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9 Great Golf Courses in Hawaii
by Sunil Tanna. The United States is blessed with many beautiful public courses, and Hawaii, despite being a relative small state, is blessed with more than its fair share. In this article, we will review some of beautiful public ...
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Golf Vacations
by Sunil Tanna. Where are you going on vacation with your family this year? There are many places that you could go - beaches, resorts, theme parks, big cities, tourist traps - but one option that you may not have considered is a golf vacation. This type of vacatio...
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How a Golf Degree Can Make You a Better Caddie
by Andy West. Having a golf degree is important to many golf careers, but it is imperative as a caddie. Most people, when they think of golf caddies, think of someone who follows a golfer throughout the course, toting his golf clubs, and maybe driving the golf c...
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Your Golf Score - Preparation Is The Key
by Martin Haworth. Simple and easy steps to improve performance are vital if they are to be taken up. If a player can fit these ideas into their game without too much disruption, or even leg-pulling by their partners, then they are much more likely to get involved.One...
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Golf and Your Kids
by Graham Johns. If you think your child may be the next Vijay Singh or that they have the predisposition for the game of golf, you need to learn how to best teach them the game without crowding their plate with development expectations. You need to be able to learn...
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What Makes a Great Golf College
by Andy West. The increasing popularity of golf colleges reflects the incredible interest in golf as a sport and the rapid increase in the building of golf courses and resorts around the world. Each year the need for skilled golf college graduates increases as t...
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Find Out If Golf School is the Right Career Move for You
by Andy West. If you've always loved the game of golf, you may be thinking that golf school is the next logical step in either preparing for a career or changing careers. Not surprisingly, with the great new interest in golf because of players like Phil Mickelso...
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Golf Club Care - Look After Those Golf Clubs!
by Martin Haworth. Playing golf, by definition, involves taking metallic objects (mostly), into places where they are going to thrash around in the dirt for several hours. So they are going to get dirty at the very least. And that's on good days when the weather is go...
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Golf Clubs - Finding The Best Set Of Golf Clubs For Your Game
by Martin Haworth. Having the right set of golf clubs can be critical to your personal performance on the golf course. The right set of golf clubs can give you the confidence and the capability to perform at the top of your game.New golfers who are looking for a start...
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Golf Putter | Make It Your Best Friend
by Aidan J Sugrue. Choosing the right putter can be the most important decision you make when it comes to your equipment. In fact, the putter is the club you use the most. Choosing the right one is like choosing a best friend. A few basic considerations to keep in min...
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Nancy Lopez Golf Clubs- Great Choices For Women Golfers
by Walter Ballenberger. Until recently it was "one size fits all" for women golfers. Since most major golf club companies had less than 10% of their sales in ladies golf clubs, they offered women few if any choices in club length, shaft flex, swing weight, etc. LPGA Hall o...
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Buying Discount Golf Clubs
by Walter Ballenberger. Discount golf clubs are certainly a temptation for many golfers since the price of a complete new name brand set can be in the $1,500 or higher range these days. This article will discuss various ways of procuring discount golf clubs, and the pros a...
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Golf Putter | The Right Putter for You
by Aidan Sugrue. Choosing the right putter can be the most important decision you make when it comes to your equipment. In fact, the putter is the club you use the most. Choosing the right one is like choosing a best friend. A few basic considerations to keep in min...
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How to Grip a Golf Club Properly
by art gotc. Proper golf grip is so important because the grip is your only connection with your golf club. You may wonder how to grip a golf club properly. I will try to explain few basic things.Place your hands properly on the golf club. Well placed hands help...
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Good Golf Clubs Can Help Your Score
by Martin Haworth. The actual set of golf clubs that you own, doesn't matter to your golf club membership. Whether they are brand new, branded golf clubs, hot off the designers workbench; a set you found second-hand on Ebay, or even those hand-me downs you found in yo...
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Developing A Good Draw Golf Shot
by Jim Kesel. A good golf swing will not only lower your handicap, it will make the game more enjoyable. Now that you have cured your slice and can keep the ball in the fairway most of the time, you can now start working on controlling the ball. Putting the prop...
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Improve Your Golf Game By Concentrating on your Chip Shot
by Rick Churchill. If you really want to improve your golf game then perfecting your chip shot is among the easiest and fastest way to do it. Even though putting and driving are more glamorous and critical to a golfer's game, when a chip shot is needed, it can be equ...
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The Beautiful Golf Courses of Tenerife
by Grahame Simpson. Tenerife is becoming more and more popular with golfers looking for great courses, weather and scenery. Tenerife is an ideal golfing destination with a great all year round climate fo
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Golf Tenerife, Enjoy Buenavista Golf Course
by Grahame Simpson. Buenavista golf is a beautiful course sometimes called the Pebble Beach of Tenerife. It is situated in the North East of the Tenerife Island next to the Teno Mountain range. Buenavist
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Golf Tenerife. Enjoy Tecina Golf Course
by Grahame Simpson. Tecina Golf on the island of Gomera, a short ferry ride from Tenerife is a spectacular 18 hole championship golf course. The Tecina Golf Course is stunningly perched on the cliffs abo
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Clone Golf Clubs - Are They Worth It?
by Martin Haworth. Let's face it, golf can be a pretty costly hobby to get into. And whilst no-one wants to pay any more than they need to, golfers worldwide want to ensure that the tools they use are going to enable them to play to their full potential, thus maximiz...
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Teeing Off at Tournaments With Golf Travel Bags
by Ajeet Khurana. "Fore", "par for the course", "a hole in one", "golf travel bags", and "Tiger Woods" -- familiar terms associated with the familiar sport of golf. We all know the rules: grip a golf club with both your hands, swing the club hard, hit the golf ball s...
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How Do The Wrists Release In The Golf Swing
by Wade Robins. The perfect golf swing is not just in the shoulders or the arms. The way your wrists release during your golf swing can have a major impact on the ball. So, how do the wrists release in the golf swing?If you don't release the swing at the wrists jus...
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Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About Golf Balls
by Frank J. Peter. Size of the ballThe "Rules of Golf" says that a golf ball's diameter must be a minimum of 1.680 inches / 42.67 mm. A smaller ball would fly much further than a larger ball.
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New Venture Announces Golf Equipment Deals Website
by Kennard McGill. Golf discount and coupon sites like igolfalot.com help online golf shoppers find value deals online.For many golf shoppers, looking for the best value on golf equipment starts by searching through the search engines, typing keywords like "golf disco...
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