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Burn Fat in Half the Time With Kettlebells
by JAMIE LLOYD. Do you find that you get bored doing cardio at the gym? When doing traditional forms of cardio such as running on a treadmill or on the x-trainer are about as exciting as watching paint dry. Lets face it one of the main reasons why people give up on...
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How To Lose 5 Pounds of Stomach Fat in 5 Days
by Cheow Yu Yuan. Being overweight expose you to a lot oh health risk such as heart diseases and diabetes. Therefore every time when it comes to a New Year, a lot of people will want to lose weight and set it as one of their New Year resolutions.A lot of people who a...
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Get Rid Of Stomach Fats and Love Handles
by Cheow Yu Yuan. Why do most men and women have stomach fats and love handles, which are so hard to get rid of? Today most of us are having a lifestyle whereby we move from our bed to the breakfast table. Within minutes, we are off to our car seat and go to work. Fr...
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Carbohydrates Make you Fat....give Me a Break!
by Luke Johnstone. It seems like everyone now has some kind of carb-phobia. The latest series of diets claim that Carbohydrates are the devils food and you will put on weight simply by looking at th
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Learn the Proper Way to Burn Fat
by Jennifer Olsson. Do you believe that it is possible to lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks? Of course it is, you could even lose up to 40 pounds in 3 weeks. The question is: Do you want your weight to stay at 20 pounds less? Or is it more of a temporary weight loss you want? ...
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Lose 40 Pounds in 2 Months - Burn the Fat, not the Muscle!
by Jennifer Olsson. According to The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) a healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week. Faster weight loss diets are not healthy because you don't want to lose muscle, right? I know that you often see headline like 'lose 10 pounds ...
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Big Tummy? Pot Belly? Struggling to Lose That Fat Belly?
by Elizabeth Hartley. Big tummy? Pot belly? Don't worry. Help is at hand. Here are a 3 quick tips to help you look slimmer and get rid of a big tummy or pot belly.Tip number 1: Stand up straight. Yes that's right. Slouching can make a big tummy and pot belly much worse m...

Burn the Fat , Freed the Muscle E-book - is it a Scam
by Burn The Belly Fat Manager. Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle Honest ReviewBurn The Fat, Feed The Muscle is the #1 best selling diet and fitness ebook in the history of the Internet. In fact, it's one of the best selling e-books on ANY subject in the history of the Internet -......
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What Happens to Fat Cells When Theyre Burned?
by Primoz Borovnik. When you "lose" body fat, the fat cell (also called an adipocyte) does not go anywhere or "move into the muscle cell to be burned. The fat cell itself, (unfortunately) stays right where it was - under the skin in your thighs, stomach, hips, arms, et...
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Fish Oil May Help you Burn Fat...but not That Much Fat!
by Primoz Borovnik. The biologically active ingredients that seem to make fatty fish so beneficial are are the long chain omega-3 (n-3) fatty acids, EPA and DHA. At least a half a dozen human studies and more than two dozen animal studies have been completed in the las...
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Foods That Burn Fat: the Top 10 Lists
by Primoz Borovnik. Exact quantities and menus are not listed, just the individual foods, and of course my food intake does vary. I aim to get as many different varieties of fruits and vegetables as possible over the course of every week and there are a lot of substitu...
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Why Some People Can Drink Alcohol Without Getting Fat
by Primoz Borovnik. Whether moderate drinking is healthy has also been a subject of controversy. Many studies show that cardiovascular health benefits are associated with moderate beer or wine drinking (which has been of particular interest lately with reservatrol in ...
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How to Lose Stomach Fat Fast
by Hairloss Expert. There are many fat loss commercials that you see addressing questions such as "what to eat to lose weight fast? How to lose water weight fast? How fast can you lose weight?" But rarely do you see anything concerning how to lose stomach fat? People a...
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Fats - the Good and the Bad
by JessieMcfarland. It is true that our body requires fats to stay healthy and fit. Without fats, vitamin A, D, E and K cannot be carried and utilized by the body for its specific functions. Withou
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Does Porridge Make you Fat?
by Paul Mort. For years now, many weight loss experts, dieticians, doctors and slimming consultants alike have been telling us how Porridge Oats or easily the best option for our breakfast.
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How Quitting the Habit of Smoking Can Make you Fat
by Sharon Bell. Here's a story of a man who used to smoke three packs of cigarettes a day. For his recent birthday, he decided to quit smoking and, expecting a reward for his resolution, he asked his wife for something that can go from zero to 200 in under five sec...
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Is Tiredness Making you Fat?
by Parimal Patel. When mums are in need of sleep (and this can depend a lot on how young your baby is), your defenses are run down, your judgment can be impaired and you often find yourself craving sugar. Eating sugar however, can add those pounds to your waistline, ...
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5 Ways to Burn Fat -- Starting Today!
by Craig Ballantyne, Cscs, M.sc.. Today is the worst day to start a fat-loss program. You’re busy. You have a special dinner tonight. And you left your workout clothes at home.But
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The Incredible Shrinking Fat Cell"
by sunshine209. Earlier this week someone in our discussion forum wrote, "I haven't "LOST" any fat... I know EXACTLY where it went! I got a chuckle out of that because I "got" the joke, but truth is, most people really don't know how fat cells work, how the fat bur...
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Burn the Fat, See Results
by Diets In Review. Burning fat is a key component to weight loss. Many over the counter fat burners, contain too much stimulants and caffeine, causing you to have undesirable side effects
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Planning your Diet Using Internet Resources - Out the Fat
by Banko. Most of us are looking for easy ways to loose weight. Well, here today we will talk about how to do just that. It might not be as hard as you might think. We all have friends who pack on the double patty burgers with two extra large fries each day. ...
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Fatloss4idiots Reviews - What I Dislike About This Diet
by John Davenport. The Fatloss4idiots diet has become one of the most successful diets on the market today. There is no doubt that this diet has been used successfully by thousands of people all around the world. It is also clear from the countless reviews and feedbac...
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Tired of Being Fat? 5 Reasons to Start a Diet Today
by John Davenport. Are you tired of being fat? Here are 5 great reasons to start a new diet today:1. Better social and sex life - In today's society, being thinner also means being more attractive. You just have to open a TV to see who today's celebrities are. Overall...
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Tips on How to Lose Stomach Fat Fast
by Nitin Vyas. Diet Control is most important when we talk about losing stomach fat; however most of the people understand diet control as starving which is not correct. Diet control means maintaining your food habits in way that you have a rich protein and vitami...
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Tips to Burn Fats Fast and Effectively
by Eliza Maledevic Ayson. If you want to burn your unwanted fats in your body, you have to look for natural ways to aid you in losing weight. Yes, it is true that a lot of people are afraid of trying t
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