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What I Know and Rember About Baseball - My Experience
by Mitchell Dowdy. In the mid 70's growing up in East Tacoma, not the best neighborhood and not quite the worst, there was little to do for a boy whose lot in life was to stay at home with his older s
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What I Know and Rember About Baseball - Glove Selection
by Mitchell Dowdy. With current players; Gloves are designed to last 1 season. $50 - $75 of annual frustration. The love of the glove is not the same. Disposable tool for a generation proclaiming recyc
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What I Know and Rember About Baseball - Game Ready Gloves
by Mitchell Dowdy. Game Ready Baseball Gloves? Hey Dad! You know what's best, don't let your children make the decisionSoft and not durable leathers, pigskin being the most popular. Offer
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A Little About Baseball History
by Keith Kingston. There is evidence to suggest that in terms of baseball history, people played games that involved a stick and a ball, right back to the early days of civilization. Ancient cultures in Persia, Egypt, and Greece played ball and stick games for recreat...
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