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Gearing Up For Indiana Walleye Fishing
by Daniel Eggertsen. In the natural lakes of Indiana, walleye fishing rates as one of the most popular type of catch that anglers target these days, ranking above even salmon, trout, muskies, and stripers. In fact, only largemouth bass still seem to outrank the walleye...
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Saltwater Kayak Fishing Tips
by Daniel Eggertsen. It may sound like a strange idea, especially considering the amount of space you may need to store your catch, but saltwater kayak fishing is actually a very popular sport in many areas. Of course, there is more than one type of kayak and more than...
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Saltwater Speckled Trout Fishing Advice
by Daniel Eggertsen. There are so many different saltwater species that you can fish for that you are never at a loss for the various choices of fish. However, whatever choice you make, you'll want to know the best ways to target the species. One of the favored pastim...
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Sure-Fire Saltwater Fishing Tips For Ocean Anglers
by Daniel Eggertsen. When you embark on any kind of trip or excursion, you'll need some sort of expert information in order to prepare yourself for the trials and tribulations you may experience along the way. Of all the various things you can do, leaving for a trip wi...

What to Look for in Pontoon Bass Boats
by Robert. When it comes to fishing, pontoon bass boats are the best way to get around the water whether it is a small lake or a river. When you look at the market today there are many types of pontoon bass boats to choose from. There are three tips to follow ...
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Types of Fishing Pontoon Boats
by Robert. When it comes to fishing on the lake or river the ideal platform is the pontoon boat. However, this doesn't mean that all pontoon boats will work for every situation. Before purchasing a pontoon boat you will need to carefully consider the different...
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Using Pontoon Fly Fishing Boats
by Robert. When it comes to fly fishing, pontoon boats are an excellent choice. Many have a wrong impression of pontoon boats. When you hear that word you may be thinking of the huge party boats that clutter lakes or the small kinds with peddles. However, ther...
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Choosing Bass Boats for Sale
by Robert. If you are into fishing then you likely think that bass fishing is one of the best sports in the world. You are not alone; a growing number of people are starting to feel this way. As a bass fishing enthusiast you are likely starting to stock up on ...
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Fantastic Family Fishing Tips
by Robert. For the family the water is an excellent place to teach and learn. However, the key to gaining the benefits of fishing with the family is to prepare before you even head to the water. Take the time to teach your child the basics of casting, reeling,...
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Learning How to Fish Info
by Paul Zayer. You have decided that you want to learn to fish. We will call it Fishing 101. There are many ways to learn, the hardest is trial and error. It sure is better to find a teacher for one-on-one lessons. But lets stick to the basics of learning how to f...
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Fly Fishing Supplies
by Steve W Sharpe. Besides the obvious supplies of rods and reels, there are really a lot of other supplies you should have in your fly fishing arsenal. It can make the difference between a great fishin
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Fly Fishing Trips
by Steve W Sharpe. So you've decided that it's time for you to take your very first fly fishing trip. You've been practicing your casting and you've got all your flies ready to land a big fish.
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Fly Fishing Lures
by Steve W Sharpe. In the general sport of fishing, you use lures to catch your fish; however, when you are fly fishing, the word lure only marginally applies. Sure, you are trying to lure the fish to y
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Fly Fishing Knots
by Steve W Sharpe. When you are fly fishing, tying the right knots can make a world of difference in your success or failure. It's important to not only select the right knot for the situation but als
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Fly Fishing in the Unspoilt Waters of Canada
by Steve W Sharpe. Canada is a beautiful country with so many places where you can practice the art of fly fishing with some very satisfying results. Fly fishing in Canada can not only give you the exper
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Fly Fishing in Alaska
by Steve W Sharpe. The forty-ninth state in our union is a wonderland of lakes and mountains and rivers and streams. Fly fishing in Alaska is one of the most captivating experiences that fly fishermen c
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Fly Fishing Guides
by Steve W Sharpe. Fly fishing has grown in popularity over the years to the point it is at now - an almost obsession for many avid outdoorsmen (and women!) When looking for a guide to fly fishing, yo
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Gifts for the Fly Fisherman
by Steve W Sharpe. Are you looking for the perfect gift for the fly fisher in your life? There are many options you have when giving a gift to the person who loves fly fishing. Some of them can be expe
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Spring Northern Pike Fishing in Canada
by Steve Snyder. Spring is an excellent time to fish for Northern Pike in Canada. Pike spawn right after the ice melts in spring when the water gets up around 40 F.After spawning Northern Pike get very hungry. Pike are naturally aggressive so they are just voracious...
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The First Time We Doubled Up Fishing for Bluefin Tuna
by Jeffrey Van Dalsum. Imagine yourself waking up at 3 a.m on a gorgeous early summer morning. You've got your rods, reels, and equipment loaded up in your truck. You've got your cooler packed with a few afternoon snacks and some drinks. You're heart is pounding with the ...
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Canada Fly in Fishing
by Steve Snyder. Canada Fly In FishingFor some reason fly in fishing is still somewhat of a secret. I don't personally know anybody outside of our fishing party that goes on Canada fly in fishing trips.When I stop to think about it I have mixed feelings. On one hand...
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Canada Fly in Fishing - Camp or Lodge?
by Steve Snyder. Canada Fly In Fishing - Camp or Lodge?Deciding to fly in to camp in a tent or stay in a cabin or lodge can only be a tough decision for a die hard camper. It's an experience of roughing it without any common luxuries for 4 days to a week or more. I ...
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Lets Go Big Game Fishing
by Michiel Van Kets. Big-game fishing, offshore sport fishing or offshore game fishing are all one and the same, catching lean fish such as tuna and marlin in the open sea. Popular both as a sport and for recreation, there are regular annual tournaments arranged or off...
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The Delkim Alarm Has it All
by James Baxer. In the last decade or so there has been a whole new set of bite alarms released onto the market for all types of anglers. Bite alarms are a way of finding out if you have a bite or not, usually they are comprised of handsets which beep when your lin...
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Delkim - the Leading Bite Indicator History
by Tony Savour. Fishing has been a very popular sport/hobby for a long time now and has been going on for ever and is not by any means looking like it is going to die out. There are anglers all over the world in every country, it is a way of life for a lot of peopl...
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