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A Used Bowflex - To Buy or Not To Buy
by Butch Lewis.Buying a used Bowflex on eBay, from a newspaper add or from a friend is an inexpensive way to having a "total gym" experience at home. If you're tight on cash, there are several ways to find deals for a used Bowflex.If you're buying one locally, you ...
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Steroids may cause aggression
by Paul Douglas.The effects of steroid may continue for minimum of two years and trigger permanent changes in brain, the Behavioral Neuroscience study reveals.But, according to a UK expert, it is impossible to set the length of effect in a body of a human, based on ...
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Train for Muscular Strength, Not for Muscular Size
by Coachlomax.Train Muscular Strength, Muscular Power and Muscular Endurance for Functional Strength Performance... Not Muscular Size for "Appearance".Training for muscular strength, power and endurance will bring about more functional improvements than training f...
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What Does The Ideal Warmup Look Like?
by Sayush.It is always a good idea to begin any exercise routine with a brief warm up. Static and dynamic stretching actually helps to maximize performance and make the joints more supple so that they are less prone to injury. However, some might wonder why we...
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