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Chuck Liddell And His Mixed Martial Arts Role
by Phoenix Delray. Chuck The Iceman Liddell was born on December 17, 1969 in Santa Barbara, California and is a mixed martial artist, a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and a former UFC Light Heavy weight champion. Liddell is known for his standup fighting techniqu...
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MMA Fighter Dies After Fight
by Phillip Longmire. I have to admit I love all sports. Everything from MMA to bowling. I haven't always felt this way but as I age and become slower, I seem to appreciate any athletic ability, even if it is throwing a ball down a lane.However, when it comes to Mixed Ma...
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Who Else Wants To Know The History Of Karate
by Madison Greene. The history of Karate and other types of martial arts goes back thousands of years. For me it goes back to when I started to take karate classes in middle school after being inspired from watching a series of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris movies. There...
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How to Practice Self Defense
by Jimmy Cox. The word Ketsugo means combination. In essence it is a combination of the best and most effective self defense moves from the greatest methods of hand-to-hand combat ever devised.Training and ConditionAs Ketsugo is a physical art, training and condi...
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Unlock the Secrets of the Art of Judo
by Jimmy Cox. With the rapid expansion of interest in judo throughout the world today, there has developed a need for more understanding of the art and science of this sport. The terms jujitsu and judo are common to our knowledge, but the difference in their mean...
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Who Else Wants To Learn Extreme Martial Arts?
by Madison Greene. With the recent surge in popularity of UFC fighting, many people are curious about learning extreme martial arts. This type of self defense is a combination of many martial arts styles using a combination of philosophies, movements, methods and tech...
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Chuck Liddell Vs Wanderlei Silva
by Jon Murray. One of the most anticipated fights in the short history of mixed martial arts is Chuck Liddell versus Wanderlei Silva. Since 2003 this on again, off again match up has teased fans of both the UFC and Pride fighting championships, but now it looks l...
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Who Else Wants To Learn About The American Taekwando Association
by Madison Greene. The American Taekwando Association is recognized as the premier and leading North American taekwando organization. The association is the founding organization of a variety of other international affiliates of taekwando as well, including the World ...
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The Four Secret African Martial Arts
by Madison Greene. Martial arts in Africa? Yes, Africa, not Asia. It may seem unbelievable to some, but did you know that many African martial arts systems are actually over 50,000 years old? And today the applications are just as used and respected on the continent a...
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Russian Martial Art And Kettlebell Training
by Peter Nisbet. Russian martial art training and kettlebell training involves elements of strength, flexibility and relaxation. Many would argue that speed and technique should also be included, but given that you have trained in all three of these disciplines, the...
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Tips For The Beginner In Judo
by Jimmy Cox. It takes some years of practice before you become adept at judo. The following tips will make your progress easier. From the very beginning, Judo must come a mental and spiritual art, in which you lose all thought of anger towards the opponent, or o...
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Shammed Unconciousness In Jiu-Jitsu Exposed
by Jimmy Cox. In a system of combat where strategy is as highly developed as it is in jiu-jitsu it is to be expected that the student will have to deal with the problem of shamming by his opponent. Indeed, the jiu-jitsian never hesitates to sham when by so doing ...

Learn The Basic Principles Of Judo
by Jimmy Cox. The basic principles of judo are easy to grasp and are essential for the person studying the technique of judo. Judo techniques enable a weak and small man to overcome a large and strong man because they are based on scientific principles of levera...
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Fighting Knives: Knife Basics
by James Thompson. Fighting knives are a type of knife that are designed to be used for fighting - self defense, military, law enforcement, etc. If you are planning on purchasing a fighting knife, there are a few characteristics that you will want to consider:Blade Le...
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Boxing Warmups to Get you Motivated
by bodypower. Boxing is one of the hardest exercises you will ever do and it's a great way to stay in shape whilst building strength and improving your balance, hand eye coordination and stimulate the mind. There are a variety of boxing exercises that you can per...
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Karate Equipment that Will Help Your Training
by Muna wa Wanjiru. Karate is a great way to keep in shape. While you can practice the various moves of karate by yourself at home you may gain more from karate by enrolling in a karate academy. At these p
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Mixed Martial Arts and What You Should Know About It
by Phoenix Delray. Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, combines many different fighting techniques, including grappling and striking, and high performance standards, particularly in the often intense, and very popular MMA tournaments. The first tournaments came about as a res...
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Ufc Style Pushups
by Jesse Miller. Each person has his own unique style of doing push-ups. Some satisfy their selves with doing push-ups the conventional way, which is parallel to the ground. Some even improvise and up their degree of resistance by putting a toolbox or any other pack...
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The Most Neglected Method in Boxing Training Workouts
by Rob Pilger. Recovery is very under used by many boxing trainers. Recovery methods are sometimes thought of as a novelty or even a way babying a fighter.Typically a fighters training camp
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One of the Oldest Lies in Boxing Training Workouts
by Rob Pilger. The most needed and under trained bio motor ability I'm talking about is maximal strength. In this article I'm going to explain briefly why lifting heavy weights is a must, and why in
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Self-defense in Business
by Ingo Weigel. Have you ever wondered what kind of self-defense training is good for adults? You have done the martial arts thing when you were a kid and it was fun. But now, you are in the real world wit

Training for Ufc With P90x Workouts
by Derek Cladek. Have you ever been watching television and while flipping through the channels you see one of those Mix Martial Art (MMA) fights, and you wonder what it might be like to do one of their workouts. Imagine yourself in the Ultimate Fighting Championshi...
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An Introduction of Bokator
by Sydney White. Bokator/Boxkator, or more formally, Labokator (to fight (like a) lion) is a Khmer martial art that may be a predecessor of southeast Asian kickboxing styles. History indicates that Bokator or an early form thereof was the close quarter combat system...
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3 Keys to Effective Self-Defense
by Jeffrey Miller. When you think of a self-defense situation, what are the top three considerations for being effective? Is it having strength, stamina, power, or a lot of techniques?While all of those things help to one extent or another, none of them really touches...
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The Life of Fedor Emelianenko
by Phoenix Delray. Fedor Emelianenko was born in Rubizhne which is now considered a part of the country of Ukraine. His family moved to a town called Stary Oskol in Russia when he was two years old where his mother worked as a teacher and his father was a steel worker...
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