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Beauty and Fitness
by Nicholas Tan. Health is wealth. By being physically fit, it can make a person look lean both inside and out. There is a lot a person can do such jogging or walking in the morning, playing
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Fitness - Inside the Body of a Non-exerciser
by Alien. If you don't exercise, this is what happens to your insides. Since your body is in a state of rest, the energy produced by breathing is primarily directed to your internal organs-one of wh
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Ladder of Fitness
by Alien. Of course, your ideal weight depends on your individual build. If you refer to it ,you have an approximate idea of what you should aim for.The four rungs to fitnessT
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Fitness - your Mind and you
by Alien. Your mental dynamo has assimilated several facts and whirled out two simple messages - aerobic exercising and fatless food are vital for healthy living. The sleeper in you is awakening and
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Fitness - the Power of Change
by Alien. Can you do it? Can you bring about these healthful changes in your lifestyle? Of course you' can! What is change but reformation? And what does reformation lead to but growth? Indeed, even
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Fitness Right - your Wrong Thinking
by Alien. Predictably, many people - particularly overweight - have an argument against exercising. Many people claim that "Exercising increases the appetite." "So, if I exercise I shall feel more
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Fitness - Tune yourself Into Mental Dynamics
by Alien. You might ask, "what on earth is mental dynamics?" If you accept that every one of us has a limitless, inherent power, you will also accept that that mighty power will never be exploited
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Fitness - Hungry for What
by Alien. Hunger pangs are difficult to resist, You have changed your lifestyle, you are into the new reality, you know you have undertaken the fitness journey to health. Yet, those hunger pangs, tha
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Do you Know Who are Fitness Singles
by Marvin Perry. The way people meet each other has changed since the introduction of online dating. Today you can be extremely specific about what type of person you would like to meet. This is good because it will save you plenty of time.One of the newest group of...
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Adding More Muscle to your Fitness
by Alien. Give yourself a fair chance:No, don't switch off and skip this article because you have as much interest in weight-training as a bird-watcher has in cricket. If you have stayed
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Fitness - Losing Fat Weight and Practical Food Tips
by Alien. Losing fat-weight is not seen as a quick, easy process. That is because many people are misted into believing that if they diet, they will lose weight. They will, but it will not be fat-wei
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Fitness - Spot-shaping Plus
by Alien. Aerobics are the only exercise that can burn fat, while sensible eating prevents fat from accumulating on your muscles. However some people have specific problem spots-arms, thighs, love-ha
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Fitness - Keeping Abreast
by Alien. These are to firm up your pectoral muscles - those muscles under your breasts. Here again, you don't need ankle weights. Only your dumbbells.General: Start with one set of five
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Fitness - Back to your Future
by Alien. We've already spoken about how you can prevent back problems by improving your posture and doing abdominals. The exercises given below will strengthen your back muscles and also give your
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Fitness - Thoughts - Suggestions and Mind-setters
by Alien. The most exciting part about the fitness match is that anyone and everybody can participate in it. You can be of any age, belong to any sex, be endowed with any kind of build... Nobody can
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Fitness Cuts Down Fat Bills
by Alien. Incidentally, fat grows more from underdoing than from overeating. Scientific studies at universities all over the world show that it is almost a universal phenomenon - most people, stout o
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Fitness - Rebuild your Body Temple
by Alien. The first tiny step is to rebuild our body temple. Strengthen those muscles that act as pillars. And we'll find the verses of our scriptures singing through us ?mantras to the god within
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Fitness - Dont Keep Up With Yesterday
by Alien. Some time ago, we met a fitness freak.. If the description suggests a woman who exercises all day long, forget it. She is a compulsive reader of fitness. Books, pamphlets, magazines - anyth
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Fitness - Mantras of Motivation
by Alien. Fitness is a friendWhy do people procrastinate when it comes to exercising? Why is there this kind of an intuitive resistance towards a perfectly innocent activity? Over the yea
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Your Fitness Milestones
by Alien. Like finishing in the first five, most of us have exercised at least once in our lives. But like education, exercise too shows long-term benefits if one goes about it regularly, diligently.
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Fitness - the Mystique of Metabolism
by Alien. Blood vessels play an important role in metabolism too. You must have read this mystical word - metabolism - in almost any fitness article or book. What does it mean? It means transformatio
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Fitness - Happy Haemoglobin
by Alien. Interestingly, aerobic training also increases the haemoglobin in your blood which means you will have more red blood cells. After all, even if your lungs can process more oxygen, they need
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Fitness - Key to Survey
by Alien. Enter the date of the first test at the top and the results of each activity beneath the heading: FIRST SURVEY.Take your second test three months later and enter the date as als
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Fitness - Know yourself
by Alien. "You've not exercised unless you've exerted yourself to the point of sweating and panting." It was one of those careless, over-the-shoulder remarks thrown at a cocktail party by a self-
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Fitness - your Smart Cells Clock
by Alien. You could have learnt at your grandmother's knee that a healthy body is one that gathers food, digests what it requires and throws out the waste. It is a simple philosophy drawn from commo
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