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Selectional Timing With Horse Racing
by markus. For the best part of four years punters in the UK have had a secret weapon giving them that vital 'edge' to make a profit from betting on horse racing. Yet for the most part, hardly anyone has taken advantage....
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Dedicated to Ayrton Senna
by Gianni Truvianni. It all happened for me one day during one of many stays in South America, more specifically while in Santiago, Chile when I woke up early on a Sunday morning in order to take
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Guide to Snowboarding
by Hugh Gallagher. Snowboarding is a winter sport which bares many comparisons to skateboarding, or surfing, although is performed on snow. The main idea of Snowboarding is to maintain your balance as you travel down a ski slope with both feet securely attached to the...
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Mountaineering-game of the Brave
by robinwood. Mountaineering was once considered very dangerous. However, more and more modern people would like to leave the city and go mountaineering. Therefore, it has become popular nowadays.?Necessary mountaineering equipmentsIn ordinary mountaineering or o...
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The Valencia Circuit Street Will be the Gp and F3 Setting
by Stephen Lars. By Stephen Lars?The Valencia Street Circuit will receive the next July 26 and 27 diverse tests, prior to the celebration of the European Formula One Grand Prix, which will take place the weekend from August 22 to 24, 2008. The Spanish Formula 3 Cham...
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The Autococker: The Evolution of a Paintball Legend
by David Wilson. Yes, the venerable Autococker. In the world of paintball, few other guns have the same level of legacy that the Autococker has. As a marker, it has spanned all eras of paintball history. Starting out as a pump gun in the form of the Sniper, and e...

Snowboard Code: Smart Style
by Lou G. It wasn't that long ago that the little orange ovals posted over snowboard parks worldwide did not exist. When freestyle snowboarding starting to move further and further mainstream the resort
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A Quick Look At Rock Climbing
by Alan Richardson. Rock climbing is a sport, which involves climbing steep rocks. This sport originated in the nineteenth century in Saxony, Lake District of England. After Walter Parry Haskett Smith climbed Napes Needle alone for the first time, many people were attr...
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Snowboard Workout for Summer!
by Lou G. Nowadays it's really hard to lump snowboarders into a group of "athletes" that spend their days training hard and staying in shape for competition.? There are probably hundreds of differen
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Care Techniques to Extend the Life of Your Scooter
by Derek Cladek. ?Both the electric scooter line and the kick scooter line from Razor can reach some pretty good speeds. There are a lot of ways to keep your scooter riding faster for longer. Your scooter can have a very long life if you take care of it well. The ki...
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Why Rock Climbing Lovers Can not Get Enough of the Sport
by Muna wa Wanjiru. Rock climbing has been associated with the thrill of adrenaline rush. It is a blood pumping extreme sport that is mostly left to seasoned climbers. To be a seasoned climber can see you
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How Bmx Bicycles Have Matured Through the Ages
by Muna wa Wanjiru. Motocross bicycles were conceived in the U.S state of California. First, curious youth were concerned about imitating the real thing and used the wheels they had to create a very loved
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New Snowboard Gear for Cheap! Cash in on End of Season Savings
by Lou G. ?Snowboard technology changes from season to season, so if you are still riding the same snowboard and boots you did years ago then you need to buy some new stuff...
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Montreal Grand Prix - Round 7 of Formula One Action
by Claudia Beckford. The 41st edition of the "Grand Prix du Canada" or Canadian Grand Prix will take place in the late afternoon on Sunday June 8th at the Montreal Circuit. This will be the seventh round of the 2008 Formula One Championship race and it is expected to be...
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Bracing the Wakeboards on the Rack
by tim angeles.  Wakeboarding is water sport, particularly surface water, which involves wakeboards being ridden as the rider is being towed behind by a boat, especially a wakeboard boat. The sport was born during the latter part of 1980 after ski boarding was...
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Preparing Your Jet Ski for Summer
by Al Wood. With the weather heating up and thoughts turning to summer holidays, many people will be getting their jet ski out of storage and preparing it for another summer of fun. However, with your jet sk
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Hamilton Wins Monaco Grand Prix
by Claudia Beckford. After facing a very difficult race and overcoming all the obstacles in the race, Lewis Hamilton accomplished another victory at the Monaco Grand Prix despite the slippery conditions and an early accident. This victory gave him the advantage in the ...
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Yosemite Rock Climbing Feels Strange and Insecure at First
by Muna wa Wanjiru. Yosemite is much bigger than a valley with 3000 ft rock walls and incredible climbing. It is an opening for the energies of the world's most passionate and adventurous people. Yosemite
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How You Can Experience the Thrill of Rock Climbing Wall
by Muna wa Wanjiru. A rock-climbing wall is used as a substitute for outdoor rock climbing for people who cannot frequent these outdoor locations. Conveniently located inside the city, this is easily acces
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A Look at Some of the Rock Climbing Techniques Used
by Muna wa Wanjiru. Understanding the basic principles rock climbing is one of the good rock climbing techniques. To improve climbing performance one way is to learn and practice good climbing technique. T
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How to Choose the Right Rock Climbing Shoes
by Muna wa Wanjiru. Determine the type of rock climbing shoe the climber needs. Conventional shoes are for long climbs, including cracks, face, chimneys, and slabs. These shoes are quite distinct and are l
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Rock Climbing Tips and Preparation
by Muna wa Wanjiru. Rock is a sport that is available to anyone to be practiced regardless of how old or fit the person is. Mountain sports challenge the climber's body, mind and spirit, allowing him to
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Rock Climbing Chalk That Dries Climbers Hands
by Muna wa Wanjiru. Rock climbing is one of the rapidly growing sports in the world. The sport has been in practice for years now and several additions and improvements have been added on to the sport to e
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Practice is Important to Master Rock Wall Climbing
by Muna wa Wanjiru. A rock wall climbing is an artificially built wall with grips for hands and feet, used for climbing. Material used for constructing these walls include wood, bricks and multiplex boards
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How Exiting and Thrilling is Rock Climbing?
by Muna wa Wanjiru. Rock climbing is an exciting and thrilling sport. It is a highly challenging sport and requires a lot of experience and stamina.Always climbers work in pairs, one climbing and the
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