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The Ultimate Formula for Success
by Stephen Kraus, Ph.D..Why is true success so rare? Why does research show that over 80% of people break their New Year's resolutions? Why do most attempts to lose weight, quit smoking and start businesses fail? Of cours...
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Are You Controlling or Loving Yourself?
Topic : Stop Judging Yourself
by Margaret Paul, Ph.D..How often do you hear a parental voice in your head that says things like, “You’ve got to lose weight,” or “You should get up earlier every morning and exercise,” or “Today I should get caught up on ...
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Traditional vs. New Age Self Defense
Topic : Self Defense-Stun Guns
by Joe Lau.The alternative self defense product, stun gun, requires a bit of introduction. A lot of people when they first hear the term “stun gun”, they actually think of the little gadget featured in many sc...
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Eureka! I’ve Found It!
Topic : Expect the Most from Life
by Gene Simmons.OK, so it wasn’t quite that big of a deal. But I did find the “T” that mysteriously escaped from the word “not” in one of my articles a few months ago. Yep, I found it all right. Right at the end ...
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More Companies Using Job Interview Phone Screening
Topic : What to do during a Telephone Job Interview
by Carole Martin.Planning and preparing before you begin to send out resumes could save you some embarrassing moments when you receive that unexpected call. You just never know when that phone is going to ring. Le...
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Ageless Principles of Success(6)
Topic : The Importance of the Present
by Song Chengxiang.With Proven Techniques for practical applications. The Principle of NOW: Dear friend, have you ever wonder what time is? Once you truly understand the real meaning of time, you will never experienc...
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101 Tips on Life : What is the Color of the Wind?
Topic : 101 Tips on Life - Life Important Recipes
by Rodney Ohebsion."What is the color of the wind?" "Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes and the grass grows by itself." "When I eat, I eat. When I sleep, I sleep." "What is your original face, before your mot...
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Wisdom of the Worlds Proverbs
by Rodney Ohebsion.You don't have to excavate diamond mines or oil fields to find one of the world's greatest treasures. All you need to do is look at the world's proverbs--the "people's wisdom." Legendary Spanish writ...
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101 Tips on Life - Teachings of the Success Masters
Topic : 101 Tips on Life - Life Quotes, Life Lessons & Life Teachings
by Rodney Ohebsion.Authors such as Napoleon Hill have produced a great deal of writings that form the classic success philosophy of the early 1900s. Most of this material is as applicable today as it was back then, an...
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If You Want Other People to Like You, Like Yourself First!
Topic : How to get People to Like You
by Royane Real.Many of us mistakenly believe that it’s wrong or conceited, to think we have any good qualities. We may spend a lot of time berating ourselves for our negative qualities, thinking that self criticis...
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7 Tips For Lasting Motivation And Greater Success
Topic : Tips for Success and Motivation
by Peter Murphy.Lasting motivation is possible once you adopt an outlook that allows you to be more successful. Here are seven tips you can use today to overcome procrastination and start achieving much more. 1. Su...
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Control, Helplessness, and Love
Topic : How to Stop Controlling Behaviour
by Margaret Paul, Ph.D..During my 35 years of counseling individuals, couples, families and business partners, I have discovered that an important purpose of our controlling behavior in our relationships is to avoid the fee...
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Writing a Resume: To Template Or Not To Template?
Topic : Tips on Resume Writing,Writing a Resume: To Template Or Not To Template?
by Kathi MacNaughton.Are free resume templates a viable answer to preparing a killer resume? It’s a fact that if your resume doesn’t stand out--both in terms of content AND appearance-- you’ll find it very difficult to ...
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Avoid the Tendency to Underestimate Your Greatness
Topic : The Danger of Underestimating Yourself
by Josh Hinds.As a whole I think there is a sad tendency in most of us to underestimate just how powerful we are. Just how much greatness lies inside each and every one of us - just waiting to get out. The reality...
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10 Ways To Boost Your Creativity
Topic : 10 Ways To Boost Your Creativity - Tips to Improve Creativity
by Julie Plenty.Creativity is your birthright – but can often be hidden in the everyday. To facilitate your personal development and self growth, here are some creativity tips you can use to resurrect, refresh an...
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5 Tips to Help You Win Big & Become a Village Hero
Topic : Tips on how to Win Big
by Rene Godefroy.A few years ago, I returned to my impoverished village in Haiti. Many in the village came to see me—the tiny and diseased child they didn’t expect to make it. Some of them used to call me Souyen and ...
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How to Save Yourself from Negative Influences
by Michael Lee.Watching the news can be hazardous to your health. It's a fact, especially when you're watching events related to terrorism, kidnapping, murder, accidents, or calamities. These incidents make you wo...
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Nine Career "Zappers"
Topic : Secrets to Business Success
by John Robertson.Today, everyone is looking for the secret to business success. Professionals read books, take training classes, ask questions, study others that are successful and strive to outperform themselves. H...
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Creating A Gratitude Journal
by Doreene Clement.grate.ful adj. 1 a : appreciative of benefits received: syn. thankful 4.19.02 Today I am grateful for _______________ . As I write the above line, I wonder, "What is my answer?" My first thought is...
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Curbing the Public Nuisance (Part 1)
by David Leonhardt.He's been around since the dawn of humanity. His profession is even older than the world's oldest profession. He's been loathed and reviled by politicians, bureaucrats and hot dog vendors. I am spe...
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Curbing the Public Nuisance (Part 2)
by David Leonhardt.Yes, that pillar of society that has been with us since that slithery dude threw humanity for a curve in the Garden of Eden – that cornerstone of society has been automated. I am speaking, of course,...
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The Inevitable Job Interview Question
by Carole Martin.This is a question that you can almost count on being asked at your next interview What the interviewer wants to know is, “Why are you available?” The answer you give could set the tone for the rest...
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Turning Their Loss Into Your Job Gain
by Robert Moment.It isn’t the end of the world, even if it seems like it. Losing your job can be a heart-breaking experience. After all, your security in life and your abilities is now in question. You can feel disil...
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Walt Disney, the Inspiration to Form a Better Life?
by Neil Millar.You, like many others, may have come to this article because you want more from life. In this sense, you and I may be alike because we’re searching for greater happiness and a stronger sense of fu...
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From The WorkWise Collection: Job Hunting in the New Economy
by Mary Jeanne Vincent.To succeed in today’s global marketplace, companies must hire the best and the brightest. Having talented employees can make the difference between success and failure. Job hunting in this new eco...
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