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Why Does Stress Create Love Handle Body Fat?
by Keith Crovatt. Stress plays a major factor in creating body fat. The midsection is especially vulnerable to increased fat commonly referred to love handles. Stress affects the effectiveness of losing love handles and developing muscles in the abdominal region of...
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Understanding How to Train for Your Body Type
by Steve Hanson. Everyone's body is different, I am sure you will agree. All bodies look different, smell different, work different, move different, etc... Why would you train like someone who is genetically gifted to be a bodybuilder, if you are genetically gifted ...
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Keep Your Mind And Body Fit
by Teahupoo.Do you exercise? If not, it is truly important for both your physical health and your mental health. Yes, even your brain benefits from regular exercise. This is only one of many reasons why exercise is so important.Daily exercise is one of the large...
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Shaping Your Lower Body Using Stair Climbers
by Nbisea.Stair climbers have long been a mainstay piece of equipment in many home fitness centers. They are considered to be the third most popular choice in home exercise equipment that is available today. Stair steppers are simple to use since they simulate...
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The Cardio Body Building Fallacy
by Coachlomax.Most workout programs, in my opinion, are examples of cardio body building and are wrongly based on bodybuilder isolation movement exercises and marathoner extended aerobic training.This is NOT the path to optimum fitness excellence!The cardio body b...
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