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Hunting Equipment
by rasmitasinha. With a number of sportsmen and gun enthusiasts growing by the day, the demand for versatile products that appeal to both hobbyist hunters and professional outdoors men is on the rise.Here at Tac1gear.com we offer tactical gear and hunting equipment ...
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Using Airsoft Pistols in Police Training
by Jeffry Evans. Airsoft is an extremely interesting sport that is very popular with both children and adults alike. Part of what makes airsoft so intriguing is its highly realistic look and feel of actual weaponry without the real potential of death or serious inju...
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Ideas for Airsoft Wars or Games
by Jeffry Evans. Want some good ideas for airsoft wars? Well keep reading, because you have found the right page. The following are 7 primo airsoft wars that you can use to have a great match with all of your friends. Check it out: 1. Capture the Flag The cla...
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The Alternative Sport of Airsoft
by Justin Kander.There are plenty of alternative things; alternative music, alternative medicines, alternative vehicles, and much more (actually I can’t think of any more alternative types, but there are more!) As with that, there are alternative sports. For exampl...
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