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How Does Snow Making Work?
by Justin Leniger. Snow making is a vital part of most ski resorts, allowing the ski area to stay open longer and keep their trails well kept. Man-made snow is exactly the same as natural snow, and there are no chemicals involved except in special cases. Even then th...
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Shooting With Dad
by Scott Jarvis. As I get older I tend to look back more often at many of the good times I had growing up. Perhaps it’s because time makes us more sentimental, and perhaps it’s simply because the longer we live the more we have to reminisce about. At any...
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Sporting Event Party - House Party
by Jim Williams.ACAA contest was just around the block and I was getting titillated. I had my 52" HDTV waiting to go and my partner was planning to bake many of those extraordinary game goodies I love to stuff my face with during the spectacle. I knew that it was go...
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