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A Dietitians Approach Towards Fast Weight-loss Programs
by John Scott. Weight Loss QuickiesWhen trying to lose weight, it is normal for typical programs to set goals of weight loss between 1 and 2 pounds per week (~ ? to 1 kg ). This may not seem like a lot but this type of weight loss actually helps keep the weight of...
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Healthy Diet
by MN Nikk. One of the important things you can do for your overall health is to eat a healthy diet. Your diet affects your weight and increases your risks of health diseases. Deciding a healthy diet is easier to say than to do because it is tempting to eat les...
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Macrobiotics: Tips and Advice on Starting a Macrobiotic Diet
by Bronwyn. It is always not so easy starting out on something that will radically change your lifestyle, most especially when it becomes a part of your regimen. Switching to macrobiotic diet is not that tough. As long as you have the will and determination to ...

Diet Tips
by Clinton Walker. To effectively lose weight you must eat a healthy and balanced diet. Fad diets, pills, and other gimmicks are not effective or healthy. While these products usually produce short term results, they have more side effects than benefits. Here is a sim...
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One Mans Diet Journey
by Jason J Farmer. My name is Jonathan and I am overweight.I am a pretty generic guy, married 2 kids with a 9-5 job sitting in front of a computer, and that is my downfall. when I was young and my metabolism was in top shape I was always active, now I sit in front of...
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Three Things Dieters Do That Guarantee Failure
by Howard McGarity. Losing even a few pounds is not simple but most people fail before they even begin. What happens is, they go on a diet, lose some weight, go off the diet, gain weight, get depres
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Try the Popular Heart Healthy South Beach Diet
by Muna wa Wanjiru. The South Beach Diet is very popular with people who want to lose weight, but not have to count carbohydrates, fat grams, and every thing else! This diet is a great alternative to these
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Seven Secrets to Creating an Effective Diet and Exercise Program
by Terry Schierer. Have you been thinking of going on a diet and exercise program but every time it rolls around your head you automatically think of all your friends who have tried some of these programs
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How Does the Negative Calorie Diet Work?
by Sue Brubaker. The Negative Calorie Diet works on the principle that certain foods create negative calorie effects allowing you to lose weight. The theory is extremely exciting, but exactly how does it work? This article will illustrate the way the body processes ...
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Which Diet is Best for You?
by Maria Victoria Condecion. A recent research shows that nearly 60% of all U.S. adults are overweight. In fact, most of us need to lose a few pounds once in a while. With all the fast food just around the corner, it is so easy for us to gain weight.Unfortunately, most of us do...
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The Negative Calorie Diet - is it Right for You?
by Sue Brubaker. The basic principle of The Negative Calorie Diet involves eating various fruits and vegetables that have a negative calorie effect. There is no such thing as a negative calorie food. There are however, foods that use more calories to digest than the...
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How to Get Great Results With Diet and Exercise Programs
by Donald Mckenzie Jr. Follow these three steps to the perfect exercise, and you will notice a giant boost of confident goal setting.EmotionalWhen it comes the the emotional aspects, it is wha
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Winning Tactics for Giving Up the Diet
by Gary Matthews. You might disagree, but hear me out on this, if you're thinking of going on a diet to lose those extra pounds think again. Long-term weight control through dieting is near impossibl
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Diet and Still Eat Takeaways
by Kate Barker. Losing weight doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all the good things in life, some of the good things can even help the process if you know what I mean? I’m sure you do but
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Discover the Missing Link: Why your Diet is Failing you
by heather picken. There is a missing link in why diets will often fail women. It is the mental diet you must have and re-programing your subconscious mind is the key to losing weight and more im
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The Reason Diets Fail you
by Rob. Jager. This year millions of people will embark upon a diet and most will fail to lose weight. The usual response to this failure by the people marketing the diet is to blame the individual for the failure. This leaves the person feeling defeated and guilt...
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Why Diets Fail You
by Rob. Jager. WHY DIETS FAIL YOU. by Rob. JagerNext year millions of people will embark upon a diet and most will fail to lose weight. The usual response to this failure by the people marketin...
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Why your Diet May Not Be Working
by Nishanth Reddy. Jennifer, a middle-aged single mother with one six-year-old daughter, has been skipping sweets for a few weeks now. She's also become a stickler for portion control. She feels as if she's eating less than ever, and she's been diligently exercising...
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The Zen Macrobiotic Diet - for Health & Happiness
by Sacha Tarkovsky. The Zen Macrobiotic diet originated over a century ago and today enjoys a worldwide following due its principles of harmonious living with nature through a balanced whole foods diet, and an active lifestyle and respect for the environment.Lets look ...
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Phentermine Diet Medication Should Be Used Or Not
by Joseph Jones. The average weight of an individual all over the world is increasing at an alarming rate. The main culprit is the western world. They have the financial muscles and they are the ones who take junk foods and live a life style which does not require a...
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Diet: How to really make your Diet work for you?
by Stanislav Karpunin. First of all, you need to understand, that your body needs a proper Balanced Nutrition Diet, with a proper daily amount of: vitamins, proteins, minerals and carbohydrates. Get into a habit of eating exactly 3 Meals a day. Eat breakfast within on...
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A Healthy Diet Check Up...From The Neck Up
by Jill Miller. If you have tried every so-called healthy diet plan on theplanet and every exercise program from the latest fitness guruand repeatedly failed to achieve your weight loss goals, youprobably need a "healthy diet check up...from the neck up."There's no...
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