Tools
by Sopan Greene.So you've been thinking of doing some internet marketing or you've done some and you're not making money yet. What does it really take? Even more importantly, how long does it take and how much does...
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How To Build Your Greatest Opt-In List
Topic : Mailing List Subcribe : Opt In List & Address Lists
by Sopan Greene.I get e-mails all the time from people on my list asking about how to build their lists. This is the most important part of your business. The more subscribers you have, the more joint venture offe...
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How To Be An Internet Marketing Champion
Topic : Internet Marketing Solution : Market Research & Entrepreneurs
by Sopan Greene.How bad do you want to make money on the internet? You know thousands of people are doing it and maybe you've had a little success. But do you really want your own business operating 24 hours a day m...
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The Fastest List Growing Secret
Topic : List Building : Email Autoresponder & Email List
by Sopan Greene.Are you running ads and marketing with tag lines that send people to your website? Then you're missing the point of internet marketing and losing out on your best money making opportunity. First a l...
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The 13 Hidden Treasures of Internet Marketing
Topic : Internet Marketing Company : Tax Breaks & Network Marketing
by Sopan Greene.Most people get into internet marketing because it looks like a good way to make money from home. These people usually don't realize that initial sales are only a small piece of the pie. Don't be lik...
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Creating a Virtual Art Gallery
Topic : Virtual Art Gallery : Web Art Gallery & Paintings Art
by Cynthia Houppert.To the online artist, it might seem a paradox, at first glance, to hear a recommendation to hold back work. The artist on the Internet often overproduces and displays their entire body of work. In es...
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Direct Marketing Strategies for Holiday Email Promotions
Topic : Targeted Email Marketing & Business Leverage
by Richard Cunningham.Tis the season to leverage customer interest data for successful email marketing. All of the information gathered throughout the year from customer purchases, customer feedback surveys, and other beh...
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Get to Know Your Competitors Using Alexa
Topic : Increase Website Traffic : Alexa & Search Engine Rank
by Megan Corwin.All great marketers know that in order to be the top in your field you need to know your competitors. But researching each one can be time consuming and a treasure hunt at best. Using Alexa (www.al...
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It Cant Happen to Me.....Can It?
Topic : Internet Scams Fraud : Online Scam & Get Rich Quick
by Denise Hall.We all know scams abound on the internet. The types we're probably most familiar with are the "get rich quick" schemes and the "Nigerian scam" letters. If you're smart and you've done your homework y...
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Do You Feel Overwhelmed Running A Web Business? Try This
Topic : Online Time Management & Time Management Strategy
by David Coyne.One thing that fascinates me about web entrepreneurs and marketers like Joe Vitale, Yanik Silver and Terry Dean is how incredibly productive they are. They seem to create a near constant stream of in...
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Questions For The Entrepreneur To Be
Topic : Business Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurial Opportunity
by Charlz Wachira.Entrepreneurial e-gnorance Part 1: Questions for the entrepreneur to be If you are an entrepreneur starting out, or have been around the block for some time but are yet to hit on the jackpot, you mig...
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Advertising Approach For The First-time Webmaster
Topic : Young Entrepreneur : Web Master & Online Advertising
by Royan Shaw.For the first time internet entrepreneur [newbie] the best ways to promote your website at first instance are : 1. Express inclusion of your website for the usual 12 months offered by most of the ma...
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