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From Snowboarding Zero to Hero: Basic Pointers to Learn
by Jasmine Stone. There is much debate as to where snowboarding originated. But whether snowboarding descended from skiing or skateboarding, snowboarding is a legitimate sport that requires a descent on a snowy slope using a snowboard. It is difficult to really point...
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Accident-free Skiing and Snowboarding, Anyone?
by Jasmine Stone. Many people have different opinions about the relationship between skiing and snowboarding. Some hardcore enthusiasts in these sports maintain that these two are distinct and different from each other. Nonetheless, skiing and snowboarding share the ...
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Motocross E-books and Mx Racing Tips
by Groshan Fabiola. Motocross is a very exciting sport whose popularity exceeds that of many other sports. This death-defying and high-flying extreme sport attracts many people, both as racers and as spectators. If you are one of those motocross lovers, you probably al...
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Motocross Journal Software
by Groshan Fabiola. Practice makes perfect - isn't that what they always say? This saying holds for every sport and motocross is no exception. In fact, when it comes to excellent performance in motocross, practice is of essence, considering how demanding this sport is....
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My Favourite Hobby: Snow Boarding
by Jasmine Stone. Since moving into the suburbs, I have developed a new hobby: snow boarding. Snow boarding is great fun, and the reason I got started is because I used to go surfing when I lived by the beach, and when I moved away from the coast I had to find someth...
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How to Buy a Snowboard
by Jasmine Stone. Buying a Snowboard isn't as trouble-free as it used to be. There are approximately 20 various types of Snowboards. With so many enormous choices, the snowboarder in the present day needs to be knowledgeable, so I put this list together in hopes that...
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Getting Started With Snow Boarding
by Jasmine Stone. If you are thinking about getting started with snow boarding then it really does not have to be as difficult as you are probably imagining. For a start, you can be sure that whatever you are planning to do you can be sure that as soon as you hit the...
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Snowboarding at Its Best
by Jasmine Stone. Snowboarding by itself is a fun and safe sport which is basically a cross between skiing and skateboarding. Using a single large snowboard, enthusiasts rush down slopes through the snow. The feel and balance is quite different from regular skiing si...
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Choosing a Snow Boarding Instructor
by Jasmine Stone. Choosing a snow boarding instructor can be a very difficult choice, and one that comes down to your judgement more than anything else, however by following a few basic rules and asking the correct questions you can be sure that your choice will mak...
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Snowboarding Gear for Fun
by Jasmine Stone. With the winter season fast closing in on us, it's time to start getting ready to hit the slopes. Burton Snowboarding Gear is one of the best companies to come up with snowboarding equipment that keeps the fun-loving ones in mind. Where other snowbo...
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Avoiding Common Snowboarding Injuries
by Jasmine Stone. Snowboarding is a fun sport to undertake but it has its risks that you need to be aware of. Nothing would suck more that returning from a snowboarding trip with a broken leg or sprained wrist. There are a number of broad safety measures you can fo...
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Skateboarding and Its Culture
by Jay. Skateboarding has been a popular sport for the past 3 decades, and is quite modern. In fact, skateboarding has been around since 1980, which happens to be the year in which the first modern skateboard was made. Since then, both young and the not so ...
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Quad Bike Trekking
by Synapse India. As the world of personal transportation is getting improved, the popularity of quad biking is increasing day-by-day. Quads refer to four wheeled motorcycles and scooters that help you to move to one place to another shortly. Usually, quads provide y...
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Tips for Selecting Snowboard or Ski Goggles
by Don Shalin. The earliest use of snow goggles starts with the Inuit people who lived in the coastal regions of what are now Siberia, Greenland, and Alaska. Archeologists have uncovered prehistoric sites thousands of years old with snow goggles in them. The Inu...
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Raikkonen Wins Malaysian Grand Prix
by Roger Munns. Lewis Hamilton may have wrapped up the opening race of the Formula One season, but Kimi Raikkonen snagged the second. Determined to defend his world championship record, Raikkonen raced to victory at the Malaysian Grand Prix. The rest of his competi...
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How The New Rule Changes Are Affecting Formula One
by Thomas Pretty. The world of Formula 1 is still trying to acclimatise to the loss of the traction control systems. While sponsors and merchandise producers are happy with the prospect of more exciting races and an increase in spin offs and accidents, drivers and te...
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Improved Performance and Results With Motocross Tips
by Groshan Fabiola. Motocross racing is becoming more and more popular by the day. This sporting activity is a good means for fun and entertainment for spectators, most of whom are unaware of the extent to which the demands of this sport go. At first sight, motocross r...
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Kite Landboarding for Extreme Sport Enthusiast
by Christine OKelly. Those who are into skateboarding tend to be thrill seekers. They are fun, adrenaline-loving, and ahead of the curve. They are always open to something new and exciting to try out. If this sounds like you or someone you know, then you'll definitely ...
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Why Skiing Accidents May Happen Even at the Best Resorts
by Muna wa Wanjiru. Skiing accidents may happen even at the best resorts. If you have adequate knowledge about the types of accidents that may happen while skiing, then you can avoid the accidents. The com
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A Look at a Brief History of Skiing
by Muna wa Wanjiru. The skiing sport requires the use of common device called skis. The skiing device helps the skier to slide on the snow with the help of ski bindings that are attached with the boots of
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Mountain Biking Trail Brief Around Bend Oregon
by Art Gib. Deschutes national forest is a swarm of Ponderosa and other evergreen trees that carpet the country on the outskirts of the Cascade mountain range. Not far out of the short span of high-priced seasonal homes and lodging near the Bend, Oregon perimet...
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Understanding Ski Mountaineering
by Harvey Wienersmyth. As the years go by, people are increasingly interested in exploring new ways to push themselves when it comes to sports and other activities. Ski mountaineering is one such way that people can push themselves and find new ways to experience the thri...
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Winter Time Snowmobiling Racing Ice And Snow
by Jadran N. Transcona. The thrill of ditch of "ditch banging " your snowmobile on the winter snowmobiling trail is that adrenaline "high" that many winter sled drivers live for. Simply put these fanatical snow and ice divers are adrenalin junkies performing different feat...
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Closeout Wakeboard Bindings Allow You To Save Your Cash
by Brue Baker. A wakeboarder's binding is just as important as the wakeboard itself. Many wakeboarders are always out to get the latest binding for their board. However they are also spending a pretty penny to do so. What they should look for are closeout wakeboar...
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Do You Know The History of Wakeboarding?
by Brue Baker. Although wakeboarding is considered a relatively new sport, there is still quite an interesting and complex history behind it. It is first important to know that wakeboarding is actually not a single sport but rather a combination of various ones, a...
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