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Does It Matter If You Are Overweight?
Topic : Obesity Health Problems : Overweight Problems & Obesity Issues
by Kim Beardsmore.Everywhere we look in the western world we are inundated with pictures, images, icons and inferences of the 'perfect' female shape! The truth is that many of these images are altered or enhanced in s...
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Say "Goodbye" to the Dreaded Weight Loss Plateau
Topic : Weight Loss Plateau & Plateau in Weight Loss
by Kim Beardsmore.Dieters dread the plateau. You're on a roll, losing weight steadily and happily for weeks. Your confidence is high and your goal is in sight. Then suddenly your scale freezes. No matter how hard you ...

The Most Under Rated Aspect of Weight Loss
Topic : Weight Loss Tips : Weight Loss Plan & Healthy Weight Loss
by Kim Beardsmore.If I were asked, "what is the most difficult thing many people find to do when they start a weight-loss program?", I would have to say right near the top of the list is this - they don't drink enough...
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Lose Weight the Healthy Way
Topic : Loss Weight The Healthy Way : Losing Weight The Right Way
by Marlene Mathis.It's definitely no fun to lose weight -- put it back on, lose weight, put it back on, and so on. Just as you learn the rules of a new diet, you find yourself trying to get around them. What if all yo...
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Eating for Health, Happiness and Successful Weight Control
Topic : Successful Weight Control & Weight Control : Health and Happiness
by Dr. William Parsons.Don't diet, just eat and lose weight! First, the following "diet" is really not a diet, in the conventional sense, but a natural way of eating. It allows one to eat essentially anything one wishes, ...
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Lose Weight - Find Hidden Calories
Topic : Lose Weight & Lose Weights : Hidden Calories & Hidden Calorie
by Sheila Dicks.If it seems that you have been eating as usual and the pounds seem to be creeping on - you could be a victim of hidden calories. When we are busy, stressed or focused on something else we reach for c...
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Start Finding Your Ideal Weight
Topic : Eating Junk Food & Gaining The Ideal Weight : Getting The Ideal Weight
by Emmanuel SEGUI.Your health is your responsability. As a human being, you have the choice to put in your stomach whatever you want. It is YOU and only you that can choose what you want or not to eat. In other words,...
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Cannot Lose Those Extra Pounds Of Weight??
by AyurvedicCure.com.Intake of fats and carbohydrates in excess results in obesity. Lack of exercise, physical work also helps in accumulation of fat in the body. In Ayurveda this condition is called medoroga. The fat in...
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Getting Kids Moving - Help for Overweight Teens
Topic : Overweight Teen & Overweight Teens : Overweight Children & Overweight Childrens
by Kathryn Martyn.I recently read about a residential school program for overweight teens with a hefty price tag in excess of $5,000 per month. Whew, that should sweat off a few pounds just thinking about it. These pr...
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How the Boy Scout Motto Can Help You Lose Weight
Topic : Boy Scott Motto & Losing Weight : Helps To Lose Weight
by Bill Herren.Be Prepared. For the Boy Scouts it means you are always ready in body and mind to do your duty. How can you use this motto to help you in your weight loss efforts? I am of the school of thought t...
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Using Weight Loss Supplements To Reach Your Weight Loss Goals
Topic : Weight Loss Supplements & Weight Loss Supplement : Weight Loss Goals
by Bill Herren.Supplement is a word defined by Webster as such: Something added to complete a thing or to make up for a deficiency. Even so; some weight loss supplement companies market their products as magic pill...
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Tired Of Struggling To Lose Weight?
Topic : Struggling To Lose Weight & Lose Weight Struggle : Losing Weight
by Debbie de Leng.There are many factors that cause us to increase body weight, yet three stand out from the rest. Our genetic make: Every cell in our body has a central control panel, that is a nucleus that contains...
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Losing Weight is Like Eating Ice Cream
Topic : Eating Ice Cream & Weight Losing : Eating Ice Creams & Healthy Eating
by Will Clower, Ph.D..“Life is like a box of chocolates,” drawled Forrest Gump. Metaphors are great. Writers use them all the time because, simply put, they get your attention and really drive a point home. That’s becaus...
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Overweight - Answering Your Critics
Topic : Being Overweight : Answering Critics & Critics Answering
by Trevor Johnson.There are those that walk amongst us who have followed all the advice, diligently dieted and exercised with genuine effort for long periods of time, yet still fail to lose their excess weight. Ev...
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The Secret Key To Permanent Weight Loss!
Topic : Permanent Weight Loss & Permanent Weight Loss Made Easy : Easy Weight Lose
by Dr. Jeff Banas.With this key, I GUARANTEE YOU WILL LOSE ALL THE WEIGHT YOUR EVER WANTED TOO! Imagine yourself at your ideal weight. After all those years of trying to lose weight, you finally did it! You lost the w...
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Scales Are For Fish, Not Weight Loss
Topic : Scales For Fishes & Fish Scales : Weighing Scale & Weighing Scales
by Dr Jeff Banas.Contrary to common belief, your weight is not really the indicator of a weight problem – the actual percentage of body fat is the true indicator. You need to know what percent of you is actually FAT....
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Alternative Approach to Weight Loss
by Nancy Lonsdorf M.D..Maharishi Ayurveda Approach to Weight Loss: 5 Easy Steps to A Healthier Weight Although different people have weight problems for different reason, these 5 tips address fundamental lifestyle habits t...
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Can Eating Certain Foods Help You to Lose Weight?
by David Snape.Experts have discovered that certain foods can actually help you to lose weight without the stress of dieting or exercise. The down side is that many of us have a tendency to dress these foods up wit...
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Shape Up! 4-Alternative Weight Loss Solutions
by Laura Turner.I am embarrassed to admit how many different commercial weight loss programs I’ve tried. I don’t know about you, but after a while I grow tired of talking heads touting empty promises. None of them h...
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Weight Loss Excuses
by Suzanne Hiscock.(But What You Need to Know if You Want to Get Fit!) 10) No, you won’t end up looking like the latest hot young model/singer/actress! Let’s face it: your body is your body. It’s ...
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Eight Weight Loss Tips
by Beth Scott.There are a lot of “crash” diets out there that promise that you’ll drop a considerable amount of weight in days or a week. I have tried a few of these, and in my experience the weight always comes ...
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Tips for successful weight loss
Topic : Successful Weight Loss & Weight Loss Success
by Annette Croft.Throughout my childhood and teenage years I watched as my mother tried every fad diet under the sun. I recall one time she ate boiled cabbage and nothing else for a whole week. I felt my mothers’ f...
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Online Weight Loss - Fact or Farce?
by Jim Foster.Over the past 5 years, online weight loss programs have become increasingly popular. One such Internet-only weight loss program claims to have over 1.2 million members in it's database. We are seeing...
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4 Keys to Weight Loss
by Chad Anderson, CSCS.First off, let me start by saying this list is by no means exhaustive. However, if you can manage these 4 important components of a weight loss program, you will be on your way to a slimmer body. Bu...
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Negative Calorie Foods & Weight Loss
by P. Mehta.You gain weight when your calorie intake is more than your calorie expenditure. But if this calorie equation is reversed, then it results in "negative calorie" balance in your body. In this negati...
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