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How To Succeed As A Distance Learning Student
by Shaun Redgate.How To Succeed As A Distance Learning Student by: Shaun Redgate Distance learning has spiked in popularity around the world. The ease in which s
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Math Tutorial Guide
by Ann Knapp. Finding The Greatest Common Factor. Greatest Common Factor: of two numbers is the result of two numbers being factored into their smaller factors individually and the of all the numbers that are factors, the one that is greatest is the greatest com...
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Top Chinese Universities for Learning Mandarin in China
by natisha. Deciding which university and where to go to learn Mandarin in China can cause a huge headache. A country with a population of over 1,321,851,888 people, is equivalent to covering over 1/5 of the world's population. China is also the fourth largest ...
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Top 15 Strangest Scholarships
by Jenny Sweeney. Thousands of soon-to-be students are hunting for extra financial assistance for college tuition. Without a perfect SAT score or the ability to run a sub 4.5 forty yard dash, you might find your chances of securing a scholarship aren't looking too b...
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When in Rome, Why not Let the Romans Teach You?
by Susan Lee. In Huangshan (??) southern Anhui province in Eastern China, Fu Shou-Bing logs on to the computer in the public library near his village. Since discovering ECpod.com(http://ww...
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Volunteering Abroad- Learning While Serving
by Dori Kelsey. Why volunteer abroad when you can fetch handsome remunerations in your home country? A very simple answer to this is- not everything on this earth can be measured on monetary yardsticks. Volunteer abroad program...
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Language Study - Study Beyond the Geographical Barriers
by Dori Kelsey. Over the years, the patterns of language teaching have undergone a drastic change. Language study has become imperative in the wake of globalization and amazingly vanishing geographical barriers. Students all across...
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Foreign Student Exchange Programs- an All-gain Opportunity
by Dori Kelsey. A foreign student exchange program beckons all students to explore new avenues of education and success. From adventure lovers to studious bookworms none is left uninfluenced by the appeal of foreign student exchange ...
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English Universities in Spain Offering Opportunities
by Dori Kelsey. Spain has become the most talked about education hub of the millennium with hosting over 20 private and more than 50 public universities under its periphery. With so many universities playing over here, the number of students flocking to Spain has l...
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Ms Word: Learn It, With Animated Tutorial
by cyber tech. It's a computer world, documents, application, letters are created electronically. Electronic document have many advantages over manually created document like editing, deleting the document very easily.Many software packages are available in the ma...
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What Makes a Tutor Good?
by Synapse India. A good tutor is very much responsible for shaping up a bright and successful career. He or she is the person who understands the flaws of a person and helps a student to get rid of it as soon as possible. In modern times, tutors are in great demand....
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Tips Concerning the Distance Learning
by Leon. Nowadays people are very interested in the obtaining of the higher education, as those people who have good educational background and university degree, have better career chances, more opportunities on the labor market and higher level of incomes....
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The Online Student`s Loan Calculators
by Alexander. Nowadays more and more people are interested in the obtaining of the university degree and improvement of their professional knowledge and skills. But the studying is very expensive and the students have to apply for receiving of the additional fina...
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Two Methods to Receive Doctorate Degree
by Kain. Nowadays people prefer to continue their education and to receive university degree, as people with good educational background, experience and university degree achieve more in the career, have higher level of salary and are usually more successful...
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5 Rapidly Growth Nursing Careers for Nursing Degree Students
by Amelia Turner. For those who are interested to start your career in nursing field, imaging your career opportunities in next 8 years down the road based on the statistically projection that the medical profession will create another 3.6 millions new jobs, which 60...
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How to Manage the Time
by Bill. Nowadays the people are very interested in the continuing of their education and development of their professional knowledge and skills. Those people, who have university degree and good educational background, are more competitive on the labor mark...
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Counsel for Home Schooling Parents and Educational Teachers
by Brenda Geier.The Truth About Phonological Awareness; Counsel for Home Schooling Parents and Educational Teachers by: Brenda Geier Phonological awareness is t
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The Growth and Future of E-learning
by Sophia Peters. Buzzwords in education have been in existence since the on-set of formal education as we know it today. Many of these terms come and go based on their usage and their context but some terminologies have withstood the test of time. Let us take a look...
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Tips for Successfully Learning and Teaching Online
by Sophia Peters. Success in a face-to-face environment does not always transfer to the elements needed for success in an online course; however, teaching online can be as rewarding as teaching in person. By including a variety of interactive strategies and maintaini...
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Run to the Battle!
by Trinity. Do you feel like you just keep getting sideswiped? Does the rug get pulled out from under you, always at the wrong time? The devil tries to keep you on the run. He tries to make you feel oppressed, depressed and like a big loser. He tires you ou...
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Improving Nursing Skills with Online Education Programme
by Ekta Jain. Online nursing continuing education programmes can offer you with current expertise and also higher level of education that is required to fulfill existing and future demands of health care industry. Professionally recognized online nursing continui...
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Things to Consider Before Pursuing Medical Billing Training
by Helen Hecker. Before you commit to any medical billing training program, it's a good idea for you to find out what to expect. First of all you want to eliminate any programs that are not reputable. You will want to thoroughly check out any program before you com...
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Online Nursing Education- Stepping-stone to your Career Growth
by Ekta Jain. Online nursing education programme has been introduced to meet the ever-growing demand of qualified nurses in health care industry. Online nursing education programme in fact opens learning avenues for those who otherwise on account of other engagem...
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Maybe Chlorine Isnt Green After All
by Michael Richmond.Maybe Chlorine Isn't Green After All by: Michael Richmond Chlorine is an ingredient in many cleaning products that accounts for about 40,000 rep
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Advantages of Online Learning
by Shaun Redgate.Advantages of Online Learning by: Shaun Redgate Based on my 20+ years experience in distance education as a student, administrator, recruiter, a
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