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Survival Knives: Bushcraft Knives or Something Different?
by Greg R.. A survival knife, also sometimes named a bushcraft knife, may be used for wilderness chores like trimming rope, carving wood, cutting tree limbs, digging, and even skinning game. Its versatile nature is rather helpful to outdoorsmen who cannot affo...
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Variety in Gun Safes
by Robert. Gun safes available in the market are of different varieties and makes. Two or more safes of the same make can are found rarely, even if they are from the same manufacturer. This is done purposely, in order to help prevent thieves and unwanted chara...
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Know Your Scooter Mileage for the Razor Electric Scooters
by Derek Cladek. Scooters range in the mileage they can get depending on what type of scooter and the brand. You have electric scooters and gas powered scooters from many different companies. I am going to talk about the mileage and usage of the Razor Electric Scoot...
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Physical Disabilities Cant Stop People From Snowboarding
by Jim Garza. Non-profit organizations are helping to disprove the common notion that disabled people cannot participate in sports. They are actively training disabled people to develop skiing and snowboarding skills and to compete in competitions.For those that ...
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Santa Catalinas Pacific Surfing With Powerful Right Reef Breaks
by Simon Hurst. Santa Catalina is located on the Chiriqui Gulf in the state of Veraguas. In 1970s this little fishing village was discovered by adventurous surfers from all over the world. The world class surfing in Santa Catalina was the best kept secret by the s...
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Looking for a Woman to Learn Russina Mystery Trick
by Eileen Fleming. [Palm Bay, Fl. May 12, 2008] Boom Boom Benny informed me, "I am look for a young attractive female to teach the mystery of the trick I stole from a Russian. I have at times wished I'd g
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A Short Guide To Snowboarding Holidays For Beginners
by Anna Stenning. A sporting winter holiday that is most popular amongst families and individuals are skiing and snowboarding holidays. These sports are more suited for people looking to keep fit and ride out the winter blues. Snowboarding is a sport that has not bee...
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Motor Sports: From Curiosity to Passion
by Scott Jarvis. Being an homebody I had never given much thought to outdoor sports, especially motor sports. This all changed however when I met someone who introduced me to the world of motor sport and showed me just how much fun and competitive they could be. As...
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Types of Wakeboard Boats
by Robert. Choosing the ride wakeboard boat will help you to create the right type of wakes. Unlike ordinary boats, wakeboard boats come with a device that creates a larger wake. These wakes allow you to do aerial tricks while jumping from side to side. Althou...
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Dealing With Ethanol Fuel Boat Problems
by Robert. As the fuel crisis forces more boaters to switch toethanol fuel mixtures, there have been reportedproblems that are linked to the gasoline blended withethanol. However, with a little work on your boat youcan avoid these ethanol fuel related boat pro...
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How to Breakdance: Backflip
by Dan Svinsky. Learning how to breakdance is probably one of the most exciting but scariest activities you'll encounter. The same can be said about the breakdance move, the backflip. It is arguably one of the hardest breakdance moves out there because of the fear ...

The New Ripstick Deluxe Dlx Board
by Derek Cladek. The Ripstik Deluxe DLX is the best caster board to date. The DLX is the professional version of the standard Ripstik. The DLX takes caster boards to the next level, the professional level. The new board includes some incredible new features that wi...
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Lanzarote One of the Big Three in Major Race
by Roger Munns. Athletes from Europe and the UK will once again congregate in the Canary Islands this spring for the 5th annual Las Tres Islas race.The event, billed as a 'quadrathalon' is a somewhat eclectic twist on the traditional triathlon. It may be the first ...
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Choosing a Surfboard
by Dave Emanuel. Thinking of buying a new board or are you learning to surf. One of the most difficult and also the most important decisions that every surfer makes is choosing their surfboard.There are a myriad of factors which will influence your choice of board. ...
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Rock Climbing Gear
by Michael Malega. Take the time to read the following article, surely you will benefit from the research that been conducted in order for it to be written.There are several rock climbing
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Acquiring An Education In Snowboarding
by Jim Brown. There are many skills that need to be perfected before a person is qualified enough to go snowboarding in the wintertime. Some of those skills can be learned through trial and error but many people are not willing to go through the pain that this ty...
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Avoid Mistakes in Choosing Your First Snowboard
by Jim Garza. Snowboarding is a great winter sport and in the past few years has attracted many new fans to the slopes. One common phase that all of these new converts go through is walking into the pro shop for the first time and choosing a snowboard. What are t...
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Online Cricket Score- a Boon for Cricket Fanatics
by Ella Wilson. Catch live action, no matter where you are! Those who are passionate about cricket need not worry about missing out watching a live cricket match. Online cricket score is a special boon for all those professionals who are busy with their work and ca...
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How to Buy a Ski Boat
by Robert. Over time the sport of skiing has evolved and changed quite a bit. There are skiers that want small and soft wakes while wake boarders prefer big wakes that allow them to launch into big aerial maneuvers. This is why it is important you buy the righ...
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Want to Know More About Sand Skiing? Read On
by Aaron Jochum. The new sport of sand skiing is just beginning to take off. For many of us, the experience of skiing in shorts and short sleeve shirts will be a new adventure - one that lets us enjoy skiing and stay in shape all the seasons of the year.What is sand...
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How to Buy a Inflatable Pontoon Boat
by Robert. Whether you want to go fishing or just want a boat that allows you to reach remote areas of the lake, then an inflatable pontoon boat is an excellent option. However, when it comes to buying an inflatable pontoon boat there are a few things you shou...
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How to Buy a New Boat
by Robert. As the last few weeks of winter come to a close and spring nears, the nicer weather and the chance to get outdoors causes many to consider the option of buying a new boat. If you have ever had the idea to buy a new boat then this is likely followed ...
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Minor League Wade Champeno Racing Team
by Wade Champeno. The Wade Champeno Race Team to run the ASA lATE Model Challenge Series in 2008. The team was started in 1989. The team ran all sorts of races from Go Karts to Street Stocks to Modifie
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Spend Your Summer in a Horse Camp
by Ron Victor. Now, the summer is fast approaching and are you considering sending your child to a summer camp with a horse program? Surely a lot of questions like what will my child learn? What kinds of horses are kept at these camps? Will normally arise.A summer...
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Top 10 Reasons to Own a Boat
by Robert. There are many good reasons why you should consider owning a boat. Below are just a few. 1.It gives you someplace to stay. 2.It's a cheap way to travel around the world. 3.You can travel to warmer climates in the winter 4.You don't have to pay real ...
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