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Which is Better For Burning Fat, Weight Training or Cardio?
by jonbenson.I recently received a letter from one of my readers:"Dear Jon, "You've written that you believe cardio is 'overrated' and that training with weights is better for fat loss."This seems to run contrary to what Tom Venuto says in his book, Burn The Fat,...
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7 Fat Burning Foods That Helped Me Lose 5 Pounds
by Tony Leong. Let me share a short story with you, I have lost 5 pounds of stubborn body fat by just eating these 7 foods that have always been lying around in the fridge. I never took notice of them and n
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Are You on a Fat Burning Exercise Program?
by D Fraser. So many of us desire to lose weight, yet the majority of those people don't spend time doing the right exercises that would cause them to burn fat. Why is that? Is it because of incorrect instruction? Or a lack of education? This article is going to...
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Fat Burning Exercise Tips for a Flat Tummy
by Tony Leong. There is some debate among weight loss pros about the best way to burn body fat and get a flat tummy. Some say just do cardio. Get on the treadmill and do 45 minutes to an hour of running
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Diet Pills Known As Fat Burners
by Gregory Wadel. Recent studies have shown that more people are becoming overweight every year; this situation is not only affecting adults but an increasing number of young people who are also succumbing to this modern day condition. Many ways to solve this problem...
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Secret Weapon Exercises for Maximum Fat Burning
by David P. Morrow. Do you need a 'secret weapon' to boost your metabolism and really get your fitness game in gear?Allow me to introduce you to squats and deadlifts. Res
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Turning Your Body into A Fat Burning Machine
by Gregory Wadel. Exercise, on the other hand, is a structured and repetitive form of physical activity that you do on a regular basis. Exercise improves your fitness, as well as helps you lose weight and deal with everyday stress. Exercise helps to control your weig...
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Try This Simple Fat Burning Strategy
by Robert Kokoska. Do you dread the thought of exercising as much as I do? My idea of exercise is getting up from my computer to get my next meal or to watch a little TV. Exercising is considered one the best ways to burn off excess body fat so there must be an altern...
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Is Your Fat Burning Diet Not Working For You?
by Sean Tan. All weight loss appears quite workable and effective when you resolve about them for the first time. Actually there is so much promotion of all these diets on the Internet that you just cannot miss out on them. There are so many fanciful names too, ...
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Why Intense Cardio is Much More Efficient at Burning Fat
by Luke Johnstone. For years, it was common knowledge that you had to stay in the target heart rate zone to efficiently burn fat. However, the last few years have seen a rise in the popularity of sh
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4 Top Fat Burning Tips For Beginners
by Cindy Brotherston. First of all, I think that the concept of fat loss is much more important than weight loss. What I mean is, you want the weight lost to be comprised mostly of fat and not muscle. Muscle gives you the kind of shape you desire and it is active tissue....
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Is Now The Time For Your Fat Burning Workout?
by Kevin Sinclair. If you want to lose weight and build muscle, you should know that fat burning workouts will help you do just this. Not only will they target specific areas of the body to build muscle in, but they will also keep you fit as a whole. Therefore, make...
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Burning Fat: The Truth...
by Matt Oconnor. As a whole, people will do cardiovascular activities and avoid weight bearing practices when it comes to burning off blubber. A lot of trainers will pronounce that aerobic exercises burn up fat and weight-lifting is exclusively employed to build up ...
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Reach your Fat Burning Goal
by Sharon Bell. Even though certain foods can help you burn calories and lose weight, consume a variety of foods and burn calories through movement and exercise. For those who are interested anyway, some of these "fat burners" include foods that are rich in vitam...
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Various Fat Burning Methods
by NickD. Title: Burning FatIn general, people will practice cardiovascular activities and forget about weight bearing exercises when it comes to burning fat. Many trainers will say that aerobic exercises burn off fat and weightlifting is only used to build m...
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7 Calorie Burning Tips
by Marjorie Nolan, Ms, Rd, Cpt. 1) Move More.Sedentary people burn about one-third less calories per day. By simply taking every opportunity to move can make quite a dramatic difference to the amount of calories you burn in one day. Small movements will add up over time to lots o...
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