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Basic Tennis
by Nicholas Tan. The net attack is the heavy artillery of tennis. It is supposed to crush all defence. As such it must be regarded as a point-winning stroke at all times, no matter whether the shot is vo
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Basic Rules of Tennis
by Nicholas Tan. Singles, the greatest strain in tennis, is the game for two players. It is in this phase of the game that the personal equation reaches its crest of importance. This is the game of indiv
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Basic Tennis Tips
by Nicholas Tan. The forehand drive is the opening of every offensive in tennis, and, as such, should be most carefully studied. There are certain rules of footwork that apply to all shots. To reach a ba
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Basic Tennis Drills
by Nicholas Tan. Service is the opening gun of tennis. It is putting the ball in play. The old idea was that service should never be more than merely the beginning of a rally. With the rise of American t
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Basic Tennis Techniques
by Nicholas Tan. Footwork is weight control. It is correct body position for strokes, and out of it all strokes should grow. In explaining the various forms of stroke and footwork I am writing as a right
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Basic Tennis Instruction
by Nicholas Tan. GENERAL TENNIS PSYCHOLOGY. Tennis psychology is nothing more than understanding the workings of your opponent's mind, and gauging the effect of your own game on his mental v
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Basic Tennis Lesson
by Nicholas Tan. Chop stroke.------------ In Tennis, a chop stroke is a shot where the angle towards the player and behind the racquet, made by the line of flight of the ball, and
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Some Of The Basics You Should Know To Coach Tennis
by Gregg Hall. Tennis is a very unique game and has its own personality. It is certainly a more individualized sport and one that requires great strength, durability, and grace all combined into one. First, before you make a solid commitment to either play or coac...
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Basic Strokes Of Table Tennis
by Alexis Gibrault. Table Tennis or Ping Pong is a lot like tennis, but played indoors and with smaller more specialized rackets (called paddles in table tennis). Most of us have played it at rec halls or in the basements of our family's homes...but few of us actually ...
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Basic Grips Of Table Tennis: How To Hold Your Paddle
by Alexis Gibrault. The sport of table tennis or ping pong, is a fun indoor sport for 2 or 4 people. On a casual level, families might have a ping pong table in their family rec room or basement, much like a pool or foosball table; but few know how to play table tennis...
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Best Tables For Table Tennis Or Ping Pong
by Alexis Gibrault. Table tennis can be a really fun sport...whether on the patio on a beautiful summer afternoon or in your family's basement for some friendly after-dinner competition. If you're trying to decide upon on a new ping pong table, there is a lot to consid...
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Advice For Any Tennis Player
by Jimmy Cox. It will be helpful to players of all standards to read and take heed of the following advice. Every game can be improved!Advice To PlayersA. For beginners in tennis1. Learn the correct strokes and stick to them.2. Practise against a backboard eve...
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The Stars Show Up for the Australian Tennis Open in 2008
by David Horne. The Australian summer tennis series is upon us once again. For most players the Australian Open is one of the toughest tournaments of the year due to several factors.First of all many players use the last month of the year to take a break from the t...
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Tennis Lesson Tips - The Perfect Swing
by Matthew Hick. There are a lot of things to learn when taking up tennis, but one of the main fundamentals that must be taught is how to swing. Perfecting your swing may make the difference between being able to handle yourself on the court, and never quite learnin...
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Tennis Lessons Coach - Select The Right Teacher
by Matthew Hick. Tennis is a great sport that offers even those with little sporting aptitude to excel in a way that keeps them physically fit and active. Learning to play tennis can be the beginning of a lifelong appreciation for physical exercise and the outdoors....
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Playing Tennis Regularly Will Improve Fitness
by Jim Brown. Many people have found that playing tennis regularly will allow them to develop a fit body and have fun at the same time. Tennis is a game that two people can enjoy at anytime, but most people prefer to visit a tennis center to play the game because...
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Tennis Is A Worldly Game
by Jim Brown. People all over the world have a lot of fun playing tennis because it is such a competitive sport that can be shared by family and friends. Some people like it so much that they choose to play it professionally and earn a good income doing so. Some ...
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Learning To Play Tennis
by James Brown. Most people begin to learn how to play tennis by watching tennis matches on television. They will learn about the scoring system used in the tennis matches and learn how to differentiate between one tennis racquet brand and another. Over time, they ...
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History of Tennis - Traditional Sport
by Matthew Hick. Tennis has a long-standing history steeped in tradition. Yet, there are two main events that seemed to set the sport apart from any other in the hearts and minds of those who enjoy watching and playing it.One was the invention-vulcanized rubber that...
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A Day At The Tennis Court
by Jim Brown. Spending the day on a tennis court will mean people will be having a day filled with a lot of laughs and a lot of fun. This is because everyone has a good time playing a game of tennis and spending some time talking to friends during each game that ...
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Playing Tennis To Make New Friends
by Jim Brown. People from all over the world like to play tennis for a lot of different reasons. Some like to play tennis everyday to get exercise so that they will remain in good health. Other tennis players simply need something to occupy their time and think t...
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Children Learning To Play Tennis
by Jim Brown. Everybody loves to play the game of tennis, but not everybody knows the rules for playing the game. Other than seeing a game of tennis being played on television, some people have no idea about how the game of tennis is played. They do know that the...
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Tennis Elbow - Injury Treatment Information and Advice
by Matthew Hick. Tennis elbow can be a painful debilitation soft tissue injury that affects more than your ability to play. The best way to treat tennis elbow is by using the R.I.C.E.R. treatment:Rest:Resting any injury is essential before beginning a more intensive...
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How To Play Tennis - Tennis Introduction
by Matthew Hick. Always wanted to learn how to play tennis, but have no idea where to begin? The best way to learn is to take a few classes or find a friend who knows how to play and hit the courts. But, if you're afraid of looking like a novice, look over these bas...
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Tennis Racket Equipment - Tips to Choose The Best Racquets
by Matthew Hick. In order to play the best game you can, you must have the right equipment. Of course, your racquet is the most important piece of tennis equipment you will ever buy.Tennis racquets are divided into three main categories:Power racquets - which are mo...
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