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Wine Making - What Ingredients
by John Gygax. WaterIt is essential that all water used in making wine be pure and wholesome. It doesn't seem to matter if the water is hard or soft; at least, no significant difference has ever been noted. There is a body of opinion in favour of using boiled wate...
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Ingredients in Wine Making
by John Gygax. SugarMost winemakers use ordinary white granulated sugar, since this is still the least expensive, the most convenient and the best. Soft brown sugar may be used in the making of Madeira type wines to produce a caramel taste akin to the madeira flav...
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Wine Making Ingredients
by John Gygax. AcidAcidity in a must has been described as the cornerstone upon which flavours are built. Without sufficient acid a wine tastes medicinal, will not ferment well, is prone to infection, will not keep and lacks balance.The common acids found in fruit...
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Ingredients for Wine Making
by John Gygax. YeastIt is little more than 100 years ago that Louis Pasteur proved that yeast cells cause fermentation.Bread leaven was known long before the birth of Christ, and ale yeast too. Throughout the centuries it was used without knowing how it worked or ...
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How To Fillet Salmon
by Michael Sheridan. I learned to fillet fish, including salmon, in a very busy restaurant in Cherbourg, Normandy, where the required rate was something like one whole fish every 10 seconds, including gutting and cleaning.We used razor sharp filleting knives that were k...
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Essential Disposable Bbq Cookout Tips
by Barbecue Smoker Recipe Man. Not so many moons ago I wrote an article entitled "How To Have The Perfect Barbecue" in which I lambasted most of my friends for burning food on the BBQ and shared my essential tips for ensuring a perfect barbecue every time. An alternative way to p...
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Top 15 Amazing Camping Cooking Tips
by Nicole Munoz. For some campers, camp cooking is one of the most exciting activities in a camping vacation. The thrill of putting up a menu of different sumptuous meals, of putting together ingredients, of smelling the sweet aroma of meat, seasonings and vegetable...
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What a Basketball Player Should Eat
by Jason Richards. A basketball player should eat healthy not just for the game but for his overall health. But since the sport burns a lot of energy, players should eat more foods that contain the right nutrients that will give him the energy to sustain his fuel requ...
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The Importance of A Swimmers Nutrition
by Brue Baker. Swimming is one of the most challenging endurance sports on the planet. If you don't believe me get in a pool and swim a couple of laps as fast as you can. Are you tired yet? Make sure you swim close to the edge of the pool so you can latch on when ...
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Bcaa - Branched Chain Amino Acids
by Mike Boone. BCAA or branched chain amino acids are a group of essential amino acids that are absolutely vital to the proper health and functioning of skeletal muscle. The three branched chain amino acids are Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. The three branched c...

What About Saying No to Gmo? Well, Should We Say No?
by Paul Phillips. The one-worded answer is YES!However, should I or we say no to GMO?Quite simply, in a word 'YES!Here are the three reasons why I would advise people to

Protein Burns Calories and Wont Make You Hungry Easily
by Jayson Hunter. There is a nutrient out there that not only burns more calories than the other nutrients, but it also causes you to eat less overall calories. This one nutrient is superior to other nutrients when it comes to fat burning and getting you into that m...
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Green Tea Side Effects
by Richard Adams. Before we go any further, I should say that I have been happily enjoying green tea for several months now and have yet to experience any negative side effects, but it's only fair that I mention there *are* some possibilities.In this article we're go...
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Emotional Medication of Food
by Cathy Wilson. When you have a headache, you take an over-the-counter pain relief medication. If you have an uncomfortable emotion, do you take the relief self-medication of emo
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Stargate Nutrition Glycophos - a Revolution in Sports Drinks
by Ralph Quinlan Forde. StarGate Nutrition GLYCO-PHOS WITH CREATINE AND RIBOSEThe sports drink market in the US alone is now worth a whapping $4 billion. Enetring into this market is a new pro
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The Negative Calorie Diet Soup Recipe
by Troy Morrow. The Negative Calorie Diet ReviewThe problem of overweight and obesity is affecting millions of people in our society. Eating unhealthy foods has resulted in unwanted weight gain. However t...
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Food Storage
by Kamyar Shah. My mother does not know how to make adjustments; especially when it comes to food. She had eight kids and is accustomed to food shopping for 10, which includes her and my dad. But everyone has flown the coupe, and still she food shops for eight hung...
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What you Eat is What your Are.... Fat or Lean?
by Matt Shuebrook. Your calories is going to depend on your weight and your activity level. Now the question that you need to get an answer for is this:Of the calories that you will be c

Coffee - Tastes From Around The World
by Wesley Johnson. The world loves coffee, but people show it in different ways. When a person walks into a coffee store in the US, the options may initially seem overwhelming. However, if all coffee styles from many nations around the world were also available in tho...
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Historical Facts About Thanksgiving Turkey
by Sean Carter.Prominent among all the symbols of Thanksgiving the turkey adorns the dining table of all Americans. As far as its nativity goes, the wild turkey is a native of North Mexico and the Eastern United States. People have the misconception that the bird b...
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Fathers Day June 15th
by jane hewitt.It’s time to start getting creative to mark a very special day in the calendar! Fathers’ Day is just weeks away – Sunday 15th June. Card Making enthusiasts are already planning how to make their Father feel very special by the givin...
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Aunt Vidas Wonderful Chocolate Pie!
by Sharecropperbob.Christmas' past, growing up in Northern Alabama, I remember that the holiday season was always the most joyous time of the year, made all the more sweeter by cookies, cakes and pies baked by my mother and her younger sister, Vida.The world around us,...
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Roy Rogers Cap Pistols and German Chocolate Cake!
by Sharecropperbob.I remember one special Christmas morning, when dad and mother yawningly turned the Christmas tree lights on in the corner of the living room, illuminating all the wonders that Santa had brought the night before. This was before television and comput...
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Nurturing Your Mom on Mothers Day with More Than Chocolates
by Rlichtman.Sending flowers, candy and greeting cards are de rigueur for mom on Mother's Day but, as members of the Sandwich Generation, you recognize that what your aging mother really wants on her special day is to feel nurtured. Ellie's mother, who had been ...
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New England Clambake - A Treasure From The Sea
by Pfmmg2.A New England clambake is a great tradition that has been handed down for thousand and thousands of years. Everyone who savors the conventional method of preparing sea food such as lobsters, mussels, crabs and clams, will definitely love clambake on ...
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