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Male Enhancement
by Dr. Michael Rodriguez, M.D..The topic of male enhancement is often considered a highly personal matter, one of which numerous men have difficulty talking about. There is no doubt that there are many men who wish to enjoy a mor...
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How to Erect Longer and Harder Naturally
We love to experience these long and enjoyable love making experiences that will blow our minds. 4 simple tips to stay hard for round 2
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Increase Semen Production Safely and Effectively
Topic : Increase Semen Production & Increasing Sperm Production
by Dr. Michael Rodriguez, M.D..The desire to increase semen production is common among men throughout world and the reasons are various; ranging from hopes of increased fertility to a desire for a more intense orgasmic experience....
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Overcoming the Torture of a Snoring Partner
Topic : Cure For Snoring & Snoring Cure : Snoring Remedy & Snoring Remedies
by Dr. Joseph J. Berke, M.D., Ph.D..Nothing is quite as frustrating as trying to sleep and hearing the guttural sounds of your loved one next to you snoring. It was supposed to be for better or for worse, but no one told you anything a...
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The Mysterious Dr.Atkins Death
by Dana Scripca.The spring fall Dr Atkins' death was extremely unexpected. On 8 April 2003, he fell on an icy street, lost his conscience and never recovered until his death, 9 days later. On 17 April 2003 medical s...
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Eating Outside Your Box
by Jackie Stanley.One way to combat the boredom many people complain accompanies eating healthy is to “eat outside your box,” by experimenting with new foods and cuisines and by challenging your long held notions abou...
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Whipped Shea Butter & Its Many Uses
Topic : Whipped Shea Butter & Uses Of Whipped Shea Butter
by Lisa Maliga.Shea butter, also referred to as karite, which means “life” has been used across the African continent for centuries. It hails from Central and Western Africa. It’s actually a nut fat, as it’s obta...
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Preventing Osteoporosis
Topic : Prevent Osteoporosis & Preventing Osteoporosis : How To Prevent Osteoporosis
by Kim Beardsmore .Why wait until you bones start breaking before you think about ensuring a healthy skeletal system? The good news is that if many of us with diet deficiencies which may have impacted our bone health, can improve our situation with a few lifestyle adju...
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Laughter, Why Its so Good for You
by Dianne Wandruff.For hundreds of years, we've known that 'Laughter is the best medicine'. Laughter makes you feel good for a reason. The physiological effects on your body are amazing. For example: Laughter reduc...

How to Benefit from The Mind-Body Connection
Topic : Mind Body Connection & Benefit Of Mind Connection : Body Connection
by David Snape.Dr. Bernie Siegel, author of "Love, Medicine and Miracles" was once a distraught surgeon who fretted over his inability to effectively serve his cancer patients. Dr. Siegel's recognition and growing ...
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Coping With Alopecia Areata
Topic : Alopecia Areata & Alopecia Areata Treatment : Coping With Alopecia Areata
by Richard Mitchell.Alopecia areata is a condition that is typified by patchy hair loss over the scalp or body. It comes in several forms ranging from a single patch to total body hair loss (alopecia universalis). Its c...
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Coping With Male Pattern Baldness
Topic : Baldness Cure & Cure For Baldness : Cures For Baldness
by Richard Mitchell.Androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness) is by far the most common cause of hair loss amongst men and a serious problem for many women. For it to develop, three important components must come in...
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Until Youve Walked the Path!
by Paul Shearstone.From the depths of despair to the heights of hope. That is the inspiring journey traveled by author Paul Shearstone in his new book Until You've Walked The Path. Shearstone, a successful business...
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How Would YOU React To Tragedy Like This?
by Kevin Thompson.The true story I’m about to share will have a profound impact on you, just as it did on me. One day a mother was in her kitchen doing the dishes, when through the window, out of the corner of her eye...
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One Woman’s Story of How Her Smile Increased Her Confidence
by Kathleen Gage.For one who takes pride in being involved with different community organizations, possessing a high level of confidence is essential. Especially when that involvement includes speaking to large and s...
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Global Dumbing?
Topic : Global Dumbing & Global Economic Growth : Global Issue
by Gary Whittaker.I am beginning to wonder if scientists have been getting it all wrong. All this time, people have been worried about the Ozone, or a giant asteroid, or some breakout of a bio-hazardous agent by a ter...
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Holistic Is Not A Four-Lettered Word
Topic : Holistic Health & Holistic Care : Holistic Medicine & Holistic Therapy
by Edgar Cisneros.If you*re anything like me, then you*ve got a certain picture in your mind of what *holistic* is supposed to be. For me, it*s conjured up pictures of holy men, or shaman, doing a ritual dance while c...
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Stress is a Killer…Will it get YOU?
Topic : Killer Stree & Stress Is A Killer : Manging Stress
by Dr. Rich Starr, PHD – Psychology.What good is Personal or Business Success...if your Health is in the pits ? Here*s a New and Original Stress Antidote...that really works...and works every time. Stress will Kill your good health ! ...
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Healthy Holiday Treats
Topic : Holiday Tips & Tips For Waistline : Tip On Your Waistline
by Dianne Villano.Halloween – so starts the Holiday Season. The average American gains 7-12 pounds between Halloween and New Year’s . The next series of articles will help you ensure that you won’t be among them. Firs...
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Alkaline pH in Your Body
Topic : Importance Of Alkaline Food & Alkaline Food : Alkaline Foods
by Andy Long.WHAT MOST PEOPLE DON’T REALIZE; WE ARE BIO ELECTRICAL ENGINES In order to accomplish all the many millions of complex functions that occur over the course of the day, your body has to be able to comm...
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Empower Your Shopping Experience
Topic : Shopping Experience & Your Shopping Experience : Shopping Experiences
by Antoinette Mc Donnell.Healthy living begins with healthy eating and healthy eating begins with healthy shopping... Regardless of what nutritional program you are following - whether it is low fat, no-sugar, low carbohydr...
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How to Feel Refreshed
Topic : Feeling Refresh & Taking On Life Challenge : The Easy Way
by Rayner Arthur.Sleep Deprivation is an insidious problem that is spreading among populations young and old alike. Though an occasional bout of insomnia is quite normal, chronic sleep deprivation can lead to seriou...
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Why haven’t you been told about the AMAS Test?
Topic : AMAS Test & What Is AMAS Test
by Lee Cummings.With all the media talk about prostate surgery vs. taking drugs for prostate problems, you would think those are your only two options. If information like this can save one more person from making ...
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The Top 10 Ways to Overcome Procrastination
Topic : Overcome Procrastination & Handling Procrastination : How Not To Procrastinate
by ADD Management Coach Jennifer Koretsky.When a person is bored or uninterested, certain tasks and projects can seem like torture! This feeling usually leads to procrastination, and procrastination often leads to guilt. Here are some practi...
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An ADD Case Study: When the Pace Picks Up, Learn to Slow Down
Topic : Learn to Quicken The Pace & Learn To Slow Down : Case Study
by ADD Management Coach Jennifer Koretsky.The fall season signals a shift in most people's minds. The summer is coming to a close, and it's back to school, work, and the other things that we haven't put as much effort into since Memorial Da...
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