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Holiday Health: Give Get-Fit Gifts
Topic : Healthy Holiday Gifts : Holiday Health & Healthy Holidays
by Louise Roach.‘Tis the season to celebrate -- and a time to eat! Most of us gain a few pounds during the holiday season. With family dinners, holiday parties and gift baskets loaded with goodies, who thinks of sta...
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The Highway to Health - Bumped Heads
by Tony Howarth.I recently had a reader send me this comment: "As a full-time dad I have to deal with just about every minor illness my two children pickup, everything from a bump on the head to chicken pox. I found...
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6 Ways to Eat More Healthfully
Topic : Eat Healthy & Eating Healthy : Eat More Heathfully
by Kim Beardsmore.With so much 'diet advice' around today it is little wonder if you feel somewhat confused. Whether you are wanting to lose weight, maintain your weight or help your family eat more healthfully....the...
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The Highway to Health - Blood Pressure
Topic : Blood Pressure & High Blood Pressure : Blood Pressure Monitors
by Tony Howarth.What is... Blood Pressure? A free report from www.TheHighwayToHealth.com. (This article is an extract of the full PDF available at the above URL.) * What's wrong with high blood pressure?* High bloo...
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Health Thoughts Living on the Health Minimum Wage?
by Nick James.Random thoughts taken from valuable sources, what many nutrition experts consider to be the most important nutrients and health habits a person should have to help them stay healthy long term. We wou...
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Minimum Health or Maximum Health? That is the Question!
Topic : Minimum Health & Maximum Health : That Is The Question
by Nick James.Picture yourself in one of the following scenarios. You're cruising along in your new car by the ocean or in the mountains near the ski lodge, or just a leisurely drive through a beautiful forest or...
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Complementary Therapy The Route To Better Back Health
Topic : Better Health & A Better Health : Complementary Therapy
by Steve Preston.Find Out How to Reduce and Eliminate Chronic Back Pain Using Non-Traditional Therapy Complementary therapy is concerned with health and wellness from a mind, body and spirit approach. As a past suffe...
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Health News From Hurricane Beaten Florida
Topic : Health New & Health News : Hurricane Tropical Storm
by Kevin Thompson.The hurricanes have been beating Florida to a pulp and causing untold property damage in that area of the country. I have two good friends who live in the Tampa area, so I’ve been calling down there ...
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How To Rid Your Home Of The Nations #1 Health Menace
Topic : Health Menace & Home Of Nation
by Kevin Thompson.With today’s new building procedures, our homes are more dangerous than ever before! Scientific evidence now shows that the air inside our homes is 2-5 times more polluted than the air outside. And ...
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Mosquitoes Are a Hazard to Your Pets Health Too
Topic : Hazard to Health & Pets Hazard : Control Of Substances Hazardous To Health
by Scottie Johnson.None of us likes to be bitten by mosquitoes and sometimes it is easy to forget that our pets suffer from mosquito bites too. Mosquitoes feed on blood, and they will take it where they can find it. On...
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How Journaling Can Positively Impact Your Physical Health
by Patti Testerman.According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, writing about stressful life events helped reduce symptoms of asthma and rheumatoid arthritis in patients with these chronic illnesses. T...
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The Tibetan Health Secret
by Paul Brelin.It seems as if the health of America is failing. One million Americans will die of circulatory disease this year. Six hundred thousand lives will be cut short by cancer as well. How did we get in ...
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Can calcium aid in boosting you health?
by Mike Yeager.A popular mineral today, coral calcium, is mainly calcium, but is also abundant in many trace sea minerals. Some people consider coral calcium to be nature's purest calcium supplement. Harvested from...
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America Health Watch
by Daryl Dudley.America loves fast food. Last year, consumers spent billions of dollars on the hamburger industry alone. Corporate giants such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King all boast of multi-million dolla...
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Build Health: Cut Through The Calcium Hype
by William R. Quesnell.The initial success of penicillin generated an assumption which has stuck with us as a cultural belief in the Quick Technological Fix. That assumption is: A single variable can be divided out from al...
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Build Health: Initiate A Health Strategy Makeover
by William R. Quesnell.My mother-in-law, a widow of a doctor, recently died. The way she exited was a nightmare. This was because her health strategy produced a lousy result. Shortly before passing away, she had a colostom...
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Build Health: Go To School On Suzanne Sommers Misfortune
by William R. Quesnell.Did you see the Larry King Live show where Suzanne Sommers informed us she was a victim of breast cancer? Until then the butt-mastering, thigh-mastering Ms. Sommers was thought to be a model of good ...
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Setting Up Your Office For "Health"
by Dr. Loretta Lanphier, ND, CCN, HHP.If you work and are spending one third to one half of your day in an office setting then your surroundings there are as important as those in your home. Although we usually have little control over t...
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Achieving Optimum Health
by Tim Ong."Optimum health is not just the absence of disease but the presence of wellness in mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and social areas. Some would also include financial health." Introduction Op...
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Discount Health Plans: Filling The Gap
by Geoff Caplan.NEWS FROM MEDPRIME... DISCOUNT HEALTH PLANS: FILLING THE GAP The health insurance crisis is growing in severity. With current estimates that 15.2 percent of the population, or 43.6 million people are...
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Holistic Health
by G Kumar.Health is defined by the WHO as 'a state of physical, mental and social well-being, not merely an absence of diseases or infirmity'. Flexible adjustment to the changing demands of environment is hea...
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New Health Miracle -- Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil
by Bev Storer.“High-dose pharmaceutical-grade fish oil is as close to a medical miracle as we will see in the 21st century.” – Dr. Barry Sears Dr. Barry Sears revolutionized nutritional thinking around the world w...
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Potentially Life-Threatening Allergies
by News Canada.(NC)-Does this sound familiar? Your doctor has shown you how to use an auto-injector for adrenaline in the event of a severe allergy attack, but you are dreading the day it is needed. At the same ti...
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March is Family Eye Health Month
by ARA Content.From 6 months old to 106 years old - everyone needs an eye exam (ARA) - Almost 80 percent of preschool-aged children never have an eye exam. And many vision screenings in school don't test for commo...
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Gift of Health
by Jeanne Perciaccanto.People want to get the very best they can when purchasing anything. They research all of the alternatives and select what they feel is the best suited for their needs whether a car, washer/dryer or ...
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