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How To Choose The Right Resume Format
Topic : Writing Resume Tips : How to Write a Resume & Writing a Resume
by Fayola Peters.After a thirty (30) second glance lots of resumes get thrown into the wastebasket. One of the reasons this happens is because the resume writer has failed to use the appropriate resume format. Each i...
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The Interviewable Resume
Topic : Writing Resume Tip : Tips on Resume & Resume Tips
by Linda Matias.It is rumored that the only word William Shakespeare wrote on his resume was “Available.” We’ll probably never know if that is true. But it raises an interesting question. How much information is too...
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Writing A Great Resume, Part 2
Topic : Write a Resume : Write Resume & Resume Guide
by Jane Fulton.TIP: Update your resume often. Be sure to add details of any training course, new interests and areas of responsibility. Continue to style your resume the way we did it before. Use Bold font for se...
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Writing A Great Resume, Part 1
Topic : Resume Writing Help : Resume Help & Help With Resume
by Jane Fulton.Need a great resume to land that great job coming up? We are going to learn to create an eye-catching resume, using Microsoft Word. First, you need to collect all the information you will need to c...
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Effective Resumes
Topic : Good Resume Writing : Write Good Resume & Write a Good Resume
by Colin Ong TS.A resume is normally the first contact point between an employer and a job seeker. It serves the purpose of providing a summary of why a candidate is suitable for a job (cover-letter) and his relevan...
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Three Steps to Writing Your Own Resume
Topic : Create a Resume : Create Resume & How to Create a Resume
by Linda Matias.While most professionals hire a professional resume writer, some draft their own resume. People who write a lot for business usually have more success in putting together a sharp, focused presentati...
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Useless Resume Objectives
Topic : Writing Resume Help : Help Writing a Resume & Resume Writing
by Rita Fisher, CPRW.What’s wrong with an objective on a resume? The problem with objectives on resumes is that a typical objective is self-centered and self-serving; therefore, it is useless. Instead of an object...
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Get a Job! Tips for Organizing Your Resume
Topic : Resume Letter Writing : Write Resumes & Writing Resumes
by Stacey Agin Murray.Whether you're a Vice President of Marketing or a recent college grad, your resume is the 'key' to opening the doors of employment. It is an employer's first impression of you and believe it or not, ...

Resume Success Factors--What Exactly Is A Resume Anyway?
Topic : Effective Resume Writing & Write Effective Resume
by Peter Hill, CPRW.You know you're good...real good. The problem, though, is that you are struggling to demonstrate just how good you are on paper. Ah...the resume. If you've ever written one you know what a challengin...
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Would You Lie On Your Resume?
Topic : Employment Background Check & Pre Employment Background Check
by Ann Baehr.It is tempting to put little white lies on your resume. These might include overstating your knowledge of required software ("If they call me, I'll teach myself over the weekend"), a certification ("They'll never go through all that trouble to find o...
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Applying For Jobs Using An Unsolicited Resume
by tjacowski.The job search can be more frustrating when you are forced to apply for jobs speculatively. But does it pay to apply directly, even when there is no job opening posted? What will employers do with such applications, if they are not expecting them in ...
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Making the Most of Your Resume: The Qualifications Summary
by mfleischner.The Professional Touch – Qualifications SummariesA Qualifications Summary is your first and best chance to make a favorable impression on a hiring manager. It is a marketing tool that sells your unique skills to the targeted company. Many individua...
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Resume Writing Advice
by 6starreviews.If you find yourself struggling to condense your background skills and work history into a two-page Word document, there are plenty of tips to follow to perfect your resume. Resume writing isn’t a black and white process and at times, the best form...
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Market Yourself with a Resume That Gets Results
Your resume should be like any good marketing plan — designed to sell! It needs to hook potential employers as soon as they see it, so they bypass the discard pile and take a second look. Creating a resume that accomplishes that can't be done in ju...
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How To Strengthen Your Resume
by tjacowski.A resume is a condensed format of personal achievements and qualifications. It is the initial communication with a potential employer. A good resume is the first step in identifying and pursuing a career opportunity. The most important consideration ...
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Resume Writing Services: An Asset to Career Advancement
by reviewplace.Getting a job largely depends on what you do before the offer for the job arrives. This includes getting experience, making a great impression with the potential employer, having a great interview, and of course, having a quality resume. While there ...
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The "Whats in It For Me" Resume
by louisef3.Resumes that get results have one thing in common - they answer the employer's key question: what's in it for me? Think about the manager who opens your email and starts to read your resume. In all likelihood, she is overworked and understaffed. She'...

How To Write A Successful Resume
by nkthen.Let's admit, to get to an interview, you will require a good resume (some call it CV or Curriculum Vitae). Or at least, before you get to the interview, you must impress your potential employer. So how do you write a successful resume that will get t...
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The Resume Substitute . . . An Exciting New Innovation!
by pmegan.Of course, we've all been bought up to think, practically from childhood, that the way to find a job is to start by writing a resume. But then, we were also taught that Santa is for real.The 21st Century job market requires us to rethink the old way...
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You Absolutely Must Have a "Strategic" Resume Format!
by pmegan.What's a "strategic" resume format?Well, let's look at it this way. A traditional (non-strategic) job search resume format is passive at the very time when employers are looking for someone who can demonstrate they are proactive. It's one of the ma...
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What Resume Writers Dont Want You to Know!
by pmegan.I came across a fascinating statistic recently. Resume writers beware. This is information they'd prefer you didn't know. Here it is.Robert Half Executive Director, Katherine Spencer, said in Certification Magazine that it's estimated that between...
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The Executive Resume . . . It Better Be Hot Stuff!
by pmegan.It's been said that there's really no significant difference between an executive resume and a standard one. Wrong!If you qualify to be job hunting at the executive level, there's a whole other set of expectations that apply only to you. Of course, ...
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Tips For Interviews And Resumes
A good resume is the tool that can get you an invitation to the interview for your dream job. If writing a good resume is part of your preparation for the job hunt, performing at the interview is an even greater part. Here are a few tips on how to wr...
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Avoiding the Resume Trap
by pmegan.If you're graduating this year, this alternative job search alert is for YOU! You must avoid the resume trap!What's the resume trap?Well, we've all been brought up to think that the success of our job campaign depends on our resume. So we spend an ...
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Bad Resume Fever? Take the Alternative Non-Resume Cure!
by pmegan.Bad Resume Fever? Take the Alternative Non-Resume Cure!Take the alternative non-resume cure! Say what?Look. It's no secret that we get in a fever when we think about changing jobs.We've got to pull the old resume out and update it. It means going...
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