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How Exercise Decreases the Risk of Age-Related Conditions
by Peter Woronoff. It is not my age, it is my attitude, says 82 years young, Lillian Brownlee.The senior population continues to grow. In the not too distant future, millions of baby boomers will retire. This aging of a large population has encouraged medical practiti...
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Popular Kids Exercise Video
by Vikram Singh Chadha. Children from all around the country are working out to new 'DanceX for Kids', a fun dance exercise video for Kids with fun workout moves. Dance Exercise For Kids Vi
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Post-Exercise Pulse Measurements Provide Low Estimates
by Dick Moss. It is common practice for exercisers to take their heart rate after a bout of exercise. Whether running a track interval or performing an aerobics routine, this method is frequently used to monitor the intensity of exercise. If you are part of an ex...
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Reasons Why You Should Exercise
by April Kerr. We often think that fitness is very trendy and all the pop and Hollywood stars are getting in on the act of yoga, pilates and spinning. But the truth is that exercise has been a part of many people's daily routine for many thousands of years. Aris...
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Exercise: the Importance of Working your Core Muscle
by Nicholas Tan. Suppose that at a distance you see a short, stooped figure walking with short, slow steps. Most likely, you will conclude that the person is old. The hunched posture gives you the clue.
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Bowflex Exercises - No Weights, Just Rubber Bands!
by Kenneth Scott. Given our sedentary lifestyles today, it is important for all of us to find time to exercise. Exercising regularly is an important activity that goes a long way to ensure that we retain our health for a long time. Many people, especially Americans, ...
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Most Effective Butt Exercise - Lunges Technique
by Yip See Kit. According to the research done by American Council on Exercise (ACE), one of the most effective exercises in working the Butt or the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and the hamstring is the lunges. The Lunge is also a very effective exercise for th...
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Why Children Should Exercise
by Yip See Kit. When a few parents gather to talk about their children, one of the most frequently discussed topic is to compare the best tuition center available. This is not surprising as with the raise in education standard and high competitiveness in today stu...
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Pregnancy - Exercise After Pregnancy
by Kaushik Das. Generally most women can begin a formal exercise program within 6 weeks of giving birth, though this time frame might be slightly longer for some women, including those recovering from a C-section. Most women recovering from a C-section will be able...
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Get Rid of Cellulite Exercises
by Sven Ullmann. For some reason it seem that women are more prone to cellulite then men, or maybe it is just that we notice it more, or complain about it more. For those that are lucky enough to not know what it is, cellulite is the trapped fat that us unlucky peop...
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Bad Weather? Dont Let it Spoil your Exercise
by Lance Davidson. A fold up treadmill can make exercising convenient. When you can't get outside because of your schedule or the weather, your trusty treadmill is always there for you. They are space savers as well, folding up to half their original size and easy to ...
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Walk For Exercise-No Sweat Required
by Albert Alexander. Exercise is just downright good for you. If you name any random 10 medical conditions and diseases, I'm willing to bet money that some form of frequent exercise is a good treatment or preventative measure for at least 9 of them. Diet and exercise ...
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The 2 Absolute Best Exercises to Increase Vertical Leap
by Luke Johnstone. Forget all the confusion about complex training regimes to increase vertical leap. Let's get to back to basics. Athletes with the biggest vertical leaps are as strong as hell!
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Could This Be The Best Vertical Jump Exercise?
by Karin Manning. Athletes often wonder what is the most important exercise to increase vertical jump. In this article I'm going to discuss one vertical jump exercise that is considered by some to be the single most important exercise for increasing your leap. These ...
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Vertical Jump Exercises to Improve Your Vertical Jump
by Karin Manning. There are many exercise workout programs available to help you increase your vertical jump. This article will discuss an explosive but simple 5 minute workout to improve vertical jump. In order to correctly perform knee raises which is actually an a...
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Vertical Jump Power Exercises
by Karin Manning. Advanced vertical jump training exercises are a faster method for athletes to increase and improve their vertical jump. This article will discuss some advanced training exercises that give faster results. If you have been doing jump exercises for a ...
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Optimize Your Vertical Jump Potential With Upper Body Exercises
by Karin Manning. Many athletes mistakenly believe that the best way to increase vertical jump is by focusing their vertical exercises specifically for the legs. However, if you are not performing any exercises targeting your upper body then you are allowing your upp...
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Choose The Correct Exercise Attire
by Alan Richardson. In a sports clothing speciality shop you'll be surprised at the amazing variety of different clothing available for different sporting tastes. Specific sporting clothes for golf, fitness exercise, equestrian and yoga are very much available. The clo...
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Benefits of Exercise - Reduce Stress With Exercise
by Alien. With the way everyday life can be at times, it seems we all get stressed out during much of our day. Of course, we also know how damaging stress can be on our bodies. Perhaps it's time to
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Lower Stomach Exercises
by Bodybuilding Trainer. An important and sometimes neglected step in stomach exercise routines is isolating particular muscles within the abdominal group. One such set of muscles which needs isolation in order to be exercised properly are the muscles in the lower stomach. ...
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Exercises With Resistance Bands Better Then Free Weights?
by D Fraser. Exercises with resistance bands provide all the workout of free weights, and more. How? The disadvantage of using free weights is that the majority of the work is done when you first begin moving the weight. By the time the motion is complete moment...
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The Gripstik Regimen and Wrist Exerciser Benefits
by Wrist Exercise. Who would think that 4 minutes a day a few days a week would make such a difference but the Gripstik Regimen only requires that. Specific movements using the gripstik can lead to vast improvements in strength and flexibility. Go to ...
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Making the Most Out of Home Exercise
by Martin Lukac. If you do not exercise several times each week you could find yourself in a pretty dire situation later in life. By exercising regularly, either at the gym or at home, you can keep things like heart disease at bay and even help to prevent things lik...
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Why you Shouldnt be Using These Exercises in the Gym
by Gary Matthews. Have you ever imagined using potentially dangerous exercises in your workout? You have to be very careful with strength training equipment because it may not be the most effective or
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4 Things to be Weary of When Diet or Exercise Shopping
by Tom Rooney. The diet and exercise fad is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. There are new products that are released to the public each day.  You may have the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) as
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