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Isometrics Exercise - the Truth Revealed!
by Robert Deangelo. ?Isometric Exercise DiscussedWhat is Isometric Exercise?Isometric exercise is practiced by pushing or pulling an immovable object like a wall or bar anchored to the floor. Research has shown that a muscle contraction during Isometric exercise produc...
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Creatine Ethyl Ester Myths and Facts
by Mike Carter. If you have heard of creatine ethyl ester, there is a very good chance that you have heard many incorrect things about this form of creatine supplement. In this article, we will address many of the common misconceptions while presenting the facts a...
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Ultimate Basketball Training to Dominate the Court
by Dave Lemanczyk. Basketball training needs to be carefully designed based the movement patterns that exist within the game. This understanding allows players to train using dynamic movements that promote function. For example; an exercise that includes a movement ...
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Isometric Exercise- Breakthrough or a Scam?
by Frank Sherrill. What's up with the expression... "No pain, no gain! The absolute truth is that effective exercise doesn't' have to wear you out and leave you practically
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Tips for the Quickest Way to Get a Six Pack
by Gordon Holmes. ''What's the quickest way to get a six pack?" is probably the most common question I get asked at the gym. To all those who are wondering the same thing, follow thi
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Keg Training for Ultimate Physical Results
by Dave Lemanczyk. Attaining fitness is actually quite simple, with a barrel or a keg. Human fitness is an applied understanding of mankind's evolutionary physicality. Today just as yesterday, mankind's employment, daily physical requirements, mental challenges, and...
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Fast Muscle Building Strategies
by Charles Nash. Most of the people I talk to want to be able to build muscle, but they also want to do it fast. I'm going to present to you the fastest way you can build muscle. This isn't a quick fix or miracle strategy. There is no such thing when it comes to bui...
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Creatine Ethyl Ester Side Effects and Benefits
by Mike Carter. If you do much bodybuilding or weight training at all, then you have probably already tried creatine monohydrate or creatine ethyl ester supplements. If you have not yet tried supplementing with creatine, you should at least seriously consider it. ...
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Pumping Iron: The Art of Body Building
by Benjamin Brook. While people have always had a concept of beauty, that concept has changed throughout the years. Obese women were once the epitome of sexy because extra weight was a sign of health and hinted at their abilities to bear many children. Tanning booths ...
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Can Weightlifting Improve Your Overall Health?
by Gerry Marshall. Would you like to add a few healthy years to your life? Or maybe regain some of that miss-spent youthful vigor? Try weightlifting for a lift in your overall health. Weightlifting has many proven health benefits and is something you can do at any age...
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How to Get Fit and Build a World Class Physique
by J.P. Davis. Being in great shape is something that is grossly underestimated in today's society and certainly something that can have a massive impact on your overall quality of life. Unfortunately, many of us get busy with work and day to day activities that w...
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What Is The Right Weight to Use In Bodybuilding?
by Adrian Alexa. A lot of bodybuilders have some problems with choosing the right weights to use when bodybuilding or basically said, strength training. You need to understand that any exercise you do against resistance is strength training. There are various ty...
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How I Came To The Fastest Build Muscle Tone Method
by Sasha James. You are not inspired for gym today? Are you maybe getting tired of not seeing results from your workouts? Despite you try hard to follow exercise routine and diet it seems you don't advance fast. Many people are facing this exact same problem while ...
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Ultimate How To Gain Muscle Mass Program
by Sasha James. There are so many programs on how to gain weight and muscle mass around nowadays. It is confusing and frustrating for those who are searching for proved and high quality system. You see, when I decided to transform my body from quite ugly looking to...
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Weight Training - The 5 Stages of Power Development
by Kyle Oxenham. Whether you want to lift more weight or get stronger, Knowing how power is developed in your body is key to getting stronger and more powerful in your sport, activity or weight training itself. There are 5 key components to developing mega power: 1....
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How To Build Build Muscle Safely With Natural Bodybuilding
by Cliff Baker. Natural Bodybuilding simply refers to a special type of bodybuilding regimen. It's one of the many different approaches that an individual can take when competing in the sport of bodybuilding. Natural Bodybuilding is the most commonly used term when...
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Easymusclebuilding-do High Reps Build Muscle?
by Bill Jolloff. One of the many questions that comes up in a bodybuilder's mind is how many reps should I perform?We all know that a rep range of 1 to 5 would be suited for power and a range of 8 to 12 would be best for muscle building and anything more would be be...

Desperate to Lose Weight Quickly- Find the Secrets
by Garen Arnold. Help! I'm Desperate to Lose Weight Quickly!Are you desperate to lose weight quickly? Have you tried and failed at losing weight again and again? Are you overwhelmed by all of the weight loss programs, weight loss diets, weight loss shakes, and weigh...
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Bodybuilding Diets Are Not About Eating Fewer Calories
by Benjamin Brook. The main aim that every bodybuilder has in mind when considering choosing proper bodybuilding diets, is that the diet they choose should help to build more muscle while at the same time remove fat from the body. What's more, such diets in most insta...
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Christian Bale Batman Workout
by Jimmy Smith. Christian Bales Batman workout for the upcoming Dark Knight sequel has turned the actor from skinny to jacked in a matter of weeks. For the Dark Knight, Christian Bale underwent an intense training regime to make sure that he was a believable Batman...
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Harrison Ford Indiana Jones Workout
by Jimmy Smith. Harrison Fords Indiana Jones workout is about as tough of a movie star workout as it gets. For Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford is performing an intense workout and nutrition regime since the movie requires him to be in top physical shape since he needs...
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Women Are Born To Be Strong, So Train The Muscles!
by Nina Redza. Why should women embrace strength training exercises as a part of their lifestyle? The reasons are many but one main reason is that muscular tissues are intended to be used to maintain physic
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Bodybuilding Stimulants Can Help Your Workouts
by Benjamin Brook. If you're a bodybuilder and you can't seem to find the energy to get through your workouts, you won't be able to stand out amongst your competition once on stage. In order to make it as a champion bodybuilder, you have to give your all during each a...
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Bodybuilding Without Going to the Gym
by Cliff Baker. Bodybuilding is best done in a gym complete with free weights and exercise equipment. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford going to the gym. This includes students, teenagers, and individuals still working out their bills and debt payments. Does t...
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Quickly Build Massive Chest Muscles
by Steve Hochman. One of my favorite all time lines from a television sitcom is "Would you rather have rock hard pecks or saggy man breast?" Well think about it, which would you rather have? Men aren't supposed to have breast so let's figure out how to get rid of tho...
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