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Job Interviews Are Predictable - So be Prepared!
by davecarl.For the most part, 80% of what goes on in an interview is routine and predictable. There are hundreds of books out there on what to ask and what you'll be asked. In addition to the standard questions, you need to decide what questions you are most ...
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Why Im Afraid of a Job Interview
by Marilyn J. Tellez, M.a..Why I'm Afraid of a Job Interview!I have a job interview scheduled for this week and I'm Scared!Here are my reasons. They are:1. I may make big blunders when I talk. I am afraid of most strangers. These strangers can judge me unfavorably because Idon...
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The Cafe, a Cup of Coffee and a Job Interview - a Dangerous Brew
by Robin McKay.I work in a delightful complex. We have a small, efficient cafe in the middle of our office park run by a lady who has memorised the Christian name of every customer. I can't tell you how powerful this is. I don't care if the coffee is a bit 'burnt',...
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How To Stand Out From The Crowd At Job Interviews
by Kelly Hunter.The hardest part is over - you've made it to the interview room. You have managed to capture a prospective employer's attention, and can rest assured that your academic achievements and work experience to date are what the interviewer is looking for....
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