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How Can Multimedia Work For You?
Topic : Creative Media Marketing & Video Marketing
by Frank Levert.Multimedia here and multimedia there. Is it just a flashy thing you don't need or the reason why your competitors are getting ahead? Today's reality is that people live on a fast pace so their time i...
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Using Demographic Data For Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign
Topic : Direct Mail Marketing : Direct Marketing & Demographic Data
by Frank Levert.Targeting high potential markets with a direct mail marketing campaign can be a very affordable and efficient way to get new customers for most companies and entrepreneurs but how can you find a way ...
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5 Successful Tips For Marketing Your Website
Topic : Internet Website Marketing & Web Site Marketing
by Damon Smith.This could be the most amazing article to ever be released as you read this please keep in mind that the tips I am about to share with you are from my experience with my own successful website Hai...
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In Sickness And In Health
Topic : Automate Your Business : Automate Business & Business Automation
by Tresaca Hamilton.I recently drove by a business that had a sign out front that read "Closed due to illness". This meant that the cash flow would stop until the owner was able to return to work. Even worse, the busi...
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How to Convert Telephone Calls into Powerful Presentations
Topic : Web Based Presentations & Online Presentations
by Roger C. Parker.You can multiply your ability to persuade by 400%, whether your audience is 1 or 100. Web-based presentations add a visual element to teleconferences. Instead of just talking to prospects, you can s...
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10 Eye Popping, Jaw Dropping Ad Copy Secrets
Topic : Writing Ad Copy : Advertising Copy & Advertising Copywriting
by Greg Johnson.1. Use a hand written letter on your ad copy instead of text. Write the ad on a piece of paper, scan it and publish the ad on your web page. Adding a personal touch will always increase your sales. ...

Keeping your Business Alive
Topic : Business Management Tips & Smart Marketing
by George Torok.As long as you eat and breathe you will stay alive. But is that really living? In a crisis that may be enough. If your business is in crisis - deal with it. But the secret to keeping your business al...
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Media Attention for Your Business
Topic : Public Relations Media : Media Publicity & Media Relations
by Fern Reiss.Do you want to be quoted by the national press on a daily basis? (How much would that be worth to your business?) In the past six months, I’ve been quoted in The New York Times, The Wall Street Jour...
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Topic : Marketing And Strategy : Focus Marketing & Market Strategies
by Charlie Cook.Imagine that you ran an ad, mailed a brochure, or sent an email ad to a new list of people who fit your target market profile and everyone who saw it responded right away and made a purchase. Has t...
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Insight in Marketing
Topic : Principle of Marketing : Marketing Methods & Marketing Principle
by Vishal P. Rao.Marketing successfully requires not only insight into how a product or service can be successfully marketed but also flexibility into the marketing of a product or service. This is one of the marketi...
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7 Ways to Get More Mileage from Your Free Reprint Articles
Topic : Free Reprint Articles : Free Articles & Article Directory
by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta-Russ.Do you have old free reprint articles gathering dust? Transform and re-submit them to give your business, product or service another boost! Here are 7 ways: 1. Transform your article. You can transf...
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Some Copy Tips From An Old Hand
Topic : Copy Writing Tips : Copywriting Tips & Copy Guide
by Patrick Quinn.I have been in the ad game for a long, long time. I have trained hundreds of writers, and I’ve been responsible for moving of millions ? & $ in product worldwide. Here are just a few tips that I hope...
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Online Marketing Donts
Topic : Internet Marketing Techniques & Online Marketing Techniques
by Jessica Klein.There are over 200 million people worldwide connected to the Internet, with over 64 million regular users in America. It’s no wonder that such a vast audience has made online marketing one of the fa...
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Ten Reasons Why Online Surveys are the Future Of Marketing
Topic : Future Of Marketing : Take Online Surveys & Onlinesurveys
by Martin Day.Customers are tough cookies. They're extremely media aware and increasingly cynical – it's a clever marketeer who can get under their skin. Online surveys reinvent the traditional format and offer a ...
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5 reasons why participating in forums can benefit your business?
Topic : Online Business Forum & Internet Business Forum
by Rebecca Gilbert.Did you know that by simply participating in various forums and posting your various views and ideas, can potentially bring new growth and life to your online business? Let’s look at some of the posi...
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How To Get To The Top Of The Marketing Food Chain
Topic : Affiliate Marketing Guide & Affiliate Marketing Business
by Priya F Shah.Are you tired of living off handouts from big-name marketers, earning meager affiliate commissions? If you truly want to live and breathe the rarefied air of the super-marketers, what you need is no...
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Attention Grabbing Advertisements
Topic : Yellow Page Ad : Yellow Pages Ad & Yellow Page Advertisement
by Dr. Lynella Grant.Stand Out in Ways that Matter to Directory Users A Yellow Page directory presents a difficult challenge for advertisers. All the competitors are packed together, within the space of a few pages. Each...
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Not Common But Effective Free Marketing
Topic : Free Internet Marketing & Free Marketing Articles
by Tracy Finney.We all know the many "free" traffic producing avenues. We all know about free classified ads, traffic exchanges, web site submitters, banner exchanges, link exchanges, but how many of you have ever t...
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Top 10 Marketing Pitfalls
Topic : Internet Marketing Guides & Guide to Internet Marketing
by Stuart Reid.If you want to make it BIG in Internet Marketing you need avoid some common mistakes. Here's a list of the top ten Pitfalls that catch out beginner Marketers (and many established ones too!). The pro...
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Schedule telemarketing time for more success
Topic : Cold Calling Sales : Cold Calling Techniques & Cold Calling Tips
by Stan Rosenzweig.Telephone canvassing, or cold calling, is the practice of sitting down with a long list of potential prospects you've never met and telephoning them, one at a time, to learn which of them needs what ...
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Sell with KISS, as in "Keep it Simple, Stupid"
Topic : Brand Marketing Strategy : Branding Strategy & Brand Marketers
by Stan Rosenzweig.(From “Smart Marketing – What big companies practice and you should learn about marketing branding and business development” by Stan Rosenzweig). One of the most useful and fundamental communications...
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How to increase the ROI on your PPC campaigns
Topic : Return On Investment & Pay Per Click Campaign
by Rick Rouse.Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is one of the most cost effective (and just plain effective) ways to get laser-targeted traffic to your website. For just pennies per click you can have your offer pla...
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Does your Internet Marketing Pull?
Topic : Internet Marketing Strategies : Pull Marketing & Market Pull
by Paul Short."Pull Marketing" has always been, and will continue to be the most effective internet marketing strategy at your disposal. Allow me to explain. Most marketing efforts can be placed into one of three ...
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A Dozen Tips for Writing Good Articles
Topic : Articles On Internet & Internet Marketing Articles
by Lois Carter Fay.With the explosion of the Internet there is an ever-growing list of websites where you can publish articles. Very few sites will pay you for your content, so why would you want to do go to all this w...
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Customer Lifetime Value - The Key To Maximizing Your Profits!
Topic : Customer Lifetime Value & Sales and Marketing
by Larry Lim.The greatest asset to your business is your Customer, specifically, your Customer Lifetime Value. In my many years in Sales and Marketing, I've met many CEOs and business owners who don't have much ...
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