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The Shadow
Topic : Investment Strategies: How to invest wisely
by Al Thomas.The Shadow knows. There used to be a radio program called The Shadow where the hero, Lamont Cranston, the Shadow, would overcome the shadowy forces of doom by clouding the vision of those around him....
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PR: Your 500 Pound Gorilla
Topic : Public relations for your business, public relations ideas
by Robert A. Kelly.What else, for goodness sake, could you as a business, non-profit or association manager, call a heavy-duty helper who does something REALLY positive about the behaviors of those outside audiences of...

Making a Good First Impression
Topic : Business Tips:Successful Meetings, meeting tips
by Lydia Ramsey.A day in the life of every businessperson is made up of a series of meetings and greetings. Whether you are making the initial contact with a client or a colleague, you want to get off on the right f...
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What do Employees Wish for Most (And How To Get It)
Topic : Advice on asking for a Raise at work: Increase your salary
by Karen Fritscher-Porter.What do many employees wish for at work? A bonus or raise. At least that's so according to results from a recent survey developed by OfficeTeam, a global staffing service that specializes in placi...
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Whats Keeping You at the Office (9 Tips to get home quicker)
Topic : How to spend less time at the office:Whats Keeping You at the Office (9 Tips to get home quicker)
by Karen Fritscher-Porter."Work smarter, not harder" is a cliché that has darted in and out of the workplace for years. But it's still as true as ever. And it's often overlooked advice that truly works. "Working smarter" mean...
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Principles for Total Prosperity In Business And Beyond
Topic : Tips for Prosperous Businesses:Principles for Total Prosperity In Business And Beyond
by Geela.Are you looking for that “something” to give you the winning edge in your business? Is success still elusive even after burning both ends of the candle? Well, you may be looking for success in al the...
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The POWER of a Proven Stock Investment Plan
Topic : Smart investments:The POWER of a Proven Stock Investment Plan
by Charles M. O'Melia.When you invest in the stock market for ever-increasing cash dividend income, verses trying to make a buck in the stock market, your mindset will change. There will no longer be a fear of losing mone...
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How to Meet Quality Standards with ISO 9001
Topic : Tips for business owners:How to Meet Quality Standards with ISO 9001
by Chris Anderson.In today’s hectic business environment, it is vital that we are all on the same page, right? But how do we know if we meet those standards? Business owners and executives can avoid the uncertainty, a...
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Turn your Business’ New Year Resolutions in PR Revolutions
Topic : Public Relations for businesses
by Shannon Cherry, APR, MA.As eyes look forward to a new business year, many small business owners and entrepreneurs are hoping that this upcoming year will be the one that catapults them into success. But according to Shannon...
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Imagine PR Like This Helping You
Topic : Public Relations tips for your business
by Robert A. Kelly.As the kids say, how cool is this? You’re a business, non-profit or association manager and, finally, you decide to do something positive about the behaviors of those important outside audiences of ...
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Barter: Its Not Just for Doctors Anymore
Topic : Trading products and services
by Angie Dixon.Time was, in the country, the local “doc” was as likely to get paid with a couple of chickens as a couple of dollars. Doctors these days won’t stand for that, of course, but while some people have mo...

Uncle Sam is Ready...Are You? Organizing Tips for Tax Time
Topic : Tax Tips: Organising your finances
by Stacey Agin Murray.Anyone who is closely related to an accountant knows that there are not four, but five seasons in a year: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and 'Tax Season.' During the other seasons, we accumulate leave...
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Survival Tips For Small Businesses
by BrainyBusiness.You may be in Mail Order, Direct Mail or you may be a local merchant with 150 employees; whichever, however or whatever you’ve got to know how is to keep your business alive during economic recession...
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Ordering printing can be intimidating
Topic : Save money on printing costs for your business
by Robert Kennedy.Educating yourself before ordering your office printing can save you serious dollars. "I went to see a printer today to get my company's stationery printed. They ask too many questions, I can't answe...
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Understanding Document Management
by Cavyl Stewart.The term "document management" and "paperless office" is the subject of countless articles and books. Everyone wants to achieve this lofty goal but not everyone understands what the terms really m...
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Losing business monentum?
by Mike Hayden.CONTENTS: 1. Are you losing momentum while others plan ahead? 2. Is your brainstorming getting the action you want? 3. Are you starting your new employees the right way? 4. Are you maintaining your d...
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Lack of Operations Manuals Stunting Your Growth?
Topic : An Operations Manual can help your business
by Mike Hayden.Lack of Operations Manuals stunting your growth? CONTENTS: 1. Do you lack functional Operations Manuals? 2. Use a SYSTEM to write your Operations Manuals! 3. Yes, but my people just don't/won't write...
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The Importance of Background Verification
Topic : How to hire wisely:The Importance of Background Verification
by Stephen Spain.Today's society has created an environment that requires business owners to be armed with numerous tools. Many employers currently spend little time verifying the accuracy of employment applications ...
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33 Essential Year-End Financial Tasks
Topic : Planning finances:33 Essential Year-End Financial Tasks
by Scott Frush.The end of the year is a traditional time of celebration, excitement, reflection and planning – not withstanding the hectic holiday shopping of course. However, the end of the year also holds another...
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Turnover is Not a Problem
Topic : How to lower the turnover rate for your business
by Michael Beck.“Ha!” you say. “For someone to make a statement like that, they obviously haven’t worked in the real world and certainly have never had to run a company.” Well, let me assure you. In my past I’ve ...
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ISO 9001 Compliant Program: Steps to Build
Topic : Developing a compliance system for your business:ISO 9001 Compliant Program: Steps to Build
by Chris Anderson.Implementing an ISO 9001 system represents a major effort. However, all of that effort can represent a significant shift for a business - from quantity to quality. And this could make sure your busin...
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The Challenges of Human Resource Management
Topic : Human Resource Solutions:The Challenges of Human Resource Management
by Dr Alvin Chan.Introduction The role of the Human Resource Manager is evolving with the change in competitive market environment and the realization that Human Resource Management must play a more strategic role in...
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10 Ways To Find The Money Hiding In Your Paycheck
Topic : Ways to stretch your income:10 Ways To Find The Money Hiding In Your Paycheck
by Robert Dickson.No matter how tight things are financially for you; no matter how bleak you think that 2005 might be, if you are earning a paycheck then there's extra money hiding in it. You just need to know where ...
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Warning - This Lease Might Explode Any Minute
Topic : Tips for small businesses
by George A. Parker.Mike Caringi, owner of a small New Jersey business that sells pumps, found himself facing a gut-wrenching dilemma last summer. Should he continue paying $ 1,500 each month for essential telecommunica...
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Secrets To Successful Publishing
by Geela.Have you ever wondered what would it take to compete successfully with the “big guys” like Simon & Schuster and even get to the top of the heap? If there is such thing as a magic formula for succe...
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