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Your Fitness Lifestyle in a Nutshell
by Alien. The idea is that you should have in your corner, a certain minimum level of fitness for the daily requirements of life. And, if you have taken heed and acted on it, you are already - or wel
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Why Fitness is a Lifestyle not a Diet
by Zach Hunt. Have you ever been on a restricted eating plan? I'm willing to bet you have, and I have a hunch that at some point you terminated that diet. Any mention of diet to most people brings up thoughts like: restriction, boring and horrifying.Why I ask? Wh...
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Fitness - your Body Can Sprout With Energy
by Alien. For years you have been eating pulses such as moong, chowli, channa, masur, etc. You probably soak them overnight in water before cooking them the next day. It is a good practice because so
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Fitness - your Inner Song
by Alien. We have read several fitness books and articles. Every one of them lays great emphasis on physical fitness through exercise and sensible eating, but none of them has yet explored one more d
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The Three Little Bowls of Fitness
by Alien. You may not realise it, but you are privileged because you have the choice. And it is up to you whether you want to be in control of your health and life by making the right choice. Even if
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Fitness - you are your Own Role Model
by Alien. However, a poor self-image is not the domain of fat people alone. There are millions of people of all shapes and size who suffer from the same syndrome. Fat or thin, they are victims of the
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Fitness - Discover yourself
by Alien. Be number one with yourselfToday, television screens dish up sports bacon sizzling hot. Speed merchants zip across on winged feet. Tennis tycoons serve aces with pungent power.
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Fitness - Built for Action
by Alien. Consider: the Stone Age is now thousands of years back in the past. With every passing era, early man took changing centuries in his stride. Like all animals, he was created to be on his fe
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Fitness - the I Can Philosophy
by Alien. Newton watched an apple fall from the tree and discovered the law of gravity. Fitness, too, has its foundation rooted in such observations. Our rishis were not merely sadhus, lost to the wo
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Exercise Fitness Requires More than a Gym Membership
by Landa Marsili. As we come close to yet another new year all those who have decided to finally commit toregular exercise and stay fit raise your hands. Wow, that is a lot of people!That's great! Now, how about a gym membership, that sounds like the way to go right?...
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Fitness Walking
by Beatrice Stephenson. Many people prefer fitness walking before going to the gym or doing work out classes. But is it really an effective way to get fit and lose weight or even cellulite? Could it be as good as going to the gym?Well, the simple answer is; yes it can. If ...
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Fitness Exercise Tips
by meeinter. You wouldn't know it by looking at Americans, but life is much more enjoyable if you're healthy and in good shape. What; you don't believe me? Okay, allow me to elaborate. When you're in great shape, you're able to function easier. This is because y...
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Why is Fitness Motivation Important?
by Adrian Alexa. You go to the gym every day because of two common reasons in most cases: either you really want to lose weight or you want to keep your achieved weight the same. Either ways, it is a process of ''I need to'' and not ''I like to''. And what is re...
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Fitness Made Simple: Push Ups
by Jerry Leung. Push up exercise is a well known exercise. And it should be around for hundreds of years. Although this is only a traditional exercise, it does not mean that it is not something that is good for your health.As we all are aware, the exercise is very ...
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Fitness Made Simple: Squat Thrusts
by Jerry Leung. You may have already been doing some push ups and site-ups. They are in fact excellent for your body and health. What is even better is that they are very simple and you can even perform them at home. However, you will need some more exercise if you...
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Fitness Made Simple: Sit-Ups
by Jerry Leung. You may be well aware of the importance of doing exercises. It is important in order to keep your body healthy. However, you may find that you do not have time to do exercises. In fact, there are some exercises that can be done easily.It is even mor...
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HIIT Your Fitness Peak by Summer
by Bill Mann. This year is going to be different. This year, you're determined to be fit and buff by summer. But how? How can you hiit your peak in just a few months? You don't have time for endless cardio, and it doesn't seem to work for you any more anyway. Hou...
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Senior Fitness: Wisdom Goes Beyond Information
by Peter Woronoff. When you reach a certain age, you actually have gathered some wisdom. You know there is ample information and you know that although information is essential, it is not enough. Being able to put what you know together into successful practice is ...
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Fitness Supplements
by Sharon Price. The health conscious population of today looks for means of working to achieve a perfect body that is fit and healthy. This is possible by following a daily routine of exercise and diet, and some fitness supplements. It is not a must to take a fitne...
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