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Transparent Cricket Player Selection System
by Vineet Raj Kapoor.1. Lay a point based transparent system for Indian team's player selection2. Lay a point based transparent system for Probables for the Indian team3. Lay a point based transparent system for Deselection of players (for dropping non-performing players...
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Indian cricket players
by Vineet Raj Kapoor.Taking a tough stand in the wake of India's World Cup debacle, the BCCI on Saturday scrapped the players' contract system and reverted to payment of match fees, including bonus for every series win.Previous contract system had three grades. * Seni...
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Why do the English love cricket?
by Keith Barrett.It's not surprising that so many people can't see what all the fuss is about when it comes to cricket. Any sport in which two teams can compete for 5 days and still fail to produce a winner does not look likely to ever have much of a worldwide appeal...
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The dart games of Cricket and 501
by Steve Porter.When it comes to dart games, there are lots to choose from. 501 and its little brother 301 are probably the most played games along with cricket. There are different rule variations for these games as well, depending where you are in the world. One o...
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Cricket - An English game
by Marcia Henin.Cricket is the passion of all Brits. Playing cricket has been a well-known tradition in all English homes from the beginning of 18th century. English cricket was a part of leisure as well as English tea; playing it was considered a status of symbol, ...
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People Against Bikini Dance Cricket in Ipl
by Shantanu Sengupta.Outrage in India over the IPL Cheerleaderswho entertain the crowd with their dance and glamour throughout thematch. Cheerleaders are very common in Western countries. However, theyare being used in India, probably for the first time. BCCI hadintrodu...
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