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Considerations About Bass Fishing Tackle
by Wade Robins. Bass fishing has long been popular throughout the southern region of the United States of America. In fact, the enthusiasm for this sport has expanded far beyond the borders of the south. Now people enjoy fishing for bass throughout the world. It ha...
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Fishing the Birds
by J.Dean. Some of the hottest action you'll find on the Texas Coast is fishing under feeding birds. When they group up and start hitting the water, it's usually for one reason, and that is they are
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Bass Fishing: Hot Tips And Secrets To Landing Monster Bass.
by Vernon Rich. Bass fishing is one of the most popular fishing sports around the world.Landing a monster bass is the goal of the dedicated person who hunts for these prized fish whether to release the fish after an exhilarating battle or to fillet out a slab of th...
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Lake Erie Walleye Fishing - Best Spots/Tips
by Daniel Eggertsen. Some of the best spots on Lake Erie for great walleye fishing are located in Ohio and Pennsylvania. The most popular spot in Ohio is the Toledo shipping channel. You have to travel out a few miles to reach the channel were the walleye seem to be in ...
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How to Make Fresh-Water Spin Bugs
by Jimmy Cox. One of the most effective lures for black bass in fresh water is the so-called "bass bug" which is used with a fly rod. However, these bugs are too light to cast with a casting or spinning rod. But the angler who wants to use such tackle can easily ...
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Fishing With a GPS System
by Mike Powers. In this day and age, you would be hard pressed to find a fishing boat without some sort of fish finding device. GPS devices have become the latest in technology and water safety when it comes to fishing. They are used as a means of navigation and a ...
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Equipment you Need to Become a Master Fly Fisherman
by Steve W Sharpe. Just as with any other sport, the equipment you use when fly fishing can be very important. There are various types of equipment that you need when you undertake fly fishing, and be p
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Putting a Line on Cats
by Daniel Eggertsen. With all the talk about catfishing rigs of various sorts, the focus is frequently on the terminal gear, and the bait, and the rod and reel, and where and how to fish for the Big'uns, but not much is often said about the line used to fish for these m...
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Jug Fishing for Cats
by Daniel Eggertsen. Of all of the numerous tried and true methods for hauling in a big catfish, jug fishing, or "juggin'" is one of the most popular among seasoned catfishermen. Jug fishing's simple approach and high return, combined with the low cost of the materials ...
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Noodling - Adventures In Bare-Handed Fishing!
by Daniel Eggertsen. It's an age-old fishing technique that my uncle taught me down in the Ozarks of southern Missouri - Noodling. Noodling means catching catfish with nothing more than your bare hand and quick reflexes.No matter what you call it, tickling, hogging, gr...
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Tackle for the Average Bass Fisherman
by Daniel Eggertsen. The fishing rod is the first basic piece of tackle the average bass fisherman needs to consider. I recommend a medium or medium light action graphite spinning rod. I advise buying a rod six foot long. This rod can be used in a variety of differen...
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Catching Those Northern Canadian Pike In The Late Autumn
by Cary Z. Francis. How do you catch the wily Northern Pike in late autumn period when the Northern Pile have set up along weed and reed lines and along shorelines littered with fallen trees and submerged wood?Be innovative - employ slightly larger than normal (¾...
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Fish Mounts And Your Trophy Catch
by Garvin Douglas. Fish mounts come in several shapes sizes, colors and materials. There is much more to them than you might at first think. Whether you want to bring home a trophy to remind you of your recent fishing vacation or you simply want an attractive wall dec...
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Fishing Those Killer Canadian Pike Fish Year Round
by Cary Z. Francis. Northern Canadian Pike are reputed to be among the wiliest fish around the globe. You can be sure that the huge Northern Canadian Pike at the end of your rod, thrashing away, is giving you among the hardest and most challenging catches you have ever...
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Release Those Fishing Urges With Free Bass Fishing Games
by Tyler James Ellison. Satisfy your craving for fishing not only through the waters but with your home PC too! Do not fret if it is not bass fishing season or the weather is not good for fishing. You can experience the rush and fun of bass fishing anytime and at the comfo...
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Bamboo and Split Cane Rods
by Shareen Aguilar. For anglers who love to catch fish, one of modern technology's contributions is evident with the development of the fly fishing rod.Originally, fly fishing rods were simply made from bamboo and split cane. But before bamboo was discovered for fly fi...
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Fly Lures
by Shareen Aguilar. A lure can be anything with feathers, fur, ribbon, beads and other sorts of artificial materials tied to the hook. A fly lure's main purpose is to attract or imitate a target species. The materials used for a lure are made in a sense so they can app...
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Fly Tying Tools
by Shareen Aguilar. Fly Tying ViseFly Tying ScissorsThread BobbinBodkin andWhip FinisherFirst on the list is the fly tying vise. It is important because it acts as "another hand" since it mainly holds the hook in place as you tie the fly to it. What you need to prepare...
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Rod Guides
by Shareen Aguilar. Now, a rod has guides. These guides are also called "the eyes" because these are the ones which tells you whether there is already a caught fish or not at the end of the line. You'll simply get a "feel" if you're going to have a fish for dinner.Just...
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Tips in Making Tippet Knots for your Fly
by Shareen Aguilar. It's described to be the smallest diameter of the portion of the tapered leader. To avoid confusion, the leader is the material located between the fly and fly line. It's a material made of monofilament and is usually tapered so that the fly doesn't...
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Youve Gotta be Nuts to Noodle for Catfish!
by Bob Alexander. The first time I experienced the fear and excitement of watching someone noodle for catfish, it scared the heck out of me. Noodling, or grabblin as it's called in some circles, is
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Secrets Of Salt-Water Fishing Plugs
by Jimmy Cox. There are many reasons why you should make your own salt-water fishing plugs. First, of course, is to save some money since the larger plugs are quite expensive if purchased. Anglers lose more salt-water plugs than fresh-water plugs. It is possible ...
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Wade Fishing Essentials
by J.Dean. Wade fishing has really exploded over the past few years. There's something about slipping into the water and becoming "one" with creation, it's therapeutic in more ways than one. An
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Catch Those Monster Northern Canadian Pike
by Kerry A. Francis. The Northern Canadian Pike Fish - the dream of the avid fishermen who pine away to visit the Northern Canadian exclusive fishing areas and lodges well deserves its reputation as a fierce and wily foe. Northern Pike are an amazingly adaptable predato...
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The History of Fly Fishing
by Bob Bastian. No one really knows when fly fishing first began. It is believed that it existed long ago in ancient times. One of the earliest written references to fly fishing was made by Claudius Aelianus. In 200 AD he wrote of people that were fishing in a ri...
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