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Girls-Only Snowboard Camps
Topic : Girls Snowboarding : Girls Snowboards & Snowboard Camp
by Jeremy Hier.Women who love to snowboard are commonly called snowboard girls. They love snowboarding freestyle, freeride, and freecarve. A great way for you snowboard girls to improve your skills quickly and have...
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Organize a Cat Skiing Trip, Ski at a Discount
by Lachlan Brown.What’s better than backcountry powder shared with a couple of good friends? What beats chasing your buddies through the trees, sharing great lines on open slopes and watching your mates “pop” off bum...
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Blind Skiers See the Light
by Stephen Michael Kerr.About three hours west of Denver lies Snow Mountain Ranch, one of the top cross-country ski centers in the United States. Known as the "YMCA of the Rockies", it boasts a large ski chalet and over 90...
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Snowcat Skiing: What Is It?
by Lachlan Brown.Backcountry skiers near Golden, British Columbia travel high into the Rocky Mountains in the warm comfort of snowcats. Traveling in groups of 12, lead by two qualified guides, skiers and snowboarders...
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Backcountry Skiing: Getting there can be Half the Fun
by Lachlan brown.Western Canada is a land of mountains, lakes and rivers. There are also deserts (yes, Walter, small deserts), huge forested plateaus and lush farmland, but mountains are a predominant feature. From t...
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Mission Impossible - Construction of a Backcountry Ski Lodge
by Lachlan Brown.How can a 9200sq.ft. ski lodge be built in just six months when it took over three months to finish your downstairs bathroom? Now, place the project at the 5250 ft elevation in the Canadian Rocky Mou...
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Five Life Skills for BackCountry Enjoyment
by Chuck Fitzgerald.As outdoor enthusiasts spend more and more time in our backcountry, a handful of skills become more and more essential. All of these skills are easy to learn and add considerably to the overall enjo...
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A Great Day of Cat Skiing
by Lachlan Brown.Snowcat skiing offers strong-intermediate and expert skiers the ultimate powder snow experience. Operators provide full-service guided tours into remote high-mountain regions. Powder snow and “fresh ...
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You to Can Ski Down Mount Everest
by Robin Shortt.Getting to the summit is optional, getting down is mandatory. - David Breashears- Extreme Skier Maegan Carney: Extreme skier Maegan Carney had made a bid to be the first woman, and second person to s...
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Backcountry Skiing for Intermediate Skiers
by Lachlan Brown.Snowcats have made backcountry skiing accessible to intermediate skiers. Backcountry skiing offers vast expanses of soft, consistent powder snow in remote and spectacular high-mountain settings. Oft...
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The Ultimate Skiing Experience.
by Lachlan Brown.For downhill skiers, “powder snow” provides the ultimate skiing experience. For most skiers however, good powder skiing is a short-lived and infrequent event. Ski areas in some geographic areas enj...
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Mountain Bike Skills You Need Before You Attempt Mountain Biking
by teahupoo.Anyone who knows how to ride a bicycle can enjoy mountain biking. There are some dangers to mountain biking, when it is compared to the standard bike ride. It is for this reason that mastering the following beginner mountain bike skills is a necessit...
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Beginner Mountain Bike Skills
by 25072911.Mountain biking is an exciting sport that can be enjoyed by anyone who knows how to ride a bike. Compared to the average bike ride, it does present some danger. Therefore, you should master these basic skills before you hit the trails or the dirt. Yo...
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Tennessee Bass Fishing - All Ages and Skill Levels
by Daniel Eggertsen. Bass fishing is a well-known sport that is enjoyed by anglers of all ages and skill levels. From the pro to the amateur bass fishing is done all over the United States and Tennessee is no exception. You will find some of the best bass fishing in the...
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Get Some Air Using Powerskips Stilts?
by Scott Wiseman. Jumping Stilts are also defined as Powerbocking is the act of jumping and running, much like a recreational pursuit in which participants traverse urban structure by running, jumping, vaulting, rolling (parkour), with elastic-like spring-loaded sti...

Keeping Your Skis in Great Shape For Winter
by Jeremy Johnson. Skiing is a great activity for anyone - it combines great exercise, beautiful views, and a good time to make a unique experience that nearly everyone enjoys. Great days can be ruined and money can be wasted, however, on equipment that is improperly...
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Easy Ways to Improve Your Skiing
by Jimmy Cox. You should not only run on skis with your legs, you must have your wits about you. In other words, you might easily run into a tree. Trees don't step aside and are not to be considered as brakes. You must also be able to recognise bad snow. So take ...
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This is What is Involved in the Competitive Alpine Skiing
by Muna wa Wanjiru. Alpine skiing is also called down hill skiing. Lengthy skis are attached with each of the foot to slide down the hills covered with snow. It is a sport liked by many people around the w
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Maintaining your Jet Ski Trailer
by Scott Sanders. You spend a lot of time making sure your personal watercraft is in tiptop shape. When it is, you reap the benefits of an enjoyable day on the water. Are you giving the same care to the trailer that carries your jet ski around?It's just as important ...
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Learning X-country Skiing. Its Great Fun and Heart Healthy
by joe mac millan. Some years ago my wife, Irma, and I decided we were going to take up cross country skiing. Some of our friends were doing it so we thought, why not us. Not being the guy who takes advice
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Basic Skills for Successful Volleyball Play
by Gregg Hall. If you are going to get into a game of volleyball, you at the very least need to be aware of what the game is about, the lingo involved, and the rules of the game. When people decide to engage in a sporting game sure they want to have fun but should...
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How A Goat And The Testicles Of A God Have Influenced Skiing
by Dave Mayweather. The popularity of skiing has grown enormously since the 1970s. Unprecedented numbers of people now take to the slopes each year to embark on ski holidays. Although skiing has only recently become an extremely popular pastime it is rooted in Ancient ...
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Ski Season or Knee Season?
by Sheila Strover. As northern hemisphere holidaymakers gear up for the ski season knee clinics gear up for the avalanche of skiers soon to pile up at their door! Let's look at the reasons why.Firstly the altitude. Even in the towns at the base of the slopes it may ta...
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Play Billiards-How To Improve Your Skill Set
by Michael Hartwell. There are many great tips when learning how to play billiards and improve your game today. As the game of billiards grows in popularity around the world, many people are searching for ways to give them the edge and beat their competition.In billiard...
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Helping Young Athletes Trust in Their Skills When Competing
by Dr. Patrick Cohn And Lisa Cohn. Do your sports kids excel in practice, but freeze up in competition? Do they have a hard time just being spontaneous and "free" when they compete? Are they so afraid of making mistakes that they don't take risks? Freezing up in competition is a comm...
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