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Skis And Bicycles Go To The Extreme Level Of Sking Fun
by Jim Brown. Part of the intrigue that people have about skiing down the ski slopes is the danger involved. Most people feel that they know how to ski, or well enough to feel that they will not get injured by running into a tree or another skier. There are other...
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A Few Handy Tips on Anchoring
by Robert. No matter how good the equipment you use, you can't have a secure anchor for your boat unless you know how to use the gear properly. Often boaters will refer to anchoring as an art that you learn and improve upon through experience. The first step i...
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Indian Cricket Continues to Rule the Heart of Cricket Fans
by Ella Wilson. Think cricket and you have to think of India. The two seem to be inseparable pair that share a love and hate relationship. When the players come home after a stunning victory over their rivals in field, the whole of India is seen cheering. The scena...
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Buy Right Mountaineering Equipment
by Jonathon Hardcastle. Buying the right mountaineering equipment for your trip is one of the most crucial factors in ensuring your safety where you're on a climb. Once you're up the side of that mountain, there's no emergency store where you can pick up an extra hat or s...
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Your Guide to High Performance Climbing Walls
by Kris Koonar. High Performance Climbing Walls are perfect options for Universities, Indoor climbing facilities, Health clubs, YMCA's, Recreation centers, or any facility that needs a custom rock climbing wall with a climbing features, durability, and high quality...
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Power Skating Training - Will it Improve My Game?
by Leaftech. If you hear one name over and over again along with the term "power skating", it is most likely that of National Hockey League defenceman Paul Coffey. Because Coffey was able to utilize his full speed and power when he was on the ice, he became know...
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Canada Pulls the Plug on Big Air
by Roger Munns. Certain ski resorts in Canada plan to make their slopes more family friendly by removing all of their man-made snow jumps. This is good news to some, especially if your father is bunny hill material, yet he still pretends to be a stuntman from a Jam...
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White Water Rafting Tips for Beginners
by Corbin Newlyn. If you and your friends and family are planning on spending your next vacation or holiday outdoors, why not do a little white water rafting? This activity is great for groups, and is ideal for people who enjoy being outside or in the water. If the i...
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Rock Climbing Wall Kits
by Kris Koonar. Going back in time, to when you were a child, you must be remembering all the lovely times spent in the jungle gym. In those days your jungle gym most likely had a slide, swings, and possibly a glider as well. That might have been all that you could...
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Tips to Finding the Right Snowboard Bindings
by Devin Sledgehammer. It is recommended that you buy boots before purchasing a pair of snowboard bindings, since you can fit your snowboard bindings snugly without worrying about the shoes being too big or too small. You will find the snowboard bindings in small, medium,...
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Rock Climbing Practice Walls
by Kris Koonar. A majority of people who indulge in sports aspire to sustain their body strength, no matter what. You would also come across a few individuals who would rather spend their free time working out at gyms, jogging in the closest park, or occupied in th...
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Portable Rock Climbing Walls
by Kris Koonar. Rock Climbing is an urbanized form of mountain climbing. Even though the sport began as a recreational activity, it is considered today as the layman's favorite recreation and offers its very own thrills. The roots of this sport lie in Europe, and i...
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Design Considerations For Climbing Walls
by Kris Koonar. Wall climbing is a sport, which needs a lot of strength and determination. But the design structure of the wall plays an important part too. That's simply because, if the design structure is not the way the climber wants it to be, there is no way th...
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How To Construct Your Own Home Climbing Wall
by Kris Koonar. If you are contemplating on the idea of building a home climbing wall in your garage, home or apartment, you should consider several factors. Do you have ample space to build the wall? Do you have the necessary skill for building one? Irrespective o...
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How to Wax a Surfboard
by Sebastian Grodd. Believe it or not, there's an art to this.Wax is the only thing connecting your feet to your board so it pays to get it right.1. Score
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How to Paint a Surfboard
by Sebastian Grodd. Let's pimp your ride.First you'll need to decide whether you want to paint the whole board, or just do a groovy design. I'll walk you through both proc
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Setting Up A Climbing Wall
by Kris Koonar. Many Health Experts believe that a rock-climbing wall is an answer to the regular gym problems a layman faces. The sport by itself offers a whole-body workout and strengthens an athlete's back and hands. It is the only overall exercise kit that is p...
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Types Of Climbing Walls
by Kris Koonar. Climbing is perhaps one of the best recreational activities that you can do for leisure and at the same time have the thrill that you always longed for. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise, when someone says that wall climbing has been recog...
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Rock Climbing Wall Equipment
by Kris Koonar. Today, you would find various equipment manufacturers that supply all necessary equipment for setting up indoor and outdoor climbing walls. While some only specialize in selling kits, there are many, who practically sell all kinds of climbing equipm...
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What Are Climbing Holds
by Kris Koonar. By the end of the twenty-first century, rock climbing had reached high popularity levels as a sport. The sport that combines the intense activities of mountaineering and trekking had become a recreational activity accepted by the local populi. Besid...
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Preventing Snowboarding Injuries
by Jim Garza. Snowboarding is called an extreme sport, and with good reason. If you are a snow boarder, your odds of sustaining some type of injuring during your snowboarding activities are more than 50%. Skiers and snowboarders, once they get going, can reach sp...
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Recreational Scuba Training - the Beginnings
by Kamil Wojtys. The earliest years of recreational scuba training were rigorous and labeled too militaristic by some educators and trainers. They argued that easier training would open diving to a greater portion of public, and make it more popular and profitable. ...
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Learn How the Wave Board Works
by Derek Cladek. The waveboard as a very unique a different design then most boards on the market. The board only has two wheels, which are free to rotate an entire 360 degrees, located under two separate decks that are connected by a spring loaded torsion bar. Th...
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Snowboard Brand Guide
by Andrew Cho. With snowboarding exploding in popularity, snowboard equipment manufacturers are popping up everywhere. To keep all the brands straight, here's a Snowboard Brand Guide to help you find your snowboarding gear!BurtonBurton is the brand that usually c...
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Performing Skateboarding Tricks
by Jim Brown. Performing skateboarding tricks without the proper equipment can be very dangerous but many skateboarders have done the tricks enough to feel comfortable with leaving knee pads behind and relying on a safety helmet to save their lives. One of the be...
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