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For Self Defense Is It Necessary To Know How To Kill?
by Tim Larkin. Lets start with a couple of questions:1. In this day and age, what could possibly be the reason to teach someone how to kill another human with his or her bare hands? 2. Do I actually advocate instructing clients in this very specific, lethal materi...
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The Best Fighters in Each Ufc Weight Class
by Jon Murray. There are fighters who are good, fighters who are great and fighters who you'd bet on no matter who their opponents are. Who are the absolute best fighters in the UFC? The fighters who define their weight classes and perhaps could compete at a wei...
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Health & Fitness, Benefits of Martial Arts
by Gajanand Rajput. STRENGTH ::The many stances of Wushu build leg and care muscle ( abdominal & lower back ) strength and the necessity of holding poses while training builds strong stabilizin
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PNF Stretching for Martial Arts Stability
by Marshall Buchholz.Are flexibility exercises a real pain for you? Until I discovered something called PNF Stretching, they used to be for me, too!It means, "Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation." Fancy words that, in essence, mean you make dramatic gains in how li...
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Gajanand Rajput, the Indian Shaolin Temple Warrior Disciple
by Gajanand Rajput. AHMEDABAD - Gajanand Rajput gives the impression that he wouldn't hurt a fly. But looks are deceptive. Behind the placid demeanour is a man who can take down bullies twice his size wit
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The Budo Masters
by Henry Ellis. The Budo Masters The Memories of Henry Ellis Sensie - 1957 - 2007
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With Violence, A Video Clip Is Worth A Thousand Words
by Tim Larkin. I just instructed a self defense seminar in NYC and it was interesting to note certain folk's response to being systematically shown how to use the tool of violence for survival. The instructors did a matter-of-fact job picking various vulnerable ar...
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The Critical Difference Between A Fighter And A Killer
by Tim Larkin. Lately, here in Las Vegas, I've had the pleasure of meeting a number of Mixed Martial Arts competitors from the various "No Holds Barred" events like the UFC and Pride. For the most part these fighters were amazing physical specimens and tremendous ...
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How to Understand Karate
by Jimmy Cox. Although practiced widely in Japan, the art of present day Karate was introduced into that country less than fifty years ago by Funakoshi Gichin.Actually, the art of Karate can be traced back to the ancient Chinese art of Kempo. Legend has it that K...
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Three Principles for Practicing Judo
by Jimmy Cox. Even a black belt judo man sometimes makes the mistake of trying to apply a throw before breaking his opponent's posture. If the opponent is also a black belt holder, he will react quickly to prevent the other man from applying a throw directly. The...
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Martial Arts and Daily Living
by Dalida Turkovic. FocusMany students ask - what do I do with my eyes? Where do I look? Regardless what the practice is - standing, walking, moving - eyes are looking straight but your mind does not register information taken by your eyesight. The gaze is turned inter...
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Masahilo Nakazono Aikido Memorial Event Report
by Henry Ellis. Masahilo Nakazono Memorial Aikido Event 27th - October -2007 The Event In Memory of the Life and Work of Masahilo Nakazono Sensei Organised
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Respect The History of Martial Arts
by Madison Greene. There are millions of people all across the world who practice martial arts. Some are masters of the arts while others are first-time students, but one thing that all martial arts pupils share is a respect for its history. This is because they respe...
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Houston Alexander - First Class Brawler
by Jon Murray. Houston Alexander, father of six, DJ, hip hop artist was about to step into the ring with Keith Jardine. Most fans didn't see this as much more than a gimme fight for Jardine, but forty eight seconds later it was clear that Houston Alexander was go...
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Several Facts About Karate
by Alex Olson. Contrary to popular opinion, the martial art Karate was not invented in China. Rather, it has its origins in the island of Okinawa in Japan. The word "Karate" means the "empty hand" or the "Chinese hand", and it has been given this name because it i...
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What Does Functional Swords Mean?
by Larry W Smith. I have been selling swords and knives for the past seven years, doing research and answering questions on the different types of swords and their uses. I’ve lived for six years in Europe and seven in the Orient seen and held swords that are e...
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The Origins of Martial Arts in the UK
by Henry Ellis. The Origins of Martial Arts in the UKThe following article offers those students, who are interested in the true history of British Judo and Aikido, a more comprehensive view of
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Recollections of the Early Days of Aikido in Great Britain
by Henry Ellis. Recollections of the Early Days of Aikido in Great BritainBy Henry Ellis - Ellis Aikido SchoolIn 1957, I was studying Judo and Karate at the Abbe School of Budo at th
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British Aikido Board - the Shameful Truth
by Henry Ellis. The British Aikido Board The Shameful Truth of the Governing Body of Aikido in the UK. By Henry Ellis Co-author of Positive Aikido.( BAB Founder members Henry Ellis &
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Is Aikido a Martial Art ?
by Henry Ellis. Is Aikido a Martial Art? Sensei Henry Ellis - 2001 Co-author of Positive Aikido. PART 1 At first sight of the above title I am sure that a lot
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The Biography of Sensei Derek Eastman 5th Dan
by Henry Ellis. The Biography of Sensei Derek Eastman 5th danBy David J Wilson E.S.T.A. Secretary - July 2003I have known Sensei Eastman for some 12 years and during those years I ha
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Positive Aikido
by Henry Ellis. Positive AikidoInterview by Arthur Lockyear - Fighting Arts International - Issue 93Where and when were you born, Henry? I was born in Yorkshire, in May 1936 in
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Aikido Biography of Henry Ellis Sensei
by Henry Ellis. The Biography of Sensei Henry Ellis5th dan Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman - 2000Henry Ellis was born May 3rd 1936 in a tough coal mining town in the
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Women in the Martial Arts - Anita Wilson
by Henry Ellis. Women In The Martial Artsby Anita Wilson 1st Lady Assistant to Sensei Henry Ellis Ellis Schools of Traditional AikidoAnita Wilson was graded to Shodan by
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All About Kinds of Boxing Equipments
by shijina. Boxing is a sport event where two participants will fight each other with their fists. Kickboxing comprises kicking, dashing and knocking between two parties. To safeguard the boxers against any damages, kick boxing equipments are designed and produ...
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