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Used Hockey Equipment
by Kent Pinkerton.Hockey equipment—even the stuff that's been battered around for a couple of seasons—still has resale value and may be sold through sporting goods stores or online.Regular hockey players change their gear nearly every year to keep up-to-date with ...
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Street Hockey Equipment
by Kent Pinkerton.Americans love their street hockey—almost as much as Canadians. The appeal? The sport can be played on any open street, field or even an alleyway with old equipment and custom-made rules. The gear is similar to equipment used in regulation hockey ...
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Roller Hockey Equipment
by Kent Pinkerton.Roller hockey, also known as inline hockey, is played on roller or inline skates with wheels, which are placed in sets of three or four in a single line. Skates are generally priced at $100 and up.Aluminum sticks are preferred for roller hockey, howe...
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Hockey Games
by Sharon White.Among various kinds of sports there are some which are definitely associated with each country. Hockey is the game that Canadian are most passionate about, and most sports fans would agree it is Canada which can be associated with hockey. The game of...
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