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Comparing the Ratings of Different Elliptical Trainers
by Gregg Hall. Ratings for elliptical trainers are not a one-size-fits-all sort of standard. Ratings can tell you which of these machines are right for you based on your fitness level and the features that you are most interested in having. There are many source...
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How Smooth Elliptical Trainers Offer Superior Built In Value
by Gregg Hall. Smooth Fitness makes one of the most cost-efficient elliptical trainers on the market. It is called the Smooth elliptical trainer, and its internet sales are through the roof. While many people choose Smooth elliptical trainers for their relativel...
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How You Can Save Money With Smooth Elliptical Trainers
by Gregg Hall. Smooth elliptical trainers, made by Smooth Fitness, can save you money over other exercise machines that are available. They have a reasonable cost, at under $2000, while others cost $3000 and up. The cheaper ones are not even worth the small pric...
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Getting The Features You Need on Elliptical Trainers
by Gregg Hall. When you get ready to buy an elliptical cross trainer, you will find that there are many different features available. You may have to choose an elliptical cross trainer that has only some of the features you want, unless you find one decked out ju...
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How to Compare Elliptical Trainers
by Vienna Miller. If you're buying an elliptical, you'll want to make several elliptical comparisons and get the best deal. Enter the Internet. With the knowledge you can find online, buyers can get a much better deal than they used to get at their local department ...
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The Elliptical Vs Treadmill Debate
by Muna wa Wanjiru. The world of aerobics, fitness and gym has evolved incredibly over the last thirty years, if we consider the 70s we can notice that back then only a few hospitals had equipment designed
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What is an Elliptical Trainer and Should you Use It?
by Jess Harley. Copyright (c) 2007 Jess HarleyElliptical trainers are among the most popular gym equipment. It is like having two exercise machines in one because it combines the movements of a stair climber with those of the exercise bike to give you an excellent...
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Whats the Best Elliptical Trainer For You?
by Trevor Mulholland.Say you're starting a diet-and-exercise regimen, and your therapist or personal trainer recommends that you include cardio exercises in that regimen. You should know right off that one of the best exercise machines you can get specifically for the pu...
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Elliptical Buying Guide
by Kathryn Oneill.Elliptical trainers are ideal if you're looking for a total body workout that burns maximum amount of calories in the least amount of time. They also provide a very low impact workout which makes them great for any exerciser including those with kne...
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Elliptical Trainer Prices - What To Know Before You Buy
by Kathryn Oneill.One of the first things people look for when buying an elliptical trainer is price. When shopping, it helps to know the 3 main price categories of elliptical machines and what you can expect to find in each price range. This will help you decide ex...
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Precor Elliptical Trainer Review
by Vienna Miller.One of the most popular elliptical trainers today is the Precor model. Precor introduced the very first elliptical trainer back in 1995 with their Precor EFX elliptical. They are one of the top manufacturers of elliptical trainers today.However, st...
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Buying Your Elliptical Trainer
by Vienna Miller.Buying an elliptical trainer? Elliptical cross trainers provide some unique aerobic benefits and are quickly becoming 'the' fitness machine to own. Here's a brief elliptical review of what to know before you buy: What is an elliptical trainer? An el...
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Should You Get a Rear or Front Drive Diamondback Elliptical?
by Trevor Mulholland.Diamondback has been in the business of making exercise machines, primarily stationary bikes, for quite a while now. Their elliptical machines are lesser known, but can boast of the same quality that satisfied users nationwide have come to recognize ...
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Linex Elliptical Trainers Are a Good Choice
by Babsgallegos.A fun and safe exercise machine to use is a Linex elliptical trainer. It can benefit your fitness level by giving you a good variety of exercises and can help to tone your body. The benefits that this machine offers are unique and you will not find i...
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