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Surf Waves With Jack Johnson
Topic : Surf Waves & Surf Wave : Janet Johnson
by Jesse S. Somer.Like a laid back, relaxed beach vibe? Surf waves in reality, musically, and on the Net with Jack Johnson. Lately I’ve been listening to some pretty cool music by some beach bum named Jack Johnson. Th...
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The art of surfing
by Jakob Jelling.Since its hey day in the 1960’s, surfing through the ocean has become a popular past time. Riders love to pound the surf with their waxed boards and ride large waves into the shore. As like any sport...
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The rising popularity of windsurfing
by Jakob Jelling.As with any extreme sport or sport in general, there is only so much one can do on a surfboard. Enter windsurfing, a popular way to gain speed and air by using a sail attached to the surfboard itself...
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An Introduction To Surfing
by Alan Richardson. Surfing is a kind of water sports where the surfer is carried along by a breaking wave towards the shore. Apart from surfboards body boards, kneeboards, surf skis and kayaks can be also used to surf. Various sports involving surfing are sea kayaking...
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Dont Be Afraid of Sharks When Surfing
by Me-Shell Mijangos. Surfing is one of the most enjoyable water sports. There is nothing more exhilarating for a surfer than to ride the biggest waves for the longest time. However, people who want to learn how to surf, draw back from the sports even before trying a ses...
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Wahines Through The Ages. The History of Female Surfers
by Me-Shell Mijangos. History and female surfers. Do you automatically think of Gidget? Either the blond Sandra Dee or the brunette Sally Fields? Those old fashioned bikinis and the enormous surfboards. The sun was always shining on that Californian beach with perfect wa...

Best Surf Spots in Santa Cruz County
by Seb Frey. There are eleven break points along the best surf spots in Santa Cruz County and is known as "Surf City." Steamer Lane is host to the O'Neill Cold Water Classic on annual basis during the fall months. In May the Longboard Invitational takes place ad...
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Surfboard or Botox. What Really Keep You Looking Young?
by Me-Shell Mijangos. "How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?" Forget about Botox and face lifts! The best way to appear youthful is to feel youthful.Pack up your lethargy, fatigue and weariness. Put them in the suitcase with your bikini and sunscreen. ...
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Getting Prepared For Surfing
by James Brown. Some people think that surfing is a glamour lifestyle that will allow a surfer to be exposed to members of the opposite sex on a daily basis. Since most women think that surfers are very alluring, most surfers will tend to get very prepared to surf ...
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Surfing Wetsuits 101 - How to Pick the Best Wetsuits for Surfing
by Hayley Gordon. Winter is a fact of life for many people who enjoy the sport of surfing. However, cold air and water temperatures don't have to stop your sessions! Enter the wetsuit, probably the single biggest invention in surfing since the surfboard itself.Wetsui...
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How to Buy a Surf Rack - the Best Surfboard Racks on the Market
by Hayley Gordon. Unless you live right next to the beach, getting your surfboard to the shore can be a bit difficult. If you've got an SUV or a pickup truck then life is easy, but if you have a smaller car you'll probably want to invest in some quality surf racks. ...
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Would Ancient Hawaiians Recognize Surfing Today
by Gregg Hall. Surfing is the only type of sport where the person relies on the wave to pick them up and for them to do tricks. Unlike body boarding and kite surfing you have to stand up fast before the wave breaks on you so you can get down the line and do your t...
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Surfs Up Morocco: Making Waves in Africa
by Paul McIndoe. The legendary surf spots of Tahiti, Hawaii and Fiji are known for firing up the imagination of salty surf dogs around the world, but few amateur surfers will ever get to sample their waves. These places really only belong in surf magazine and videos...
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Learn to Surf
by Inform 4 free team. Like most sports, the best way to learn to surf is to do it. Learning to surf is a fantastic way to have a lot of fun, learn something new and get in some great exercise. Undoubtedly o
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Surfing as a Sport and as a Lifestyle
by Connie Lyn.There is only one recreational activity that is synonymous with the sand, the waves and the summer sun: surfing.   Surfing has been organized into a sport in recent years, but for its enthusiasts, surfing is more than just that.  ...
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