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Most Olympic Medals
Most Olympic Medals [1k-10k]
by Emeli Dean.Everything you need to know abut Olympic Gold Medals. From who received the most Olympic medals, which countries has the most gold, how much is each model medal worth.
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2004 Olympics and Yachting in Greece
by Alexander M. Vournas.Everybody knows that the Olympic Games are due to be held in Athens in 2004. Apart from the accepted consequences, positive and negative, for the city of Athens and Greece in general this sporting e...
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Ancient Greek Olympic Games
by Mariam Ma.There are many stories on how the Olympic Games started in ancient Greece. One story unfolds that it was Heracles who first established the Games after concluding his twelve labors to honor his father, the deity Zeus. Another legend tells that it ...
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Olympic Qualifiers for Venezuela Up to 99
by Kelly. The number of Venezuelan athletes to compete in the Beijing Olympics rose to 99, President of the Venezuelan Olympic Committee (COV) Eduardo Alvarez announced Monday.Alvarez made the announcement after celebrating the triumph of Gabriel Rodriguez an...
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The London Olympics - Making It Happen
by India Cooper. Building an Olympic Games is no mean feat. It's not just a matter of erecting a few stadia and swimming pools. There are all sorts of infrastructure and transport facilities to create, as well as a legacy to leave for underprivileged areas. And a lo...
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Much Awaited Olympic Torch Finally in India
by shantanu sengupta. The much-awaited Olympic Torch Relay was held in Delhi amid war-like security arrangements. The entire Delhi turned into a fortress with more than 15,000 security personnel guarding the
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The Police Puts Out the Olympic Flame in Paris
by Stephen Lars. The Olympic torch relay of the Beijing Games encountered several bumps during its journey through Paris which forced the torch to be carried into a bus reported the police. But, shortly after the Olympic fire was on again. Since its exit at the Eif...
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2012 Olympic Games Resources Online
by Bercle George. Olympics is the biggest sports gathering event in the world which happens once every four years and covers winter and summer games. It is an international event and hundreds of countries throughout the globe participate in the games.If you want to l...
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Training For Olympic Equestrian Riders
by Bercle George. Beijing, China will host the 2008 Olympics. Hundreds of countries throughout the world will gather together for that prestigious event. That is one of the reasons why the Chinese government has been working hard for their preparation and is now in t...
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Meet Olympic Gold Medalist Carly Patterson
by Grant Eckert. Although Carly Rae Patterson was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on February 4, 1988, she is now living in Allen, Texas with her mother and sister. Carly is an incredibly accomplished athlete for her age. She is a former Olympic all-around Champion f...
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BMX Now an Olympic Sport
by James Johnson. Signifying the International Olympic Committee's growing efforts to appeal to a younger generation by showcasing competitions and athletes they are familiar with, the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing will feature BMX racing. It's true, BMX is now an ...
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First Modern Olympic Games
by Harwood E Woodpecker.Tokyo will host the 2020 Summer Olympics after China in 2016. Below we look at how the First Modern Olympic Games came about and a short history of the Olympics since 1960.
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Count Down to the Olympics Beijing 2008
by Wolfgang Jaegel. The capital as well as one of the largest cities in the People's Republic of China, Beijing serves as the cultural, political, educational, economic, and scientific center of the nation. Located in the country's north-east corner, Beijing boasts of ...
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Beijing Summer Olympics: Get Your Seats Quick!
by Anna Woodward. The 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing will be an event the world will remember. If you want to get there and see all the action yourself, the good news is that there are still tickets available. It can be quite a challenge getting to watch the 2008 Su...
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Singapore to Host the 2010 Youth Olympic Games
by Claudia Beckford. Just a few hours ago the IOC (International Olympic Committee) president Jacques Rogge officially announced the inauguration of the first Summer Youth Olympic Games which will be held in Singapore for a period of 10 days from August 14th to the 26th...
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London 2012 Olympics: the Games Go Green
by Andrew Regan. Though of course the Olympics games are a celebration of sportsmanship, human achievement and international community, they also represent an opportunity to show off the organisational skills and vision of the host nation. London's Olympic committee...
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Monaco Welcomes 2008 Olympic Year
by Roger Munns. As Olympic year approaches, a new organisation to promote better understanding between countries through sport has been launched with its headquarters in Monaco, and Prince Albert at its helm.The organisation is supported by both the United Nations ...
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Pyeong Chang a Strong Candidate for 2014 Winter Olympics
by Jane Richy. The Olympics games which first were celebrated in Greece to commemorate the mythology God Zeus; have come in today's modern times one of the main sport and cultural events worldwide in which both; performers and audience are captivated by the magnif...
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London Stalling: the Olympic Opposition
by Andrew Regan. When it was announced that London had successfully won its bid to host the 2012 Olympics, the nation rejoiced. After all, along with the World Cup, no other sporting event brings as much pride, prestige and investment to a country.But even before th...
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2008 Olympic Games
by James William Smith. The Games of the XXIX Olympiad are now less than a year away, with the opening ceremonies scheduled to begin in the host city of Beijing, China on August 8, 2008. The Olympic games will be held between August 8, 2008 and August 24, 2008 in Beijing a...
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Olympic Torch Relay Runs Across Lhasa
by jackyluo. ?The torch relay for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games has run across Lhasa, the capital of China's Tibet Autonomous Region.The relay in Lhasa began at 9 am on Saturday morning at the square in front of the city's famous garden, the Norbu Lingka.A minu...
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Tokyo Bid for the 2016 Olympic Games
by Adam Singleton. Despite Chicago being considered the front-runner for the 2016 summer Olympics, the city of Tokyo in Japan is confident that they will secure the athletic spectacle. Their confidence and hopes are placed in making a bid for the 'compact' games; all ...
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Softball: Olympic Sport No Longer?
by Jay Moncliff.Fast pitch is different from the looping, relaxed pitch often used in recreational softball leagues.  Fast pitch players must hit a ball traveling at about 70mph.  This is slower than baseball, but certainly much faster than the meandering ...

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