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Ooh Thats Gotta Hurt - Avoiding Groin Injuries
by Julian.The are a few tyoes of groin injury which we will begin to explore. Groin injury may have varied reasons and in most cases, have more than one reason. Chronic groin pain is attributed to adductor tendinopathy, osteitis pubis or inguinal hernia. It is...
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Hip Hip Hurray - How To Prevent Hip Injuries
by Julian.Hip injuries are caused by impacts, twists, and muscular contractions or by a simple fall. Normal hip injuries may be fractures, dislocations contusions, ligament sprains, muscular or tendon strains or avulsion fractures. The following are a few kind...
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Put Your Back Into It - Injury Prevention
by Julian.Back injury is caused primarily by your habits - professional or personal. There are no fixed reasons or causes of a back injury. It is a result of a combination of many factors. Some of them are preventable and some are not. Hereditary factors also ...
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Head Injuries - Dos And Donts
by Julian.The brain is a very soft and a delicate organ. However, the protection offered by the head to the brain is limited and a hard and sudden blow to the head can result in injury to the brain of the spinal cord, not apparent through any visible signs on ...
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How to Avoid The Trap Of Incessant Supplement Buying
by Andrew_Hansen1.There is one thing that people forget about buying supplements for their gym training needs. They cost money. AS stupid as that sounds here's what happens. You buy a supplement on recommendation from your friend. You spend the money, use the suppleme...
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Do You Know How To Avoid A Knee Injury?
by Julian.Knee injuries generally result in pain and the following tips would help you reduce it. Specific situations may warrant a consultation with the physician's or doctor.For athletes: Putting more pressure in a lesser amount of time results in knee injur...
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How to Double Your Energy Levels In Three Days
Are you often tired, lethargic and feeling older than you should? Do you want to get more done and have the non-stop energy of a 7-year-old child? With this report, you'll learn two easy ways to double your energy levels within the next three days.Wh...
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Advice On Hamstring Injuries
by Julian.Hamstring muscles begin form the top i.e. the pelvis and extend upto the lower leg on the back of the human body. Injury to this muscle can vary from being a small strain to a major muscle rupture. Hamstring injury is normally caused during exercise ...
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How To Walk The Weight Off
by westgroup.Perhaps the cheapest and most expedient way to lose weight is to walk it out. Most people can lose at least one pound a week by walking at a moderate pace for at least thirty to sixty minutes a week. Not only is walking great for weight loss, but it...
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How To Reduce Over Sweating| Stop Excessive Perspiration
by ChrisChew.It is a known fact that overweight and obese people are more prone to excessive sweating as they perspire more. However, excessive perspiration can be also due to several underlying medical conditions such as menopause, psychiatric illnesses and very...
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How To Choose the Right Biking Sunglasses
by Perception.Biking sunglasses are great for the serious cyclist and the casual cyclist. When buying biking sunglasses you are investing in great eyewear that should look good, as well as cut down on road glare and help you enjoy cycling on even the brightest of...
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How To Stay Fit and Train for Longer
by Harwood E Woodpecker. We all know that we need to train and exercise more than we do. All the reports that we read tell us that we now have more leisure time on our hands than ever before but yet we all seem to be busier. Only the same day last week I read a report sayin...
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How to Get Fit While Helping Others
by Paul McIndoe. We all know how important it is to stay healthy and a big part of making sure we achieve that goal is to get some regular exercise.But while it can be a good idea to try and incorporate some exercise into your everyday life - letting the lift go in ...
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Warm up Tips to Avoid Injuries
by Ranju Kumar. Warm ups are very essential before and after any workout activity. Warm ups activities allow the body to wake up and helps in blood circulation avoiding injuries. They increase the temperature of the body, making the muscles more flexible and recept...
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How to Jump Higher - Secret Techniques to Increase Vertical Leap
by Steve Litt. Many people who play basketball want to learn how to jump higher so that they can be the one in the game that is counted on to help the team win.? Whether that is by getting hold of that rebound or making a slam dunk as the buzzer rings jumping high...
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How To Easily And Quickly Increase Your Vertical Jump
by Karin Manning. One of the most common questions coaches hear is from athletes wanting to quickly and easily increase their vertical jump. This article will reveal some powerful power coaching tips. Your jump can be defined as your jump minus your standing reach. ...
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Shoulder Injury the Cause
by Troy Pearsall. It wasn't until I originally wrote this article about a year ago, for an old website I used to have, that I realized that I had something important to contribute to the bodybuildi
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How to Create a Great Looking Butt
by Jesse Miller. Let's face it... nobody can deny that a nice rear makes for a good conversation piece. It complements your figure and gives you a nice profile! For some people it came naturally for them. For others they have to work for it to create a great looking...
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How to Gain Good Weight
by Scott Abbett. Upon initial thought, you wouldn't think someone would need to write an article titled "How to Gain Good Weight". After all, aren't those who feel underweight so desirous of displaying more body mass as to be content with just a higher rea...
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How to Build a Muscular Physique in Less Than One Week
by Jon Cardozo. Have you been waiting for the perfect workout to build a muscular frame? How would you like to develop a powerful muscular physique within one week? I bet you can't wait to show off your results to all of your friends. Man, will they be impressed...
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Preventing Hamstring Injuries
by Gerry Van Dyke. Chances are if you play sports or are a sports fan; you've seen it happen. An athlete sprints to first base, or down the sideline, and pulls up short limping in pain and grabbing at t
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Rehabilitation of Acl Injuries
by Gerry Van Dyke. Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears are one of the most debilitating and common knee injuries in sports. Deciding on the best course of treatment, surgery vs. non-surgery, rehab vs.
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How to Treat Rotator Cuff Pain
by Peter Harris. Shoulder pain can develop from a microtrauma (a rather benign, repetitive activity) performed over a long period of time that gradually wears down the tendons in the shoulder until they become inflamed. It can also be caused by a macrotrauma (a mor...
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Inhalation Injury Causes and Treatment
by Alien. Inhalation injury increases the morbidity and mortality of burns significantly. Inhalation injury is a vague term used to describe a wide range of problems and lung airways in the context o
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Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries Information
by Alien. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is probably the most commonly injured ligament of the knee. An anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, the injury is a tear in a knee ligament, which joins
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