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Dan Marino Nfls Greatest All Time Quarterback
by Eddie Delgado. Dan Marino one of NFL's greatest alltime quarterbacks. Born in Pittsburh, Pennsylvania on September 15, 1961 Daniel Constantine Marino, Jr was born. Marino grew up in a blue collar neighb
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Buffalo Bills a Nfl Team
by Mamoni. Buffalo BillsBuffalo Bills is the team of AFC east for National Football league. The name of the team , was selected by the owner of the team Mr. Ralph C Wilson, Jr., which was named after legendary "Pony Express" rider on 30th Novemember1959. ?Buff...
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Rugby Trips and Worldwide Rugby Games
by James Gauci. The wide-ranging request of rugby has given to augment to many worldwide rugby games that take place all over the world. Admirers are not limited getting their preferred rugby tickets, they can watch best English or Irish or the Scottish players fig...
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Percy Harvin - a Shoe in for Next Years Nfl Draft?
by Gertie The Gator. The ink isn't even dry yet on the 2008 NFL Draft and word is already getting around that Percy Harvin should be looking at a nice, comfortable spot in the 2009 draft. Odds are h

Nfl Handicapping Guide
by Kevin Luckerson. Common Handicapping MistakesNobody's perfect right? However, in the field of sports handicapping a small mistake can cost you a fortune. Having said that, let's breakdown the most common mistakes handicappers make during the course of the NFL seaso...
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Harvey Will Hammer em in the Nfl
by Majestic Help. Well, well, well...We're happy to report that we said it here on March 20th. We were sure that Derrick Harvey would be drafted into the NFL. Today was the day, and Harvey wa

NFL Fan Gear For Women
by Bonnie Zano. If you go to a NFL football game at any stadium you will see many things. You'll see men in football jerseys, men in football hats, lines a mile long at the food and drink stands, children enjoying their very first live football game, and a sea of P...
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How to Run a Super Bowl 100 Square Office Pool
by Christopher Jenkins. Are you interested in running your own Super Bowl Office Pool, but never really quite understood how these things operate? You have come to the right place. This article gives step by step directions to running a flawless Super Bowl Office Pool.Step...
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Successfully Training Your Quarterback
by Jimmy Cox. All football authorities agree that of all the factors that make for success in games, the proper selection of plays is by far the most important. Poor choosing of plays will nullify the finest of team work and will eventually break down the highest...
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Nfl Playoffs 2008 Week 3
by Jeffery Reed. Last week, I was 3 of 4 in predicting playoff winners. I correctly predicted that one of the Manning brothers, would be involved in an upset, but I think very few people saw the other one coming. The Colts loss was the only one that I missed out on....
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Nfl Playoffs 2008 Week 2
by Jeffery Reed. There are 4 games slated this week for the 2008 NFL playoffs. As I see it 3 of the home teams will win along with 1 underdog. Dallas Cowboys - New York Giants. I consider myself somewhat of a homer. I grew up in Louisiana and I was a New Orleans ...
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How To Become A Star Quarterback
by Jimmy Cox. Most successful teams are that way because of excellent leadership. They have quarterbacks who are smart, quick, and possess the ability to co-ordinate eleven players into a smooth-working team.The quarterback is often referred to as the "engineer o...
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The Real Winner of the 2008 Super Bowl: the Media
by Mathew. Wondering who the winner of the upcoming Super Bowl will be? Don't bother, you put your eyes on it every day. TV networks are the silent winners of the Super Bowl (and other sports events), contrary to what people think.Usually people point at onlin...
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NFL Football Playoff Ticket
by Cassaundra Flores. A single tournament where there are a total of 16games is one for which NFL football playoff tickets are rarely available. From every conference, six teams will qualify to play based on their performance in the past year and their current standing i...
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Sites for the 2008 Usa Rugby Championships Have Been Announced
by Katsmith. After a number of cities and locations put in bids to host USA Rugby Championship Series events, final decisions have been made as to where a number of championship events will be held in 2008. One of the biggest changes to the schedule...
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Cheap Football Nfl Ticket - Low Cost, Loads of Fun
by Robert Riles. There are some websites that offer Cheap football NFL tickets to the sports fans. These typically mean that you can save money by booking your tickets online but be sure of getting good seats. Since these games don't take place too often, there is a...
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Watch NFL Football for Free
by arif kosasi. A few months ago I asked myself this question;"Is there any way to watch NFL Football for free?", when I was trying to find a way to watch NFL football on my PC. After surfing on the net for hours in order to find an appropriate program, I finally f...
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The Difficulties of Being A Quarterback
by Jimmy Cox. Throughout my long passing career, there has been at least one group of opponents for whom I have held the utmost respect. They are the defensive halfbacks, the quarterback's arch-enemies. Without good defensive halfbacks, no team can succeed. In fa...
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Watch NFL Football Matches Live Online
by Robert Kamau. How do you watch NFL on your computerThe new technology of internet TV has enabled more than 5 million people in the USA alone to watch satellite TV on their PCs. I
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There is a Way to Watch NFL Football for Free
by arif kosasi. Is there any way to watch NFL Football for free? I asked myself that question months ago when i was trying to find way to watch NFL football on my PC. After surfing on the net for hours in order to find an appropriate program, I finally found it. It...
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Nfl Online Gambling History
by John Johnson. The NFL (National Football League), is product of the evolution and passion of many football players who throughout history, knew to find the different restrictions or rules that today compose the official regulation of the NFL gaming; also division...
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Nfl- Watch Nfl Online Streaming
by arif kosasi. Months ago I was wondering how I could watch every NFL game without having to miss even one game in a season. My friend told me that watch all NFL games online streaming. I suddenly became interested because I stay in front of my computers the whole...

The Top Ten Reasons to Watch the Nfl This Season
by Jason Henry. With the kickoff of the 2007/2008 NFL season right around the corner, I thought that I give you MY top 10 reasons why you should watch the NFL this season. So without further ado, I present
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3 Choices to Watch Rugby World Cup Live Online on your Computer
by blurb22. This September 7, twenty nations will compete to win the main prize of "William Webb Ellis Cup". The current rugby world cup title holder is England, and below is a list of the previous world cup Title Holders :2003 Hosted By Australia1. England2. A...
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Nfl Football Handicapping Trends
by Michael Keneski. When the Dallas Cowboys and Indianapolis Colts kicked off the NFL 2007 season with the preseason opener, handicappers around the country were getting their minds ready to attack yet another year of football games in the never-ending quest of making ...
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