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How to Select Your Martial Arts Equipment
by Phil Burney. Many people are planning to start learning about martial arts nowadays but may not have taken into account the fact that they will need martial arts equipment to be able to practice this hobby or occupation. Here are some tips on how to get the best...
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Essential Boxing Equipment for Every Boxer
by Phil Burney. What are the qualities of someone who can excel in the sport of boxing? Most likely, someone who is willing to much time, energy, talent, and patience into becoming one – and that means being willing to train long hours over many months, even...
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An Overview of Martial Arts Weapons
by Phil Burney. You shouldn’t be surprised that there are so many martial arts weapons that have been developed through the centuries. Since many martial arts have been around since ancient times, martial arts weapons are bound to have evolved too over time....
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A Valuable Resource for Martial Arts Supplies
by Phil Burney. The term "Martial Arts Supplies" encompasses a host of things that a martial artist may need to become a full-fledged martial artist. It may mean uniforms for the various martial arts that exist, sparring and training gear, weapons, and exercise equ...
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Bellingham Studio Benefits Mind and Body
by Nancy Sheerin. Power and Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga are now available at the training center's 1,500 square foot yoga center. Participants can drop-in and try the classes for $14 per class. Private classes are also available.Yoga is a spiritual discipline that striv...
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Boredom Buster Healthy Workout
by Kalynn Amadio. Are you a type A, go getter, do ten things at once type of person?Do you get bored easily with the same old-same old?Want to know the best way to combat that boredom and bring your health and fitness to a new level?I spent years trying different hea...
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Learn the Crucial Techniques for Judo Throwing
by Jimmy Cox. Throwing is one of the crucial aspects of judo technique. Below are some advice on these techniques1. Where to holdIf you hold your opponent's right sleeve with your left hand and his left lapel with your right hand, your techniques will be limited ...
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Learn Savate Style Self Defense
by Jimmy Cox. Like many of the other arts of unarmed combat, the origin of Savate is lost in past ages.In the beginning man fought without weapons, using just his hands and feet as means of attacking and defending.Although Savate is primarily the art of foot figh...
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The Scope of Japanese Martial Arts Is Enormous
by Brue Baker. The scope of Japanese martial arts goes back thousands of years. Some forms of Japanese martial arts are Kendo, Judo, Jujutsu, Sumo, Kenjutsu and Karate to name just a few. However, there are many different forms of this ancient art that can be prac...
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About the International Fight League
by James Liu. While the UFC is the most popular mixed martial arts fighting organization in the U.S., the International Fight League or IFL is working to rival the UFC for attention. The International Fight League was founded in January of 2006 and has a differen...
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Grappling and Joint Locks
by James Liu. A joint lock is when you use your arm or legs to pull the joint of your opponent into a position that causes pain or discomfort. The lock can also hold your opponent in place until he or she submits or stops struggling. Grappling or Brazilian jiu-j...
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Martial Arts Business and How Instructors Change their Programs
by Leigh Childs. When most instructors decide to open a martial arts business they have no idea of what they should charge in order to run a successful school, stay in business and make a profit.Most instructors will do their calculations in reverse. They will start...
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Who Else Wants To Learn Japanese Karate?
by Brue Baker. The most well known martial art is Japanese Karate, but Karate is not the only style of martial art that makes up Japanese karate. Judo, and Aikido are also included. These two styles are most evident in the extreme, or mixed martial arts fighting s...
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Muay Thai the Unbeatable Martial Art
by Jirasak Phuriphanvichai. Muay thai is the form of martial art which began its journey from the Kingdom of Thailand more than 2000 years ago. Now it is popularly known as 'thai boxing' all over the world. Muaythai is the art of fighting without the use of any weapon.Thai box...
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Basic Wushu Etiquette
by Yip See Kit. The basic wushu etiquette is derived from traditional China & Shaolin’s etiquette & upon further modification & standardized with new meaning to it. It has become a standardize etiquette used internationally.The Basic Wushu Etiquette Posture...
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Introduction to the Game of Boxing
by shijina. Boxing is a combat game played throughout the world. The history of the combat sports game seems to be more interesting and the participation of people get increased day by day. It is a pre-historic game which founds its origin in ancient Greek peri...
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Jiu-Jitsu Especially For Women
by Jimmy Cox. It is in acquiring the finishing touches of the ancient art of jiu - jitsu that the student shows whether or not he is naturally fitted for expert work in this art. Women can be very adept when reaching this level of skill. Every feat that the jiu-j...

Which Self-Defense Keeps You Safe?
by Ingo Weigel. There are a lot of different self-defense classes offered. Every martial arts school, every fitness club and even some personal trainers offer self-defense classes. How are you supposed to

Judo Vs. Bjj - a New Perspective
by Glyn Powditch. Whether viewing websites or MMA, Judo, and BJJ forums, the subject of Judo vs. BJJ has become yet another classic debate, akin to that of the old "Gi vs. No Gi" debate. However, the question of Judo vs. BJJ is much simpler to answer becaus...

Mma - Keep it Standing Using Sprawl and Brawl
by Glyn Powditch. Sprawl and Brawl is the hottest thing in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) right now. Just ask fighters like former Ultimate Fighting Championship light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell.A kickboxer who prefers to stand and pick his opponents apart with str...

Launching your Martial Arts School - Marketing
by Lee Mainprize. We recommend a 4 week phase to launch your martial arts school. You want to use a shotgun approach by applying lots of methods of marketing which will create synergy. Your only objective is to make as many people as possible aware of the launch, and...
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The Sort of Academies you Can Find in the Uk Martial Arts Field
by Muna wa Wanjiru. Many people are fascinated by martial arts. To help people in different parts of the world learn this ancient form of unarmed fighting you will find that each country has many different
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Finding All of the Information That you Want About the Ufc News
by Muna wa Wanjiru. For the person who is interested in martial arts there are many ways that you can get the information that you want. One of the more interesting ways that you can find out news is with
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Looking Into Buying One of the Videos of Ufc Knockouts
by Muna wa Wanjiru. UFC knockouts are basically a collection of videos of great martial arts fighting. You can find different versions of these videos while you are on the internet. In these videos you wil
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Looking Into the Different Top Martial Arts
by Muna wa Wanjiru. Martial arts are an ancient form of exercise that helps people to learn self-discipline and control. This form of exercise is becoming popular with all walks of people. You will find ho
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