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Diet Schedules for Weight Loss
by Alien. The best diet for health maintenance, and for the prevention of avoidable diseases, should include a wide variety of foods from the four food groups. Such a diet should conform to the best
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All About The Abs Diet
by Jerry Leung. You may have already tried a lot of different dieting plans. You may think that you know how these diets work after trying some many different plans. For Abs diet, the basic concept is that you can lose weight with exercising!You will find the basic...
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12 Week Plan to Get A Flat Stomach
by Abi Shaan. It doesn't matter what others do and don't do to get a flat stomach because I am only going to show you what YOU should do if you really want to get flat sexy abs in a span of 12 weeks.Before you get over excited with the fact that you could get fla...
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Dieting: Your Thyroid and Weight Loss - the Connection is Real
by Nicholas Tan. Your thyroid dictates much of your metabolism, any malfunction or disease afflicting this area may cause you to have problems in metabolism leading to a drastic problem with your weight
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Dieting: Celebrity Diet Secrets
by Nicholas Tan. Celebrities always look fabulous. Whether appearing in television or films or strutting down the red carpet during movie premiers and awards, they never cease to fascinate us with their
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The Sonoma Diet - Theres No Food Diet Here!
by Sami. The Sonoma diet is a three-waves diet inspired by the mediterranean lifestyle, its combines some of the principles of the mediterranean diet with a weight loss diet that focusing on what you can eat, not on what you can't eat. The Sonoma diet was i...
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The Best Way To Lose Weight Without Dieting
by Ali Carsen. Among the multitude of people who are overweight, a significant portion of them try diet after diet. When one of them fails, they fall off the wagon for a few weeks or a few months until a new fad diet comes out. The best way to lose weight and ke...
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All You Need To Know About Dieting Plans
by Jerry Leung. If you want to lose weight, you may try to be on diet. In fact, there are a lot of dieting plans available out there. Without any surprise, every dieting plan will have its strength and weakness. To this end, you will want to know which diet is the ...
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Kate Moss - Simple Supermodel Diet!
by John Howard.Supermodel Diet of Kate Moss. She's got a regular exercise regime which includes meditation and relaxation. Apart from these, she washes her face with boiled milk as part of a weird beauty regime!

Appreciating the Two Elements of a Diet Program
by Terry Edwards. There are literally thousands of diet plans being promoted nowadays for people who wish to lose a few pounds and it is often hard to know just where you ought to begin. However, before you begin to think about any weight loss plan it is important th...
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Celebrity Diets - Most are Freaky!
by John Howard. Celebrity diets are not easy-to-follow diets. The essential ingredients of such a diet are a reputed experienced chef, a dietitian, and a personal trainer. A normal person will always lack in succeeding such diets even if they are provided with all ...
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Celebrity Diets - When Things Become Deadly
by John Howard. Celebrities often bewilder us by bringing out a sudden change in their physical appearance. Following certain features in magazines, commending that these people worked out, ate nothing for weeks all together confuse us again. There is a lot to lear...
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All About the Atkins Diet
by Stephen Dolan. Dr. Robert Atkins originally created the Atkins diet in the 1970's. The popularity of this low-carb diet reached its zenith about ten years ago, but it is believed that today as many as twenty-five million Americans may be on low-carb diets at any g...
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Celebrity Diets - How Did Katie Holmes Lose Her Baby Weight?
by John Howard. It took only five months for Katie Holmes, the twenty seven year old actress to return to her normal shape from the bulky body that she had during pregnancy. The reports say that she was ballooned to the size of a small house during the last days of...
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Celebrity Diets: The Lemonade Master Cleanse
by John Howard. It was Naturopath Stanley who created the master cleanser, which is popularly known as the lemonade diet. The main discoveries of the lemonade were the dissolving and elimination of toxins. It is meant to purify kidneys and digestive system and ulti...
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Celebrity Crash Diets That Work
by John Howard. Crash diets can be defined as a low calorie diets. They usually burn only a limited amount of calories. Rapid weight loss is achieved with a limited energy level. These diets are preferably meant for a short period of time or they could result in ma...
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A Healthy Low Glycemic Diet
by Zach Thompson. Introduction: low glycemic diets are good for everyone but the people who need these diets most are Diabetics and those trying to lose weight. Foods are measured by GI glycemic indexing.What is glycemic indexing (GI)? The glycemic index ranks from 1...
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Top 10 Most Unrealistic Diet Expectations of All Time
by Luke Johnstone. What is the one thing you find the hardest to grasp with dieting?Is it the type of food you eat, the amount of food you eat, the amount of exercise or is it the lack o
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Dieting Secrets You Should Know
by Pamela L. Wynn. Yes. It's true! You can create anything you want simply by choosing your thoughts accordingly. So why not choose thoughts of being thin? Now I don't mean to say this is easy,
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Celebrity Diets: Battle of the Bulge Goes Hollywood
by Holly Cates. As a society, we look up to celebrities and make them our personal idols. There is always something they have that we want, be it their stylish haircut, flawless skin, sparkling smile, or shapely body. We are always eager to learn about the latest c...
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The Diet Secrets Of 7 Women Celebrities
by Don Alexander. Celebrities always look fabulous. Whether appearing in television or films or strutting down the red carpet during movie premiers and awards, they never cease to fascinate us with their larger than life presence.The truth is, it takes a lot of effor...
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Is the Master Cleanse Diet Right for You?
by Peggy Edwards. The Master Cleanse is sometimes called the lemonade diet. This ten day diet is meant to flush all toxins from your system. In the process of flushing the toxins, you will also lose weight. But what exactly is the Master Cleanse diet and is it someth...
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The Truth Behind Diet Plans
by John Dave. Maybe you feel it is pretty hardto lose weight so you read my article at the moment. As you can see, There are more than thousands of people who are living with obesity problems in our world. Those people are not lazy. According to a survey, most ob...
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The Glycemic Index Healthy Diet Plan
by Margarethe De Clermont. Losing weight is a very good investment in your long-term health. Quite apart from the fact that your body will be in better shape if you lose weight, there are many other health issues that will benefit from a reduction in body fat.Diabetes is one ...
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Celebrity Diets: Gwen Stefanis Crazy Diet!
by John Howard. Gwen Stefani calls her weight struggle 'a nightmare'. She has revealed that she's being dieting since she was in grade 6 and admits that it is all in the name of vanity.Gwen on her post-pregnancy body: "Your metabolism is like, whooosh! You're sleep...
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