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Confessions of a Retread Wife
Topic : Confessions of a Marine Corps Wife: Stories of a Military Family
by Barbara Eastom Bates.My name is Barbara and I am a proud Marine Corps wife. I am the granddaughter of a Korean War Veteran and the daughter of a military brat. Long before meeting my Marine Corps husband I had gypsy fe...
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How Two Quarrelling Kids Helped Invent the Better Behavior Wheel
Topic : Lessons from Sibling Rivalry: How to deal with Sibling Rivalry
by Julie Butler.When David was nine and Laura was twelve, the battles started. Prior to that, they got along great. Laura was always protective of her little brother, and he in turn, doted on her. Perhaps it ...
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Whispers in the Wind: The Legend of Bonnie Sue
Topic : The Story of a Military Wife: A Legend
by Barbara Eastom Bates.On any given day at MCAS Cherry Point, the wind is alive with the roar of jet engines. It is the sound, as proudly proclaimed by the air station welcome sign, of freedom. The stories of those who hav...
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A Military Wifes Heartache: Semper Fidelis
Topic : A Military Wifes Heartache
by Barbara Eastom Bates.The air was crisp that bright autumn day, not unlike the uniforms of the hundreds of Marines who had gathered to mark the passage of a sacred occasion. A sea of faces filled the outdoor stadium under...
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How To Tell That Youre Getting Old
Topic : How To Tell That Youre Getting Old: A Story about Aging Gracefully
by James L. Snyder.This week I celebrate another birthday, which brings me to that auspicious milestone where I am right between 52 and 54. A person only comes to this stage of life once, so I am going to make the most...
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Indian Summer
by LeAnn R. Ralph.It was a warm, sunny October afternoon one day when I was a kid, and as I walked up the hill of our driveway after getting off the school bus at our Wisconsin dairy farm, I wondered how many more nic...
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Topic : Christmas In Dairyland
by LeAnn R. Ralph.From the book: Christmas In Dairyland (True Stories From a Wisconsin Farm) http://ruralroute2.com As we drove along the dirt road north of our farm one Sunday afternoon, the color of the sky reminde...
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Shoes Gone Astray
by David Leonhardt.Dorothy lost hers. I forgot mine. My wife broke hers. I speak of shoes, of course. So why are we all smiling? Dorothy is that sweet little girl who broke in that bustin' bronco of a tornado, land...
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The Spirit of Fathers Day
Topic : The Spirit of Fathers Day
by Lawrence Vijay Girard.Some time ago I received a gift from both of my children. It was spontaneous and had nothing to do with Father’s day. Yet, at the same time it had everything to do with Father’s day. My son, Kai, - h...
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So, The Thing Is... Im Feeling A Little Guilty
Topic : Dealing with guilt, guilty feelings
by Barbara Cooper.So, the thing is… I am feeling a little guilty. I know, I know, what’s new? I’m like the travel agent for guilt trips. Right now I’m feeling a little guilty because I am so madly in love with my li...

The Story of Lance Armstrong
by Gary Hayduk. With his recent unprecedented seventh victory in the Tour de France, Lance Armstrong is perhaps the greatest cyclist ever. Early YearsBorn Lance Edward Gunderson on September 18, 1971, in Plano Texas, to Linda Gayle Mooneyham and Eddie Charles Gunde...
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