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Javea , A Retirement Heaven
by Neil Ebsworth. You may or may not yet be retiring but it pays off to plan ahead of time. Sooner or later, the realization that your retirement years is nearly approaching will finally dawn on you. There are two sides to the thought of retirement--the positive side...
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Because Retirement Is Simply A New Beginning
by Tim Stewart. There's a reason why people look forward to retirement. Simply put, they know that retirement is simply a new beginning, a chance to get out there, form great relationships with others who share their passions. They know that retirement - particular...
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Consider Living in an Mobile Home Community for Retirees
by Nelson Stewart. If you're retiring and wanting to downsize your living arrangement, a mobile home park may not be on your list of areas to check out. Mobile home parks sometimes conjure up images of dirty streets and cluttered yards - not anywhere a person who is h...
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Why Make Meridian Idaho Home Base for Your Retirement
by Joesph Gruff. Located on the western side of Idaho and part of the greater Boise area, Meridian Idaho is now recognized as a premier location for retirees across the U.S. who are looking for a place to place to live an active lifestyle during their golden years. ...
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Retirement Vineyards - Stop Whining and Do It!
by Gary Ashton. Retirement is a great time to explore and indulge that frivolous hobby that could never really be pursued when you were a career go-getter. Ever fancied to be a vineyard owner and to develop wines that suit your own particular palate? What a retirem...
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Alternative Retirement Investment in Orlando Real Estate
by Kris Koonar. Buying property in Orlando is a smart real estate investment move worth considering. The prime reason is a high rate of appreciation running in double digits. This place is abounding with all amenities, to classify it as a virtual paradise for vacat...
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Buying a Retirement Home? Plan Ahead
by Damon Chavez. If you are planning to relocate for your retirement, or simply want a new home in the same community, you are probably looking for a nice home to retire to. Well this is the perfect time to plan a little further ahead.Maybe you have aspirations of m...
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How Real Estate Can Help You To Retire
by Alex Anderson. A lot of Americans are not going to have enough money to retire. These days, it's a sad fact. Instead of complaining about that reality (and the unfairness of it all) the best action someone who wants to retire can do is just make sure that they are...
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Invest Your Retirement Money in Real Estate
by Ken Fong. 401k and real estate investing is one good example of putting your retirement money to work. By definition, a 401k is a retirement plan initiated by employers in which employees may save money for retirement. Saving money while working ensures emplo...
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How to Make the Most of your Money in Retirement
by Bob Bencivenga. Retiring the Way You Want, With the Money You HavePeople nearing retirement age like to talk about the cost of living. In your later years, you don't want to have to work, but you want to be able to live a comfortable life-style, similar to the one...
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Baby Boomer Retirement to Revolutionize Real Estate
by Kari Shea. The baby boomer generation is notorious for having a huge impact on the economy. At every milestone in their lives, their buying power has had a huge effect on market trends. As they collectively approach retirement age, their impact on the real est...
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Montgomery County New Homes Desirable For Retirees
by Tim Dillard. Montgomery County and Lake Conroe have been vacation getaways for many years. It is no wonder that it is now becoming a fast-growing popular place to live, as the city of Houston is busting at the seams and residents are finding a way to a more peac...
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Buy your Retirement Home Now and Beat the Rush!
by Melissa O'connell. Scottsdale Arizona aah! Who wouldn't want to retire there? Beautiful weather, all the golfing you can handle and an up market lifestyle with plenty of culture. There are also endless community education courses and an ever increasing realty market.Y...
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Looking for the Best Place in the World to Retire?
by Jim Scherrer.Looking for the Best Place in the World to Retire? by: Jim Scherrer During the past 15 years, International Living magazine has calculated its A
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Five Reasons to Retire in Belize
by Boris Mannsfeld. What's not to love about Belize? Belize has become a shining star in the international media. Magazines and newspapers are raving with publications on Belize and how truly wonderful this small tropical paradise is. We decided to boil it down to five...
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Property Portfolio - Who Needs a Pension Scheme?
by Keith McGregor.Property Portfolio - Who Needs a Pension Scheme? by: Keith McGregor How much do you need to retire?Does around ?25,000a year sound about right;
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Clarifying Your Retirement Finance Picture
by Wade Robins. If you are considering a reverse mortgage on your home as a means of helping fund your golden years, you can eliminate some of the mystery about how much you can reasonably expect in the way of a reverse mortgage loan by using a reverse mortgage cal...
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21st Century Retirement Living
by Sherry Wagner. Skiing trips instead of shuffleboard, laptops instead of feet on tabletops: Today's retirees are playing and living under a much different set of priorities than previous generations. Words like choice, flexibility, fit and active are much more the ...
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Retirees Go for the Goldilocks Lifestyle in Prescott
by Scott Baxter. What makes Prescott Arizona a drawing card for thousands of retirees? Named one of the best places to retire by Money Magazine Prescott is winning people over time and time again naturally - with its weather. "See, at 5000 feet elevation, here in th...
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Planning for Retirement but Short on Cash
by Jim Scherrer.Retirement in Puerto Vallarta--considering Retirement But Short on Cash? by: Jim Scherrer Attention all baby boomers; are you starting to think
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Choosing a Retirement Home
by Nelson Stewart. Choosing the place where you will spend your much deserved retirement is one of the most important choices that will have to make in later life. After all you have spent a lifetime out there working 9 to 5, bringing up kids, putting them through col...
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Retire Young With Real Estate
by Mark G. Estates. There is no one in the world that wants to work a day longer than he has to. But with economic instability leaving many of us worrying about how our future and retirement will be paid for, it is ever more tempting to invest in something concrete and...
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Top 10 Cities For Younger Retirees
by Real Estate Advisor. Young retirees looking out for the best cities in the U.S. to retire young but still be engaged in an active lifestyle may take a look at the top ten cities that have been chosen by the Money Magazine with Bert Sperling of Bestplace.net this year. T...
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Top Retirement Cities For Seniors
by Real Estate Advisor. If you fancy moving to a top-notch location to retire, this article is a must-read. In its recent report, Bizjournals.com identified the top cities across the U.S. favored by the senior residents. The website analyzed the cities that had the fastest...
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Picking an Overseas Destination to Retire
by Sacha Tarkovsky. More people are considering retiring overseas than ever before, but it is important to choose a destination that suits you here are some questions to consider so that you can choose the right destination. Here is your checklist and also a great plac...
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