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Dietary and Lifestyle Recommendations
by Pattrick Jhonson.Consume Adequate Amounts of Calcium and Protein During stressful times, body protein is broken down to provide the body with energy. Over an extended period, this can lead to a loss of muscle. Another nutrient lost from the body during stress is calc...
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A Guidelines for Allergens-free Diet
by Jack Sands.Some people are not aware that they have food allergy. It can be difficult to diagnose especially if allergic reactions are not apparent before. Symptoms of food allergy only appear if you exceed the tolerable amount of foods you are allergic to. Foo...
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If You Dont Track Your Diet... You Are Wasting Your Time
by Mda1125.Frankly, I'm puzzled whenever I hear this from somebody who's frustrated with their lack of gains:Me: So what are you eating? How many calories per day and how many do you need?Them: I don't know. I just eat.Huh?Yes, it's true. People don't track the...
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Low Carb Dieting
by Natashahopkins.Low carb dieting has become very popular in recent years especially with the publication of the Atkins diet, South Beach and other diets on the market. Losing weight is a goal for so many people and the vast majority of dieters are searching for the ...
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Flat Belly Diet
by Thompsonalisson.What I can eat to flat belly diet?Taking these out of your diet will contribute to your weight loss and further ensure that your diet will be successful. Fried food, White bread, Processed food, Sweets. If you avoid, or cut down the intake of, these ...
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The Athletic Performance Diet
by Matt Russ.Interestingly the athletic diet has changed very little over the years. The reason being is that there are not many pathways to fueling the body most efficiently. A diet consisting of 60-65% carbohydrate, 20-25% fats, and 15-20% protein is the proper...
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