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Choices In Fishing Products
by Jim Brown. Most people rely on others to learn about the choices that they have in fishing products. Perhaps they have not had the chance to fish recently and want to learn all about the new gadgets and accessories that make this competitive sport so relaxing ...
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Tides - The Key to Good Fishing
by Jimmy Cox. It sounds like black magic but a thorough knowledge of tides and their influence on fishing in your area pays big dividends. It's one key to success in salt-water fishing. Charter-boat captains and fishing guides know this and make a close study of ...

Using the Best Fishing Line Knots
by Josh Neumann. Being able to tie the right fishing line knots is extremely important to being an effective fisherman. Unfortunately, many fishermen are unaware of how to do fishing knots properly. Here are some important tips to help you to find out this informati...
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Bass Fishing Lures: Use The Right Lure To Land Your Next Catch
by William Scott. In the world of bass fishing, the amateur and competitive nature of this sport has attracted a rather large following that has only continued to gain popularity over the years. In order to become a success, using fishing lures and bait is a must. De...
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How To Hook A Lure For Bass Fishing
by Abhishek Agarwal. You may already be a master of bass fishing or you may be just setting out to explore the excitement this sport has to offer. Whatever your reason you have made a wise choice and have many hours of excitement lying ahead of you. You will always have...
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6 Fishing Tips To Hook Some King Alaska Salmon!
by Abhishek Agarwal. There are very few fishing destinations that could be compared to an Alaskan fishing location. It is not easy to hook the Salmon and you will need a few tricks up your sleeve irrespective of your being a seasoned angler or a beginner. With the right...
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Tips on Texas Catfish Fishing
by Daniel Eggertsen. Texas catfish fishing can be one of the most rewarding types of fishing that you take on. Everyone has heard it said that things are bigger in Texas, and maybe it is true, because large numbers of huge catfish are pulled from hundreds of bodies of ...
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Planning a Great Catfish Fishing Trip
by Daniel Eggertsen. Seems like a no brainer, doesn't it? You just throw your bait and tackle in a bag, grab your interstate map, and hit the road. Actually, a good fishing trip depends more on planning than you might imagine. You can always just hit the road, find a...
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The Basics of Jugging For Catfish - Techniques and Tips
by Daniel Eggertsen. Jugging for catfish is a great way to catch tons of fish, with a minimum of cost or effort. You'll see it sometimes called 'juglining,' but it's the same thing. It basically involves putting a bunch of jugs out there in the water that have a line ...
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The Best Florida Bass Fishing
by Daniel Eggertsen. In this article I am going to discuss two excellent places in Florida to fish for Largemouth Bass. One is the largest and most well known lake in the state, the other an overlooked hotspot I have fished with great success. They each require a diffe...
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The Best Way to Catch Largemouth Bass
by Daniel Eggertsen. There are several huge behavioral differences between Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass. In a lake you generally find Smallmouth Bass in deep and rocky sections of the lake. Largemouth Bass on the other hand prefer weedy portions of the lake. Largem...
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How to Choose the Best Bass Fishing Lures
by Daniel Eggertsen. Anyone familiar with bass fishing knows there are several variables that determine what type bass fishing lures work best, and theories and opinions on what works best are as plentiful and varied as the people who enjoy the sport of bass fishing. T...
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Tips To Purchase The Ideal Fishing Boat For Yourself!
by Abhishek Agarwal. While fishing is a profession for the lower rungs of the community in many countries around the world, in the US fishing is a favorite pastime of the wealthier lot of society. Many an affluent American will spend a lot of time enjoying this water sp...
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Allcoast Fishing Plans: A Great Way to Get to Know the Industry
by Abhishek Agarwal. Online fishing knowledge databases are fast becoming the need of the day with many people searching the online stores for the best deals in fishing equipment and tour plans. The Allcoast sport fishing is one such valuable portal where you could get ...
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AuSable River Salmon Fishing : A Heaven For Every Angler!
by Abhishek Agarwal. Ausable is a river that can be found in the north-eastern part of Michigan. The river starts out in the proximity of the town of Crawford in Michigan, and lazily flows through Michigan to finally end its long journey emptying into Lake Huron. AuSabl...
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Some Facts About Largemouth Bass Fishing
by William Scott. To be a successful largemouth bass fisherman, you need to know a little about the type of fish that you are fishing for. You can tell a largemouth bass by the distinctive jagged edged stripes on either side of the fish created by a series of dark sp...
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Dolphin Fishing Made Easy!
by Marilyn Davis. During the late spring, summer, and fall in the Keys, fishing for dolphin, also known as mahi-mahi, is the best time of fishing in the whole yearThat's dolphin the fish, mahi mahi, not dolphin, the "Flipper", porpoise. Our dolphin fish are an exciti...
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Steelhead Fishing on the Muskegon River
by Brent Vanderstelt. Anglers love nothing better than to fight a winter steelhead on Michigan's Muskegon River in Newaygo. These powerful fish are known as hot chrome torpedoes and can
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Fly Fishing Gear
by Steve W Sharpe. The term "fly fishing gear" can be used to refer to a lot of parts of your fly fishing supplies. In this article, we'll discuss various piece of fly fishing gear that are import
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Loving the Ling: a Tribute to the Ugliest Fish in the Sea
by Mike Powers. The ling or "eelpout" is without a doubt a disgusting, repulsive, annoying, slimy, smelly and unattractive fish in the sea. Despite these negative qualities, it has a delicious lobster-like taste and boasts its own annual festival near Walker, Minn...
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Fly Fishing for Trout
by Steve W Sharpe. Fly fishing is most often done for the various species of trout that exist in the waters and streams of the Western United States. For example, a fly fishing trip to Colorado will fin
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Fly Fishing for Steelhead
by Steve W Sharpe. Fly fishing for steelhead fish can be a challenging and rewarding experience. These amazing fish share their heritage with the Atlantic and Pacific salmon. Although they are native t
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How to Locate Fish in the Surf
by Jimmy Cox. One of the toughest problems confronting the novice in surf fishing is the one of locating the fish that venture inshore to feed. As the beginner glances up and down the miles of beach, he is likely to scratch his head and wonder where he should cas...
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How to Understand the Sport of Fishing
by Jimmy Cox. Every year more than thirty million people in the United States go fishing. Behind this vast migration to our streams, lakes, bays, and oceans, there lies a greater motivation than the desire for food and exercise. It is simply that fishing is fun -...
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Fly Fishing for Bass
by Steve W Sharpe. When you mention fly fishing to people, many times they think you are fishing exclusively for trout. However, there are some amazing spots you can fly fish for trophy sized bass as we
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